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As a 6 foot 6 olineman I know how Finding the right shirt for big guys is never an easy feat. A lot of the popular brands simply don’t cater to the big guy. And when you do finally find the perfect shirt from the brand you like in the color you want it might be sold out. Doing this digging is a huge pain and I have realized that over the years. That’s why I worked with the Guy’s List to make it easy for all my big guys out there to find swaggy shirts across all categories from t-shirts, to dress shirts and everything in between. Check out all the best shirts for big guys in our guide below. If you end up copping a shirt tag me and @theguyslist on social media to show it off!

Our Favorites

Fresh Clean Threads Henley

Fresh Clean Threads Henley

  • Short Sleeve
  • Super Soft
  • Snap Buttons
Green Pershing Polo from State and Liberty

State and Liberty Polo

  • Wide Shoulders
  • Unique Colors
  • Comfortable Material
State and Liberty T-Shirt

State and Liberty T-Shirt

  • Simple Design
  • Hugs the Arms
  • Stretch Fabric

Best T Shirts for Big Guys

State and Liberty T-Shirt

State & Liberty

You’re going to see this brand on here a lot as they are a huge sleeper. The brand is made for athletic fitting guys so this one’s for the big guys out there that are in shape. What I love about these guys is that all of their gear uses stretch fit performance fabrics making the shirts extremely comfortable. Better yet they are moisture wicking to make sure that pit sweat doesn’;t last long. If you want a basic tee shirt that performs you gotta check out State & Liberty. 

Fahion Nova T-Shirt

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a very dope brand that features tons of different styles of tee shirts. Their graphic tess are fire and come in a multitude of colors and styles. You can get shirts for $16.99 which is very affordable and they go up to 3XL in most shirts so that should cover most big guys.

Rhoback T-Shirt


Rhoback is a brand that has blown up over the past couple years and for good reason. They have super comfortable shirts and a pretty chill brand. I’m a big fan of their tees because they offer a classic style in tons of colors.

Best Dress Shirts for Big Guys

State and Liberty Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

State and Liberty

State & Liberty is the originator of the athletic fit dress shirt. This is their staple product and I’m telling you these are an absolute game changer. I’ve never been comfortable with dress shirts until I found State & Liberty. It’s like taking your favorite workout shirt and making it into a formal shirt that looks very clean and sharp for any occasion. You’ve gotta try these out if you haven’t already, it will change your life. Pro tip: if you are my size (6′ 4″ | 320 lbs) then you’ll need to get custom fit in store.

Johnny Bigg Dress Shirt

Johnny Bigg

If you don’t have the athletic build needed to fit in State & Liberty then my suggestion would be to check out someone like Johnny Big. They have sizes up to 7XL so they can accommodate my extra wide guys out there.

Proper Cloth Dress Shirt

Proper Cloth

Another great option is proper cloth. They allow you to pick your collar and sleeve lengths which is a nice touch compared to the others listed above. For those who know your sizing and are looking for a more customized fit Proper Cloth is a great option for big guy dress shirts.

Best Golf Shirts for Big Guys

State and Liberty Golf Polo

State and Liberty

Athletes love state and liberty and for good reason. They have a fitted design and comfortable stretch fit material that is comfortable enough to swing in. These are some of my favorite polos to golf in since they grip my biceps nicely without restricting my movement so I can look and golf my best.


Travis Mathew Golf Polo

Travis Mathew

This is easily one of my favorite golf shirt brands. Travis Matthew has clean designs that look great out on the course and in so many other settings. You really can’t go wrong with Travis Matthew, particularly the LEgend Polo. They say black is a slimming color so that’s my color of choice here.

Rhoback Polo


A lot of golf polos don’t offer over a 2XL plus but luckily for you Rhoback has got us big dudes covered with sizing up to 3XL. They have so many sick designs I really love thie The District design featuring the USA flag on the back. Just an absolute classic for country boys like me.

Best Button Down Shirts for Big Guys

State and Liberty Casual Button Down

State and Liberty 

They have popped up on our list a couple times now but thats just cause you cant beat a great athletic fit t-shirt. Their casual button downs are by far the best button downs for big guys with big muscles. They are machine washable and come in sizes all the way up to 3XL. Be sure to add one of these to your closet.

Express Button Down


Express is one of my favorite places to shop for casual short sleeve button down shirts. Their designs are fun and they have one to fit nearly any outfit I have in mind. They are also priced affordably so its a pretty easy task to pick up a few of these and mix and match them with lots of shorts, pants, and shoes to create unique fits for comfortable daily wear.

Bonobos Dress Shirt


If you can’t find it anywhere else you can find it at Bonobos. This brand has blown up in the past 5 years for their high quality shirts and unique designs. They offer short sleeve and long sleeve button downs which are perfect for casual wear and can be dressed up if need be.

Best Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Green Pershing Polo from State and Liberty

State and Liberty

Again, State and Liberty’s ability to make great fitting clothes puts them at the top of our list for big guys looking for a fitted polo that doesn’t restrict movement. They have plenty of color options to match any outfit and environment and are made with breathable stretch fabric for superior comfort. Be sure to check these out!

Polo Polo

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren invented the polo and they has become the staple clothing option of this luxury clothing manufacturer. Their polos are comfortable, classic, and come in big and tall sizes making them the perfect polo for big guys.

Psycho Bunny Polo

Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny has been revolutionizing the mens apparel industry and one of my favorite aspects of this revolution is what they have done with the polo. They are comfortable and breathable with fun designs, a unique logo, and a fitted design that hugs your arms. These are a cool twist on a classic fit and are definitely worth a try.

Best Henley Shirts for Big Guys

Fresh Clean Threads Henley

Fresh Clean Threads

Fresh Clean Threads has mastered 3 things price, comfort, and variety. This is especially true for their henleys which come in over 15 colors and are only $24. This means they can be matched with nearly anything and are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Cuts Clothing Henley Shirt

Cuts Clothing

Cuts clothing seems to be on a mission to make some of the best-fitting clothing for men and their henley’s are a highlight of their brand. Their simple designs are versatile and their material is extremely comfortable making these perfect for daily wear and versatility.

Hawaiian shirt for big guys

Hilo Hattie

The self-proclaimed store of Hawaii, this shop has it all especially classic Hawaiian shirts. Their high-quality and fun designs are a pleasure to wear and are a must if you are planning a trip or just want a fun Hawaiian shirt in your arsenal.

Best Workout Shirts for Big Guys

Fresh Clean Threads Active Wear

Fresh Clean Threads

Recently, Fresh Clean Threads has been diving into the world of men’s activewear and so far it’s going well. Being able to purchase packs of 5 shirts is great especially if you workout every day and want to save money.

Gymshark workout shirt


Gymshark is one of the most popular gym apparel brands today. Their simple logo and unique fits make them some of the best-looking active wear apparel around. Their shirts are super breathable and come in oversized fits making them perfect for big guys.

Vuori Shirt


Vuori is a newer and much more high-end apparel brand than the previous ones mentioned on our list, but if thats what your looking for this brand has it. They wear much more casually and don’t have a big logo on the front. 

Best Flannel Shirts for Big Guys

Bonobos Flannel


Bonobos flannels are some of my favorite and for good reason. Firstly, and most importantly for this article, they go all the way up to size 6XL, meaning they can fit almost anyone. They also have super high-quality material which makes them comfortable to wear and breathable for yet warm for cool fall days. Their designs and color combinations are unique yet not too harsh and make for a great versatile flannel.

Urban Outfitters Flannel

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Flannels are much more fashion-oriented than the ones from Red Head. They always have a couple on hand but around fall they really ramp up and drop some cool color ways. If you are looking for a flannel that stands out and is unique, check out urban outfitters.

L.L Bean Flannel

L.L Bean

L.L Bean is the perfect place for the classic flannel look. Their flannels are thin enough to be worn in warmer weather and large enough to fit a hoodie underneath or a few more layers in colder months near the end of fall. These are a great accessory and I would definitely check them out. much more fashion-oriented than ones from outdoor stores. They always have a couple on hand but around fall they really ramp up and drop some cool colorways. If you are looking for a flannel that stands out and is unique, check out urban outfitters.

Best Hawaiian Shirts for Big Guys

Alabama Hawaiian Shirt


If you’re a sports fan the best sport for a Hawaiian shirt is FOCO. Their shirts feature your favorite teams and are the perfect cheesy yet comfortable game-day fit. You will absolutely be the life of the party and what more could you ask for from a Hawaiian shirt.

Aloha Shirt Shop Hawaiian Shirt

Aloha Shirt Shop

If the name hasn’t already told you everything you need to know this is the best place online to find all types of Hawaiian shirts. They have everything from bright color floral designs to more muted designs and everything in between. Their prices are great and I can’t stress how much I love the variety of options to chose from.

Hawaiian shirt for big guys

Hilo Hattie

The self proclaimed store of Hawaii, this shop has it all especially classic Hawaiian shirts. Their high quality and fun designs are a pleasure to wear and are a must if you are planning a trip or just want a fun Hawaiian shirt in your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Shirts for Big Guys

What type of shirt is best for chubby guys?

Many of the shirts on this list are perfect for chubby guys. You want something that is going to be loose in the torso but still hugs your arms nicely and doesn’t look overly baggy. Bonobos does a good job of this but there are many other brands you can find in our full list that would work great!

What is the best color shirt for a big man?

Dark colors like navy or black will be best since they are the most slimming. White shirts can be worn but they will look best as an undershirt with a casual button down on top and unbuttoned.

Should big guys wear oversized shirts?

Oversized shirts are a great option for big guys especially for the gym. They tend to work best for men with shorter torsos and be sure to size up depending on your weight so the shirt keeps its oversized fit.

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Brock Hoffman, the tall guy, is an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and stands a lofty 6' 4''. He has first-hand expertise in traveling, eating, and shopping for tall guys. If you also have experienced the disadvantages of height, follow more of Brock's writings for The Guy's List and his socials on his author page!

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