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If you’ve been scouring the market for a fresh pair of stylish men’s boots entering the winter season, perhaps you’ve seen a name pop up time and time again: Thursday Boots. The New York City brand has been an Internet darling for about a decade ago, simplifying the notion of shopping for boots online by offering a wide array of crisp, versatile styles, quality leathers and rugged-meets-refined good looks.

Thursday Boots does a bit of everything, from dependable captoe boots to streamlined Chelsea boots, handsome chukka boots and even sharp lace-up dress shoes. And the Thursday family has grown over the years: They now make sleek leather sneakers and – almost incredibly – a selection of truly badass leather jackets. They’re a boot (and footwear, and jacket) brand every guy should know. And that, folks, is why our Thursday Boots review at The Guy’s List covers the upstart brand from head to toe (pun intended).

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Thursday Boots
5 Star Rating
Summary: Thursday Boots is a modern brand that builds a gentlemanly appearance at an affordable price.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Thursday Boots?

Thusday Boots Products

Thursday Boots is one of the premier men’s boot brands on the market today, at least as far as online shopping is concerned. The savvy brand targets guys looking for a stylish footwear upgrade without a ton of hassle, offering a massive range of boot styles for the well-dressed guy to choose from. The brand uses New York City style sensibility to create boots that are as edgy as they are dressy, and its many styles – from lace-up boots to Chelsea boots and wedge-sole, moc-toe boots – are at home just about anywhere, any time.

The company has also expanded into some seriously cool jackets, including moto jackets and refined suede bomber jackets. Thursday Boots does all of this while offering up its wares at highly agreeable prices (many of its boots retail for under $200. They also offer up an astonishing array of leather types and colors, including weather-ready options and dependable lug-sole boots made for inclement conditions. The great thing is, you can pair your Thursday boots with a Thursday jacket without missing a beat. Take a look at the rest of our Thursday Boots review for the full scoop.

Thrusday Boots Product Reviews

Boots Review

Long before Thursday made dress shoes and sneakers, the company had a laser focus on reliable, everyday men’s leather boots. That meant focusing on the classics, like reinforced cap-toe boots, Chelsea boots, chukka boots and moc toe boots. Today, the brand’s boots are still a cornerstone of its operation, so find your next perfect pair today.

Lace Up Boot Review

Thursday Boots Lace Up Boots

Thursday Boots arguably changed the game in terms of crafting an affordable lace-up boot with quality materials, and at a lower price than, say, a Red Wing Heritage boot. The key is a streamlined silhouette in both its captoe and plain toe options, which helps the boots look right at home with dark blue jeans and a soft-shouldered blazer. They make styles ranging from a durable cap toe option to the sleek President Boot in a wide range of rich leathers. The colors (including limited-edition styles) are richly crafted and sure to get better with age, too.

Chelsea Boot Review

Chelsea Boots

Thursday Boots also debuted at just the right time to corner the market in terms of the most affordable, stylish Chelsea boots out there. The lineup has a ton of variety, from the ultra-dressy Cavalier Chelsea Boot to the Legend Chelsea Boots, which feature a weather-ready exterior and grippy sole. The Duke Chelsea Boots are its most essential, with a dressy, versatile silhouette you can use to dress up jeans or add some flair to classic chinos. And once again, the brand’s leather options, resoleable Goodyear welt construction and studded rubber outsoles are best in class.

Chukka Boot Review

Thursday Boots Chukka Boots

The Scout Chukka Boot is yet another pair that’s been an undeniable staple in the Thursday Boots lineup since the brand’s inception. It features the brand’s signature streamlined, sleek toe box for a look that can be dressed up or dressed down. Although the leather options, including its suede pieces, are supple and easy to wear right out of the box, these are also highly durable, thanks to the studded rubber outsole. And over the years, Thursday has added an exceptional number of options in terms of leather finishes, burnished detailing and handsome colorways.

Western Boot Review

Thursday Boots Western Boots

Western boots seem to be all the rage these days, with Western style proving more popular than ever – from trucker jackets to Western shirts to yes, Western boots. Thursday gets in on the fun with its own take on the Western boot, and the square-toe Desperardo is just like classic cowboy boots made modern. The Maverick also nails classic cowboy boot styling with the company’s characteristic rich leather options. And the Frontier calls to mind bulkier rancher boots you can wear out in the field or back in town without taking a wrong step.

Thursday Boots Sneakers Review

As unlikely as it might seem for a brand to start making fine boots and then launch into sneakers, that’s precisely what Thursday has been doing this past handful of years. And as expected, the company focuses on utterly timeless styles that every guy can use, like the versatile low-top lace-up and a high-top sneaker, both made from incredible leather varieties. The great thing is, you can trade in your Thursday boots for sneakers without sacrificing quality, so learn all about ‘em in the rest of our Thursday Boots review.

Low Top Sneakers Review

Thursday Boots Low-Top Sneakers

You might say that every guy needs a great pair of leather sneakers, especially of the low-top variety in his wardrobe. That’s why Thursday made it one of the brand’s first entries into the sneaker category. In our experience, these sneakers get better with age (particularly the Natural Vachetta option) and feature helpful details like extra padding at the heel collar. They also are just as versatile as Thursday Boots styles but with the more casual appeal of sneakers. Wear them with jeans or your favorite chino shorts in equal measure. They even make styles with classic gum soles for a touch of stylish contrast.

High Top Sneakers Review

Thursday Boots High-Top Sneakers

Just as low-top sneakers deliver reliable casual style, high-top sneakers are every bit as essential if you value comfort, support and a nice change of pace from lace-up leather boots. Thursday Boots takes the same considered approach with its high-top sneakers, using ultra-premium leathers that can be dressed up with ease (say, with jeans and a cotton blazer). They also offer styles in classic Heritage leathers, just like its handsome lineup of boots. And like its low-top counterparts, these sneakers are ridiculously affordable – you might consider more than one pair.

Thursday Boots Shoes Review

It’s no joke to say you could develop an entire footwear rotation just using styles from Thursday Boots, and that’s something we at The Guy’s List definitely appreciate. It took some time for Thursday to launch into dress and casual shoes beyond sneakers and boots, but the results have been outstanding. Now, the brand also makes sleek monkstrap shoes, loafers and classic lace-up dress shoes. Step into a new pair ASAP.

Dress Shoes Review

Thursday Boots Dress Shoes

Thursday Boots dress shoes make perfect sense as a stylish option when the occasion calls for something a touch more refined than classic boots. Styles like the Executive and the Chairman feature crisp captoe detailing and super-dressy leather options, like an all-black edition. They’ve even dreamed up an iconic penny loafer for a dash of preppy style. And for the ultimate in variety, the Renegade uses a chunky lug sole for a look that merges the toughness of a boot with the dressed-up, elegant look of a dress shoe. All of your bases are assuredly covered with dress shoes from Thursday Boots.

Casual Shoes Review

Thursday Boots Casual Shoes

Casual shoes at Thursday Boots are now a flagship of the brand, with attention to detail and quality at the forefront. The brand’s Casual Shoes lineup includes its fan-favorite low-top and high-top sneakers, each with rich leather that’s not unlike its stellar boots offering. Its Casual Shoes rotation features a selection of Heritage leathers, including high-top and low-top varieties, some of which are set atop contrasting gum rubber soles. We personally love the brand’s Cacao leather for a distinctive, old school look and feel.

Loafers and Boat Shoes Review

Thursday Boots Loafers and Boat Shoes

Loafers and boat shoes are both prep staples that have made their way into the mainstream, a reliable option when the occasion calls for casually cool style (say, during an outdoor summer wedding). The brand’s boat shoes are handsewn and packed with classic details, a wise choice to wear with chino shorts and a navy polo. Its loafers, on the other hand, come in classic colors like Mahogany and Black. The loafers in particular can be dressed up with a summer seersucker suit, and both styles are as fairly priced as other options from the famed NYC brand.

Thursday Boots Apparel Review

When you’ve got as much design inspiration to work with as Thursday Boots does, it only makes sense to continually expand your horizons. Perhaps that’s why the brand has gotten into the apparel business over the years, including a range of durable, rugged leather jackets and in recent times, handsome flannel shirts. They also make jean jackets, solid-colored casual everyday shirts and a selection of jeans – all of which pair expertly with timeless Thursday Boots, of course.

Thursday Boots Jackets Review

Thursday Boots Leather Jacket

There have been plenty of styles over the years that have caught our eyes at The Guy’s List from Thursday Boots, but the brand’s introduction of jackets was something else entirely. The company dialed things down to the most essential jacket styles for guys, from the trucker jacket to the leather moto jacket to the point collar leather jacket. They then focused on the best leathers and hardware, along with a full lineup of complementary pieces (like flannel shirting and blue jeans). The result is an enviable selection of iconic jacket styles made to be worn with your favorite boots.

Thursday Boots Shirts Review

Thursday Boots Flannel Shirt

Does anything go together better quite like a rugged flannel shirt and a great pair of leather boots? It’s a truly timeless combination, one that’s been perfected over the years by stylish guys everywhere, and Thursday Boots is getting in on the fun. From rich plaid options to crisp solid color shirts, these pieces are made to be worn with blue jeans and tough leather boots. The Summit Flannel Shirt is a particular favorite of ours at The Guy’s List, and the great thing is, these shirts are fairly priced and made with materials like 100 percent premium organic cotton.

Thursday Boots Accessories Review

If there’s one thing all of the above Thursday Boots essentials have in common, it’s that not even the finest #OOTD is complete without the proper accessories. And like clockwork, Thursday Boots makes some of those, too. That goes for finely crafted leather belts – a must alongside your favorite pair of leather boots or dress shoes – as well as the best of the rest. To get from point A to point B, consider a dependable Thursday Boots bag, or step into some Thursday Boots socks. Yes, we’ve covered all the bases in our Thursday Boots review at The Guy’s List.

Thursday Boots Bags Review

Thursday Boots Bags

The right pair of stylish boots and a proper leather jacket are but two parts of the equation as you gear up to hit the road. The final piece of the puzzle? A dependable bag, one made with care by a brand you can trust. Of course, Thursday Boots just so happens to be that brand, and the attention to detail is impeccable. The lineup includes beautiful leather weekender bags, messenger bags with a rich burnished finish available, and even useful leather cardholders for the man on the go.

Thursday Boots Socks Review

Thursday Boots Socks Photo

It seems that even the best pair of Thursday Boots doesn’t quite work for your wardrobe if your socks aren’t up to par. The right pair of socks can even make or break your boots – they should be thick enough to wear with boots, yet soft and comfortable for all-day wear. Thursday Boots hits the nail on the head with its socks, making both a classic boot sock in a stylish marled design, as well as solid and patterned cotton crew socks to wear with dress shoes or sneakers. Before you slide on your Thursday boots, step into some excellent socks from the famed brand.

Thursday Boots Belts Review

Thursday Boots Belts Review

Just as your go-to pair of boots isn’t complete without the right socks, the proper belt is another tool to keep in your toolbox. Matching your belt to your boots is a necessity after all, no matter the situation. And to help you rise to the occasion, Thursday Boots worked hard to develop a range of ever-versatile belts. Those include Heritage leather options, a wear-anywhere classic style, and a Refined Leather Belt meant to be teamed with the company’s timeless dress shoes. Make your next look complete with Thursday Boots’ well-made accessories.

Thursday Boots Wallets Review

With all of that excellent leather in stock, it only makes sense that Thursday Boots would turn towards the wallet game. The right leather wallet is another small detail that makes a major difference, showing you’ve put the utmost thought into your look. Luckily for you (and for us here at The Guy’s List), Thursday took its penchant for remarkable leather and turned that into compact, useful everyday carry pieces like card holders and bifold wallets. They come in as many shades as the brand’s fan-favorite boots, so you’ve got options as you upgrade your daily carry.

Thursday Boots Customer Service Review

Thursday Boots seems, on the surface, to get plenty of things right, from crafting durable boots to making stylish sneakers, handsome wallets and truly badass leather jackets. That same focus extends to its customers and of course, its customer service. Thursday Boots, first and foremost, makes it easy to get in touch with the brand, offering support until 9 p.m. EST via text (no more worrying about getting in touch during normal business hours).

Part of its customer service also includes an online exchange portal, plus a helpful FAQ section. The company is also active on social media, engaging with customers, taking comments (and taking those comments into account in designs) and even re-posting photos and reviews of happy customers. They also accept returns within a 30-day window (more on this in a moment) and definitely have their finger on the pulse of what customers want.

Thursday Boots Customer Testimonials

If there’s one thing that’s clear across the board with Thursday Boots, it’s that its customers are loyal, and there are legions of them. It also makes perfect sense that the brand has a devout following, with a wide array of categories covered, from boots to sneakers and jackets. Thursday Boots customers frequently call out the brand’s leather quality, texture, style and comfort. And that seems to hold true for its jackets and accessories as well as its boots. Perhaps you’ll soon join the crew of Thursday Boots faithful.

Thursday Boots Customer Reviews

Thursday Boots Pricing and Value

Among other things, it’s clear from the get-go that Thursday Boots delivers stylish, quality footwear across plenty of categories. That holds true for sneakers and streamlined dress shoes as well as remarkable leather boots. And another thing that’s instantly clear? The fact that Thursday Boots are a top-notch value in every sense of the word.

Its boots start at a highly agreeable $199, but contain more durable leather and tougher outsoles than many boots within the same price range. Styles like its wingtip boots climb up to $235, but its sneakers are also a fantastic value for quality leather footwear (try $129, for starters). Its bags and even its dress shoes are also competitively priced, and the great thing about Thursday’s entire lineup of shoes, bags and belts is that they get even more comfortable and broken-in the more you wear them.

Thursday Boots Shipping & Delivery Review

If you’re on the lookout for a fresh pair of boots delivered in quick succession, look no further than Thursday Boots. Helpfully, the company sends out plenty of fresh pairs of footwear at a steady clip, with free shipping on orders of more than $50. The brand also ships to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Helpfully, the company offers free return shipping on orders of more than $80, and offers an extended holiday return period from November 1st to December 31st. Refunds and store credits are also offered within 15 business days. And the brand prides itself on shipping orders out quickly after they’re placed, so monitor your front doorstep for your new favorite pair of boots in good time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thursday Boots

Is Thursday Boot Company real leather?

Thursday Boots uses real leather, and prides itself in doing so. Its materials include premium options like Arizona Adobe Rugged & Resilient leather, along with options like wax roughout leather and hand-finished full-grain leather, especially in its best-selling Captain Boots

Does Thursday Boots own Nothing New?

Thursday Boots’ founder Nolan Walsh also founded sustainable sneaker company Nothing New. The company specializes in sneakers made from eco-friendly, recycled materials at an affordable price. 

Do Thursday Boots run small?

Thursday Boots, for the most part, actually run slightly large. The brand recommends ordering a half-size down from your typical size for most of its shoes, in fact. 

Do Thursday Boots break in?

Thursday Boots break in over time and should prove comfortable out of the box. While the leather of some styles might prove a bit stiff, the brand’s finely crafted boots are wearable right away and will only develop a better patina and supple leather with age. 

Are Thursday Boots glued or stitched?

Thursday Boots are stitched using careful Goodyear welt construction. This approach allows the boots to be resoled after years of wear and stitches the boot’s upper to the sole itself. This is a durable, finely crafted approach meant for long-lasting durability. 

Can you return Thursday Boots after wearing them?

Thursday Boots accepts returns for unworn, undamaged boots in their original packaging. If the boots can be resold and are in unworn condition, the brand is willing to accept customer returns. 

Can Thursday Boots be used as work boots?

Although rugged and well-built, Thursday Boots shouldn’t be used as work boots. Some styles are made with weather-proof leather and feature wedge outsoles, but traditional work boots are better suited to job sites and yard work than Thursday Boots, which are more suited to lifestyle pursuits. 

Where are Thursday boots made?

Thursday Boots are made in North America, both in the United States and Mexico. Thursday Boots focuses much of its operations in the footwear hub of Leon, Mexico, home to some of the best bootmaking on the planet. 

Brands Like Thursday Boots

Red Wing

Compared to the upstart nature of Thursday Boots, Red Wing Heritage has been around for decades. Red Wing started as a solution for workers in the wilds of Minnesota and beyond, specifically rail and factory workers. Today, the brand still specializes in rugged work boots, but has grown a following for its tried-and-true Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots, which are a bona fide style move for lovers of classic style everywhere.

The brand retails for a higher price than Thursday Boots, and also doesn’t focus on sneakers or dress shoes. Compared to Thursday Boots, Red Wing boots are an investment in and of themselves, and are more suited to casual style situations. Thursday Boots’ lace-up options, however, can work well for dressier situations and come in a wider variety of leather options. However, both are reasonable choices for well-dressed guys interested in upgrading their boot game.

Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon is another boot brand with a heavy online focus, this time diving into the world of Direct-to-Consumer footwear and making designer-quality boots at lower prices than average. Beckett Simonon, like Thursday Boots, takes customers into its production processes and terminology, while showcasing how its boots retail at lower prices than comparable designer pairs.

The brand focuses on a similar array of styles compared to Thursday Boots, be it sleek leather sneakers or lace-up moc toe boots. The brand also makes plain toe dress shoes and durable, handsome leather lace-up boots. Yet, Beckett Simonon boots are pricier than Thursday Boots, and the company offers less variety in terms of styles and leather options.

Allen Edmonds

Among the best brands for men’s shoes, Allen Edmonds stands alone in terms of heritage, American-made quality. The company has changed its business model over the years and now makes more casual styles of shoes, as well as investment-quality dress shoes and leather boots. These styles retail for higher price points than Allen Edmonds, and the company also specializes now in dress sneakers.

Thursday Boots are definitely a superior value for the guy looking for a somewhat more entry-level pair of boots (or two pairs of boots given the price tag). That being said, Allen Edmonds could be thought of as the next step for a truly splurge-worthy purchase. In the meantime, and for our money’s worth, Thursday Boots offers comparable style at a lower price tag.

Overall Impression of Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots has grown impressively over the past decade, well beyond boots into a true lifestyle brand selling flannel shirts, leather jackets, accessories and stylish belts and bags. That alone makes them a brand worthy of shopping, and the company knows what its customers want. That attention to detail is present in the wide variety of leathers offered by Thursday Boots, plus its high-quality bags and impossibly cool leather jackets. The brand also does all of this at agreeable prices and with fast shipping, plus an eye toward trends.

Conclusion, Is Thursday Boots Worth Buying?

If you’ve been wanting to up or revamp your boot game on a relative budget while still keeping quality and seriously cool looks top of mind, then Thursday Boots is certainly worth buying. The brand makes it easier than ever to get into the wide world of boots, offering Goodyear welt styles that cover every single category, from Western boots to chukka boots, lace-up captoe boots, dress shoes and casual sneakers.

The brand is also worth shopping if you want a high-quality yet fairly-priced jacket or even a rugged flannel shirt. And the brand also sells chinos and selvage denim so you can complete your next #OOTD. For variety and versatility, its leather lace-up boots can be dressed up or dressed down, and many of these styles retail for under $200.

The company also works with trusted factory partners and uses Goodyear welt designs for long-lasting durability. Over the years wearing Thursday Boots at The Guy’s List, it’s our opinion that this brand is a great introduction (and reintroduction) to the world of stylish boots, and they’re certainly a brand worth shopping.

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