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Game of Thrones was a worldwide phenomenon. During the highs and lows of its eight-season run, fans everywhere were captivated by the fantasy and mystery of the series. The clear driving point and the idea of “who will sit on the throne?” is one of the most intriguing questions for fans as they see the moral and ethical challenges characters have to face in a brutal world. For anyone who is engrossed in the world of Westeros, these gifts will bring joy to any occasion.

Game of Thrones MLB Mascot on Fire Dragon

GOTFIREDRGNBOBBLE Game of Thrones is rarely fans only love and passion. If you are trying to give a fan something Game of Thrones-related, consider mashing it up with something else they love. These bobbleheads from FOCO are a unique crossover between GOT and the MLB that features your favorite team’s mascot riding a fire dragon with a burning team logo.

Game of Thrones House Symbol Sherpa Blanket

HOUSESYMBOLBLANKET No Game of Thrones marathon is ready to commence unless the viewer is as comfy as possible. One of the best ways to prepare is with this blanket from the WB Shop. It is warm and soft while featuring a creative design that shows all four of the house symbols from the show.

Game of Thrones Leather Bookmark

Game of Thrones Bookmark If you know someone who is a fan of the show is is likely they have also read the books and may even be avid readers. These Game of Thrones leather bookmarks are very much in the spirit of the fandom and are a great gift for any reader.

Game of Thrones Dragon Headphone Holder

Dragon Headphone Stand Many game of thrones fans are avid gamers and this dragon headphone stand is a unique addition to any game room. It’s mouth is large enough to fit most headsets and slim enough to fit on mosts desks. It is also 3-D printed making it a cheap and self-customizable piece.

Game of Thrones Anduril Sword Replica

Anduril Sword Game of Thrones is a show and book series known for having some super memorable fight scenes. This replica Anduril sword is a reminder of those epic battles and is great to hang on any wall as a feature piece in a themed game room.

Game of Thrones Beer and Coffee Mug

Game of Thrones Beer and Coffee Mug There is hardly an item that screams medieval than a beer stein and this Game of Thrones-themed one is great for mornings and evenings. It is perfect for beers but also great for holding coffee since it is not overly large like traditional steins.

Wooden Map of the 7 Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Wooden Map

One of my personal favorites on this list, this 3-dimensional wooden map of the 7 kingdoms makes a great piece of wall or desk art. It is super well made and is a fantastic way to commemorate one of the best fictional worlds ever made!

Custom Game of Thrones Cutting Board

House of Powell Cutting Board

For people who may not want to be so obvious with how big of fan they are this custom cuttin board is a great option. Simply submit the last name of the person you want to buy the board for and it will be custom engraved to make them seem like they are royalty from the show.

Acrylic Fire and Ice Dragon Light

Fire and Ice Dragon Resin Light

Dragons are of major importance in the land of Westeros and this fire and ice dragon light highlights them beautifully. This is a great desk item or coffee table feature. It is handmade and only takes batteries to run!

Westeros Rug

Game of Thrones Map Rug

Similar to the wooden map we featured earlier this rug is another way to pay tribute in a tasteful way to the world that George R. R. Martin created. You can get it in tons of materials and sizes to fit any room.

Game of Thrones Show Script Replica

Game of Thrones Script Replica

Seeing the actual script that the actors read would be one of the coolest things for any fan. The next best thing would be owning a replica of such a script. This is a complete collectors reprint of an autographed script of the show’s pilot episode and can be purchased framed to display as a prominent speaking point.

Game of Thrones Custom Wall Sign

Custome GOT Sign

If you know a fan of the show looking to build a game room or just has an empty space on their wall. This custom metal wall sign is a great way to signify that their home is a kingdom under their control. The material is high quality and the design is simple and sleek meaning it can fit just about any carefree interior.

Game of Thrones 3 Pack Friendship Bracelets


When trying to claim the iron throne, you will need trusted allies and these friendship bracelets are great for unifying your forces. They are perfect for showing off your fandom or beginning your friends together to share something that you all love.

Dinner is Coming Wood Cutting Board


As the name of the very first episode of the series, it is no surprise that “winter is coming” is one of the most popular and parodied phrases in the whole series. This cutting board pays homage to that phrase while putting a fun food-themed twist. The laser engraving also ensures that the board has good functionality.

I Drink and I Know Things Mug


Although Tyrion may have been referencing a specific kind of drink, this mug with the classic phrase is one of the best options for Game of Thrones fans drinking anything. Coffee, water, or anything in between is perfect in this mug.

Game of Thrones Slate Coaster Set

Game of Thrones Slate Coasters

If drinks are to be served then you will need somewhere to put them so they don’t stain your table and this coaster set is a great option for any GOT fan. The slate material fits the vibe of the show and each coaster features a house crest. These would be great for any movie room or just as a party conversation starter.

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles 3 Pack


Candles are a great small gift that can help fill the space under the tree. These candles take a unique approach with their unique shape. They have the design of the different dragon eggs in Game of Thrones. The candles are also unscented, so you don’t have to worry about the special someone not liking the scent.

Game of Thrones Collectible Pint Glass Set


A full set of gifts is a unique way to bundle together to get more for less and this is the perfect example of maximizing the gift-getting process. With four unique pint glasses that show off the different corners of the Game of Thrones world.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Ugly Sweater T-Shirt


The holiday season is one full of visiting friends and family and seeing loved ones. If you or a friend is heading to visit, make sure they have a fun and festive shirt to wear. This shirt features the ugly sweater theme that is popular around the holidays and one of the most iconic phrases in Game of Thrones history, making this a perfect gift for fans.

Game of Thrones Ornament


Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday. They feature collections of ornaments that represent the owner and what they care about. This ornament is a great addition to any fan’s tree. It is simple and clean with the primary logo for the show along with each house symbol as well.

Game of Thrones Gift FAQ’s

What are the best Game of Thrones collectibles for fans?

Game of Thrones has countless props that would work as well as collectibles. One of our favorites is replica dragon eggs. They are influential in the show and have a unique design. 

Was Game of Thrones controversial?

The ending of the show is one of the most controversial endings of any show ever. We will avoid spoilers, but fans were surprised and less than pleased with the outcome. 

When did Game of Thrones end?

The final episode of the series aired in 2019.

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