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These days it seems like there is a new activewear brand popping up every day. Many of these new brands are either overpriced or offer low-quality cheap materials that don’t perform, so it’s important to do your research before buying from a new brand. If you recently came across WOLACO and are looking to buy then you are in the right place as I’ve bought multiple WOLACO products and can give you the inside scoop. Hopefully, my review can help you make a decision whether WOLACO products are for you.

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5 Star Rating
Summary:  WOLACO compression shorts and gym apparel are among the best quality, fit, and feel on the market.
  • Style: 5 stars
  • Comfort: 5 stars
  • Value: 4.5 stars

What is WOLACO?

WOLACO stands for Way of Life Athletic Company which is an activewear brand that was founded by a former Harvard lacrosse player, Terry White. Terry wanted to create a community of like-minded individuals who care about their health and exercise frequently. If you are a gym goer or runner you can probably relate to one of the main issues with gym shorts, they aren’t designed to hold your phone and other items well. Many gym shorts don’t have pockets or the pockets are ineffective at keeping your phone, keys, and wallet snug. Terry set out to solve this problem by creating the North Moore short and that is where the journey began and the community began to grow. WOLACO has built its name in the NYC running and fitness community but the brand has been slowly spreading nationwide along with its expanding product offering which I’ve reviewed below.

WOLACO Product Reviews

WOLACO started out in the game simply with compression shorts but, once they mastered that, they decided to launch other categories such as gym shorts, joggers, tanks, and more. Their other products hold the same level of quality, style, and comfort that they delivered with their core product.

WOLACO North Moore Short Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO North Moore Short

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO North Moore Short

The North Moore short is the staple at WOLACO and was their original product. The North Moore short is a revolutionary product in my opinion. As a former college football player, I have worn a lot of compression shorts and a lot of gym shorts so I am pretty familiar with the market. These are the first shorts I’ve ever come across with sweat-proof compression pockets that are perfect for keeping your phone and valuables snug. It truly is a game-changer when going for a run or hitting the gym. That alone makes them worth the purchase. But what is also fantastic is that the material is very high quality. These compression shorts do a great job at providing compression on your quads which is great if you have had hamstring injuries like me and need firm compression. They are still soft and super comfortable though. The best of all is that they are very durable. Compression shorts don’t last long it seems but I have had these for years and they are still in great shape even after many washes. I never put them in the dryer though so I would recommend that too. If you are looking to buy compression shorts you need to get a pair of these.

Warren Short Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO Warren Shorts

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO Warren Shorts

The Warren linerless shorts are fantastic. I’m 6 foot tall and about 185 pounds and I chose the size large and think they fit pretty well. They are slightly shorter than I was expecting but that’s because I accidentally selected the 7-inch inseam and not the 10 inch so be aware of that when making your selection. I still think the 7-inch inseam looks good though. I love the Gotham Black color and think the red drawstrings are a really nice and unique touch. They are made with 71% nylon and 29% spandex so don’t feel flimsy but are also super stretchy and moisture-wicking. They are a very comfortable and stylish pair of gym shorts. Also, they are very functional the front pockets are deep enough to hold your phone and other valuable snugly but they also have a zippered pocket on the left hip. The waistband is very snug and sturdy but not tight. Overall, these are probably my favorite workout shorts that I own.

WOLACO Warren Pant Review

Joe Sanfilippo Wearing the WOLACO Warren Pants

Joe Sanfilippo Wearing the WOLACO Warren Pants

The Warren Pant is basically just the pant version of the Warren shorts. I chose a size medium for the pants and definitely think it was the right fit. These fit very well and look sharp.

Fulton Pant Review

Having a quality pair of leggings is a must and there isn’t a better leggings product than the Fulton pant. I used to have Eastbay and Under Armour leggings for football, cold weather workouts, or outdoor activities like skiing and even going to tailgates. The Fult The Fulton pants are essentially the same as the North Moore short in my opinion just a full legging version. I used to have Eastbay and Under Armour leggings for football, cold weather workouts, or outdoor activities like skiing and even going to tailgates. The Fult

High Line Hoodie Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO High Line Hoodie

I was very impressed with the High Line hoodie from WOLACO. I went with the medium here and again think this was definitely the right move. Talk about an amazing hoodie though. If you’ve never purchased a performance fabric hoodie you are missing out. This hoodie is perfect for those mild spring and fall days or summer nights even.

Clinton Tank Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO Clinton Tank Top

Huge fan of the Clinton tank. It’s everything I look for in a tank top. Light, breathable, and comfy. It has large shoulder straps which I love. I hate tanks with narrow shoulder straps. Whether you are hitting the gym, going for a run, or headed to the beach the Clinton tank top can handle it all.

Clinton Tee Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO Clinton Tee

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the WOLACO Clinton Tee

If you haven’t picked up on the trend yet I’ll fill you in. WOLACO seems to find a hit product and fabric and then utilize it for different variations. We saw it with the Warren Pant and Warren Short and now again here with the Clinton Tank and Clinton Tee. I like this because it helps you understand what you are getting before you buy. And in this case you are getting another winner with the Clinton Tee training shirt. It fits great and the material is the same as the Clinton tank which is fantastic. I’m a huge fan.

WOLACO Customer Service Review

The best type of customer service is not having to deal with customer service and that’s how it went for me. Everything with my order fit perfectly and was on time so that was ideal. If you do have to get a hold of WOLACO customer service they have a contact form. They also have an FAQ page that answers questions about sizing, returns, and shipping. But hopefully this review will help you get your order right like I did!

WOLACO Customer Testimonials

If you don’t believe me then take a look at other WOLACO customer reviews to formulate your opinion. Here are a few that stood out to me.

WOLACO High Line hoodie customer testimonial

WOLACO Warren shorts customer testimonial

WOLACO North Moore short customer testimonial

WOLACO Pricing and Value

I certainly wouldn’t classify WOLACO as a cheap or inexpensive brand. Their gear definitely has a bit of a steep price tag. With that said, you do get what you pay for and they deliver on the quality. I’ve always found it’s better to invest in quality products than cheap stuff so I think it’s worth it. Also, if you look at competing brands you aren’t going to find a better price.

WOLACO Shipping & Delivery Review

WOLACO is pretty buttoned up across the board it seems. From quality to price to shipping they don’t miss. My package came pretty quickly and had no issues. I went with the standard free domestic ground shipping and was satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions about WOLACO

Are WOLACO compression shorts worth the price?

I absolutely think WOLACO compression shorts are worth the investment. If you are an active person you will likely burn through a ton of compression shorts. That’s why I love WOLACO because they are so durable. I have had my WOLACO compression shorts for years and they still feel brand new whereas other brands I have had (cough cough Nike, Under Armour) have fallen apart. Plus, these are the best compression shorts around from a comfort, performance, and convenience standpoint.

Can you wear WOLACO compression shorts all day?

I’m not a huge fan of wearing compression shorts all day but I would say you will not be uncomfortable wearing WOLACO compression shorts all day. Many people wear them for long workouts and marathons and say they are great so I think you will be good wearing WOLACO with whatever life throws at you.

Who owns WOLACO?

WOLACO was founded by Terry White.

How to wash WOLACO compression shorts?

I typically wash all my WOLACO gear on a cold water setting and then hang dry everything. Everything is moisture-wicking, performance fabric so it dries pretty quickly.

Where can I buy WOLACO gear?

As far as I’m aware WOLACO is only available on their website. They have an Amazon page but it looks like nothing is available on there anymore.

How does WOLACO fit?

I feel like WOLACO is pretty true to size. I am 6 feet tall and about 185 pounds and typically wear medium for most things with 32″ waist. I went with medium across the board for WOLACO and Large for the shorts and thought everything was perfect.

WOLACO vs. Competitors

WOLACO vs. lululemon

This is probably the most common comparison to make. I own a lot of Lululemon gear and think the brands are pretty similar. I think WOLACO is the better activewear brand but Lululemon has more casual clothing options. WOLACO has honed in an specialized in compression shorts and associated gear and they truly have become the best in this category. If you are looking for workout clothes and running clothes WOLACO is definitely the right choice. If you want causal shorts, golf apparel, and other things then take a look at Lululemon.

WOLACO vs. Under Armour

I would say Under Armour was the original creator of compression gear and for a while, they were the best in the market. But the UA brand has grown and times have changed. When companies get too big sometimes innovation gets difficult. WOLACO has definitely surpassed Under Armour when it comes to innovation and quality. However, Under Armour definitely has a vastly wider selection of products, colors, styles, etc.

Overall Impression of WOLACO

I was very impressed with everything WOLACO offers. They seem to check all the boxes when it comes to selecting quality activewear.

Conclusion, Are WOLACO Compression Shorts Worth Buying?

If you’ve been looking at WOLACO compression shorts or other items but haven’t pulled the trigger I would say pull that trigger. Maybe start small and get one item like their compression shorts and then go from there. I think once you own a WOLACO product you will love it and come back for more like I have.

Joe Sanfilippo is one of our top shopping experts here at The Guy's List. Joe is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has been covering men's fashion, supplements, fitness, sports, business, and a variety of other similar topics for the past 7 years. Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_sanfilippo

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