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Founded in 2000 CrossFit is a brand that has sparked one of the largest fitness movements ever witnessed. With over 12,000 affiliated gyms spanning tons of countries, CrossFit’s high-intensity constantly varied workout philosophy has clearly captured the minds of many fitness enthusiasts. But, CrossFit is unlike your average lifting experience and certain apparel will be more comfortable and allow you to workout more effectively than others. Check out our list of the best CrossFit apparel for men below!

Our Favorites

Wolaco Tank Top

Wolaco Tank

  • Comfortable Fabric
  • Set Back Shoulder
  • Breathable Fit
Wolaco Mens Shorts

Wolaco Shorts

  • Secure Fit
  • Unique Colors
  • Phone Pocket
Button Down Short Sleeve Dress shirt for Crossfitters

State and Liberty

  • Great for Rest Days
  • Athletic Fit
  • Stretch Material

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Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

NOBULL CrossFit Trainer


NOBULL’s flat comfortable and breathable design is ideal for lifting and high-intensity workouts alike. Their simple design matches many other clothes and their comfort means you can work out for extended periods of time. I am personally a fan of their super durable materials since I tend to tear through workout shoes. They also feature thick treads to prevent slipping during heavy lifts.

Addidas Dropset 2

Addidas Dropset 2

Addidas is my go-to shoe brand for everyday shoes and their Addidas Dropset 2 adds a great gym shoe to their lineup perfect for CrossFit athletes. They have the softest and most comfortable soles of any shoes on the market and the Adipower is no different. They have a flat base perfect for lifting with a great look and comfortable feel.

Nike Metcon 9


Nike has been at the forefront of sports footwear for about 50 years now, so it is no surprise that sneaker experts at Nike have devised a shoe catered to the CrossFit crowd. The Nike Metcon’s feature a semi-flat design with a reinforced midfoot, making them perfect for cardio and heavy lifting. I love the design of these shoes and the color combinations Nike offers are great. They offer everything from loud boisterous colors to subdued muted neutrals that match anything.

Born Primitive Shoes

Born Primitive

Born Primitive just recently expanded into the footwear game with a focus on CrossFit athletes. They have thick treds to prevent slipping and a flat base but also a flexible sole meaning you can also get some good cardio in without feeling uncomfortable. They also feature a wide toe box making them perfect for people who don’t have narrow feet.

Best CrossFit Shorts for Men

Wolaco Mens Shorts


Wolaco’s sprint half-tight shorts are specially designed for high-intensity exercise, especially cardio, making them perfect for the rapidly changing workouts CrossFit offers. They are tight-fitting around the leg and super breathable with a sweat-proof pocket for easy access to your phone or anything you need to keep on you while you grind. They come in multiple colors that are vibrant and well-designed. Definitely give these a try if you haven’t already.

Gainmaker Training 2 in 1 7 inch shorts for Crossfit by Saxx

Saxx Gainmaker 2 in 1 Shorts (7″)

Saxx is well known for its innovative underwear but they have evolved as a brand making a variety of different products. Their 2 in 1 shorts are a really good pair of shorts for CrossFit workouts. They have a built-in liner which includes their signature BallPark Pouch which keeps the boys snug and secure. Guys, this is a game changer when you’re doing box jumps, burpees, and other jump based workouts. They also have a snug waist band and I think the 7-inch inseam is perfect. 

Lululemon Pace Breaker Shorts


While lulu is certainly known for athleisure their shorts are tough enough to handle a CrossFit workout.  Their 5-inch Pace Breaker shorts are great if you like to let your legs breathe. A shorter inseam is good for CrossFit because it gives more mobility for burpees, squats, and lunges. They come in tons of colors as well, I really like this blue pair pictured above.

NOBULL Micro Ripstop Shorts


Popping up on the list again this brand has really focused on creating great workout apparel for high intensity athletes who do more than just lift weights. Their shorts are durable and lightweight making them the perfect short for long workouts in hot weather. They also feature two zipper secured side pockets to prevent anyting from falling out when lifting or running.

Fabletics Lined Shorts


Fabletics lined shorts are a very viable option especially if you are looking for a deal. They don’t shrink in the wash and the lining is secure but the biggest selling point in my opinion is that if you are a first-time customer you can get their VIP offer where you save up to 80% on your order. The only downside is that the offer involves a subscription sign up which isn’t the easiest thing to cancel.


Firstly, if you are a first-time buyer, you can sign up for their VIP membership and get like 70% off these bad boys. 

Best CrossFit Clothing Brands

Button Down Short Sleeve Dress shirt for Crossfitters

State and Liberty

One of the biggest problems for CrossFit athletes, and gym goers in general, is that outside of the gym, many clothes are baggy and loose fitting. They don’t show off the physique you work so hard to build. State and Liberty solves this problem with their athletic fit professional apparel like button-downs, polos, chinos, and suits. They accentuate the ideal V-taper and are form-fitting without sacrificing comfort. Easily one of my favorite brands around, you absolutely need to give them a try!

Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel

Barbell Apparel is another brand that is founded by jacked dudes for jacked dudes. They make everything from athletic-fitting jeans and chinos to graphic tees and hoodies. Although I prefer State and Liberty more for professional/ business casual apparel. Barbell Apparel is a great brand to find more casual athletic-fitting clothes.

Young LA

Young LA

This brand has been blowing up over the last few years with tons of influencer sponsorships and new innovative designs. They fill the gap between pure workout apparel and casual clothing. Their styles can be everything from baggy to form-fitting and have cool modern designs that are simple and appealing. If you are looking for lounge apparel that can also be worn to the gym and will help show your figure, definitely check out Young LA.



They have been featured quite a bit on this list all ready but if you like to shop consistently with one brand and not pick and choose items, NoBull is great for everything CrossFit. They were founded specifically with the CrossFit community in mind and make every thing from shoes, to clothing, and even socks designed specifically for cross fit athletes. Although they don’t make everyday clothing, you can certainly get everything you need for your workouts from this brand.

Best CrossFit Tank Tops

Wolaco Clinton Tank Top for Crossfit Workouts

WOLACO Clinton Tank

Tank tops are hit or miss for me. I absolutely love wearing them for workouts but they have to fit right. WOLACO’s Clinton Tank is one of the best-designed tanks I’ve ever worn. It fits perfectly for me not too loose by not too tight. The fabric is very soft, and comfortable, and does a great job at wicking sweat. And most importantly for me, it covers the shoulders just right. I’m not a fan of tank tops with small narrow shoulder straps. I feel like those are for big juicehead bodybuilders and that is definitely not my style. WOLACO’s Clinton Tank is the tank top for athletes.

Lululemon Fundamental Tank Top

Lululemon Fundamental Tank

The lululemon tank is quite similar to the WOLACO tank so it’s an easy pick as my runner-up. The lulu tank is slightly longer and the shoulder straps are just ever so slightly narrower which is the main difference I noticed. So if that is what you are looking for then check out the Fundamental Tank from lululemon.

Born Primitive Tank Top

Born Primitive Heritage Tank

I am a big fan of Born Primitive’s Heritage Tank. This tank is unique compared to WOLACO and lululemon as it uses a ventilated fabric which I really like. The ventilation gives you a bit more breathability so if you are doing a CrossFit competition in a hot stuffy gym then you might appreciate this.

Gymshark Arrival Tank

Gymshark Arrival Tank

Gymshark has always been a brand I’ve enjoyed. It seems as if every fitness influencer in the world is sponsored by Gymshark. When it comes to tank tops they have quite the variety. They have everything from slim fit to baggy tanks and are constantly updating their designs. I would highly recommend the arrival tank pictured above since it has a great fit, a simple design, and lots of color options. The best part it you can get this tank for only $20 so you can basically get two tanks for the price of one compared to others on this list.

Men’s CrossFit Apparel FAQs

What should men wear to CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout style that requires lots of lifting but also tons of cardio and high-intensity exercises. This means you will need to wear apparel that is breathable and non-restrictive. In terms of footwear, wearing shoes with a flatter foot, supportive midsole, and good grip will be crucial to ensure a comfortable and safe workout.

What are the best fabrics for CrossFit apparel?

A good CrossFit shirt or tank will typically be a blend of polyester, spandex, and possibly tencel. These fabrics provide a lot of stretch for comfort and are very moisture-wicking to keep you dry during long grueling workouts.

What are the best CrossFit apparel brands?

In my opinion WOLACO and NOBULL are two of the best brands for CrossFit workout apparel. But outside of the gym I think State & Liberty makes the best clothing for athletic builds which is great for CrossFit athletes.

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