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The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, or Batman is a character that shifted to prominence after the redesign by Bill Finger and never looked back. He is responsible for the notoriety of Detective Comics and nowadays is a box office juggernaut in addition to getting his own games and shows.  As arguably the most recognized superhero of all time it is no surprise that fans everywhere are looking for something special and Batman-y for the holidays. Find your fan the best gifts that feature Gotham’s greatest defender.

Best Batman Gifts

Batman the Animated Series Exclusive Mug

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One of the most recognizable forms of Batman, the animated series from 1992 has everything fans love about the Dark Knight. The striking art style, beautiful art, dark and brooding Batman performances from Kevin Conroy make this a fan favorite. Give that love to them all over again with this mug.

MLB x DC Batman Bobblehead


For fans who appreciate the baseball diamond as much as they love stopping diamond thieves (looking at you Arnold), this collection of bobbleheads show off just they. They feature a Neal Adams inspired Batman standing stoically over top of your favorite MLB team logo. It is the perfect super sports crossover.

Batman New Era Knit Beanie


Every hero needs a cowl and this beanie from Fanatics is a serviceable substitute. The all black beanie features a bright Batman logo on the crown. It is warm and comfortable for the wearer, staying secure, even when springing into action.

Batman Gifts for Men

Batman (1989) Exclusive Hat


One of the most popular questions in all of the Batman fandom is who is the best Batman? A lot of young adults will say Bale, and ever younger people might go Pattinson. But regardless of what generation you are a part of, you have had the opportunity to appreciate Keaton. With the bright gold logo and the year on the side, this hat is the perfect encapsulation of the early movie that starred Keaton.

 Batman Gifts for Adults

Batman Logo Hoodie


When looking for gifts based around the caped crusader, sometimes it best to keep it simple. This hoodie is just the Batman primary logo in a faded design on a black sweatshirt. The unique rayon blend keeps the wearer comfortable and warm and is a different level of soft.

Batman Gift Bag

Arkham Asylum Dopp Kit


When traveling, it can be difficult to show off our fandom and the things we enjoy. With this Dopp Kit, which is a heavy duty bag that carries all of men’s most important travel amenities, Batman fans can be well prepared for any situation. It has a cool design, centered around Arkham Asylum that will put a smile on any Batman fan’s face.

Cool Batman Gifts

Batman Starry T-Shirt


Combining multiple mediums and themes is always a unique way to change up both aspects and make a new product that fans will love. This shirt is such a mash up, combining the works of Van Gough with the world of Batman in this Starry Night inspired t-shirt.

Unique Batman Gifts

The Joker, The Riddler, and Two Face DC 3 Pack Beaded Friendship Bracelets


Everyone knows a major reason Batman is so great is his rogues gallery. The challenges the Bat faces make him the hero that he is. Show off your fandom with these friendship bracelets from FOCO. Expand your criminal crew by sharing the unique bracelet with trusted allies or keep all of the glory for yourself by wearing the charms of Gotham’s most wanted.

Personalized Batman Gifts

Batman Symbol Personalized Mug

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The only thing better than a Batman mug is a Batman mug that has your name on it. It takes the classic Batman logo and just adds a little bit of personalization for one of the best Batman gifts available.

Batman Gift FAQ’s

What are must have Batman collectibles for fans?

Aside from comics, some of the best gifts for Batman fans are collectibles. Websites like FOCO, Fanatics, and DC Shop have a large selection of unique and exclusive collectibles.

Does Batman have a video game?

Yes Batman not only stars in his own video games, but also appears in other video games featuring the wider world of DC. Some of the most popular Batman games are the Arkham series, which focuses on the adventures of Batman.

Is Batman the most popular superhero?

It is impossible to say who the most popular superhero is. Movies, cartoons, and video games influence the popularity of all comic characters and it changes with time. Batman is likely one of, if not the most popular superheroes along with Superman, Spiderman, and others.

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