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Shopping for men isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Guys might claim they don’t care what you get them but trust me…they do. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting someone a gift that they absolutely love because you can see it so clearly in their reaction. Guys are not good at hiding their emotions if you haven’t figured that out already. But as a man who knows a lot of dudes across all walks of life, I can assure you my list here of the best gifts for men is sure to make everyone happy!

Our Favorites

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Pack

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

  • Under $50
  • Very Useful
  • Quality for all skill levels
Robert Barakett T-Shirts

Robert Barakett T-Shirts

  • Closet Staple
  • Premium soft Pima cotton
  • Versatile
Chicago Bears Triangle Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage NFL T-Shirt

  • Under $30
  • Stylish
  • Comes in all 32 Teams

Best $200 Gifts for Men

Robert Barakett Gallagher Reversible Vest

Gallagher Reversible Vest

A quality vest is a must-needed staple in every man’s closet. They’re perfect for those 45 – 50 degree days where you don’t quite need a coat but can’t go with just a long-sleeved t-shirt or hoodie. Vests add a layer of warmth that is both classy and casual. especially if it’s this vest from Robert Barakett. It’s made with 100% Pima Cotton on one side and is reversible with a water-repellent polyester on the other side. He will definitely be happy once he tries this on and I can guarantee he’ll be wearing over and over for years to come!

Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid

Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid

A pair of Jordan sneakers is a very solid gift for guys. Coming in right around $200 this gift shows you care. The Chicago colorway above is one of the most popular but Jordan shoes come in many different colorways and can be worn with many different styles and outfits. Use your best judgment when selecting a color and style that fits the personality of the man you are buying for but ultimately I don’t think you can go wrong here. Worst case scenario, these typically don’t lose value and can be resold as there are so many collectors out there.

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro

There’s nothing like a gift that you use every day. It’s something that will make them remember you. The Powerbeats Pro are a little bit over $200 but worth the investment. If your man likes to run or work out but is still using old wired headphones these are a necessity. I personally will only buy these over the ear headphones because the Airpods always fall out on me.


Orient Bambino Version 8

Orient is a brand that is well-known in the watch community for creating affordable, unique, and high-quality timepieces. They have designs that range the entire price spectrum from sub $150 all the way up to $3000. The Orient Bambino is one of their signature dress watch designs that comes in just above the $250 mark. This is their updated design with opposing subdials giving it a premium aesthetic. If you know a guy who loves dress watches and wants a high-end brand with great heritage Orient is it, and you won’t have to break the bank!

Best Gifts for Men Under $200

Robert Barakett T-Shirts

The Barakett Tee 3-Pack

T-shirts are a classic style that you can wear with pretty much anything. Every guy needs and appreciates having some nice T-shirts in their wardrobe. But guys are sometimes frugal and will just buy themselves the cheapest low-quality t-shirts when shopping for themselves. Up their game a bit by getting some really premium t-shirts like these from Robert Barakett.

YSL MYSLF Eau De Parfum

MYSLF Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz.

A quality cologne is tough to beat for a men’s gift under $200 and this is my absolute favorite. This is probably one of the best men’s colognes I’ve ever smelled. Your man won’t be disappointed with this gift…and you won’t either.

Mugsy Fulton Jeans

Mugsy Jeans

Jeans can be a difficult gift because they vary so much when it comes to comfort and sizing. But I think Mugsy is the exception here. These jeans are an absolute game changer for guys who don’t typically like wearing denim because they feel like you are wearing Lululemon joggers. Plus they have free shipping and returns so if for some reason the sizing is off he can exchange them easily. 

Cuban Link from GLD

Cuban Link Chain in White Gold – 5mm

Men’s jewelry has absolutely been on the rise over the last few years and GLD has been at the forefront of the affordable branch of such a large industry. A simple Cuban link chain in white gold can be worn with nearly anything to spruce up a look or paired with a watch for an outfit defined by its accessories.

Best Gifts for Men Under $100

WONDERBOOM3 Ultraportable Bluetooth speaker.

WONDERBOOM3 Ultraportable Bluetooth speaker.

A quality stand-alone speaker that can be taken to the beach or pool is a great gift for any man who likes to jam. This WONDERBOOM 3 is one of my favorite options for a portable speaker that puts out just as much power and high-quality sound as at-home-only speakers. If you know a guy who loves travel and music then this is a great gift idea.

De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

Espresso is the foundation of some of my favorite coffee creations like cappuccinos and lattes. This espresso machine will make you a premium cup of espresso and at a cost that is hard to come by in the expensive espresso machine market. This will save any coffee drinker money in the long run and give them a perfect shot of espresso every time.

Best Gifts for Men Under $50

Chicago Bears Triangle Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage NFL T-Shirt from FOCO

You have to love a good retro t-shirt, especially if it has official NFL licensing. FOCO really crushed it with this design and I think this is a gift that any football fan will love. No matter what team your man roots for FOCO has you covered with this design for all 32 NFL teams. And for $30 this is a win for everyone.

Chapter Dopp Kit Herschel Supply Co

Chapter Dopp Kit Herschel Supply Co.

Let’s face it, most dudes are lazy and will never replace their raggy, gross toiletry bag until it literally falls apart. Do your man a solid and get him a new one. He will definitely appreciate it. This option from Hershel Supply Co. is a very sleek looking option that will fit in most suitcases and last for years to come.

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Pack

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Pack

Men and golf go together like peanut butter and jelly. Once most guys hit about 29 years old it becomes their new obsession. And just because they’re obsessed doesn’t make them any good lol. So get them some golf balls as they’ll certainly be needing them after a couple of slices in the woods. These Chrome Soft golf balls from Callaway are great for beginners and pros alike so no matter the skill level they’ll be happy with this gift.

JBL Clip Speaker

JBL Clip Speaker

The JBL Clip 3 speaker is one of the most underrated tech gadgets on the market. It is useful in so many situations you would not expect like out on the golf course, in the shower, or on a hike. I carry one in my car and on my golf bag at all times and yes, since its waterproof, so I use it in the shower to listen to my favorite podcasts while getting ready in the morning. It has great sound and is affordable enough to make the sub $50 gift list.

Best Gifts for Men Under $30

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Smart lights have been all the rage over the last few years but they can be super pricy, especially to fill your home with. These Amazon smart plugs turn any outlet into a smart appliance that you can access from your phone. Turn lights, TVs, fans, coffee makers, and anything else you can think on and off from your smartphone with ease.

French Press

Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press

Coffee is a major part of lots of men’s lives and over the years one method of making coffee at home has reigned supreme over the rest. The French press is a quick and easy way to make coffee at the house that yields a richer flavor and cleaner blend than many other coffee makers. You can also make cold brew using this machine by steeping the coffee overnight in the fridge and drinking it in the morning. This is a great gift for coffee snobs, on-the-go drinkers, hot coffee drinkers, and cold coffee drinkers, it can do it all and makes a great gift!

Titleist Hat

Titleist Tour Breezer Hat

Hats are a must when it comes to golf and the Titleist hat is one of the most popular in golf. I have always wanted one but for some reason never picked one up for myself. If you know a guy who golfs often and hasn’t purchased one yet odds are they want one and you could be the first to get one for them. And if he does have one he’ll certainly love a new one!

Small Tool Kit

Small Tool Kit

I can attest that not having a tool kit around the house is a major missed opportunity. When I first moved out I was constantly looking for screwdrivers, hammers, scissors and it wasn’t until someone gifted me my own set that I was finally able to solve hardware problems around the house with ease. The set provided here from Walmart is affordable and has all the essentials for proper, convenient home maintenance.

Best Gifts for Boyfriend

I Wrote a Book About You

I Wrote a Book About You

The best gifts for your significant other should be thoughtful and creative. This book, allows you to literally write a short book about your boyfriend with easy-to-answer prompts that are creative and bound to start conversation. It’s a unique idea that costs next to nothing and your boyfriend will remember forever.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Guys love to game and nothing quite beats the Xbox gamepass subscription which allows your man to play all types of games. Game Pass works on both Xbox and PC and has games that couples could even play together for a fun date night! Or as a bonus, give him the gift of letting him play with his friends for 8 hours straight lol.

Gifts for Men FAQs

Do guys like personal gifts?

Yes, absolutely guys enjoy personal gifts! Getting a man a personal gift like a handwritten book or a picture collage of you together is an awesome gift. I always say that events and experiences are the best things in life so reminders of fun times are always great gifts.

What is the best gift you can get a man?

I think the best gift is a combination of something that a man really wants that is pricey, something lower-priced that he needs, and something thoughtful that is homemade. That is hitting the trifecta when it comes to gifting for men.

How do I know what to get a man for a gift?

There are many ways to find out what to buy a man as a gift. I think first you need to establish a budget as that will narrow things down. To determine a good budget consider what you can afford, how much he has spent on you, and what the occasion is.  The gift you give for a 32nd birthday should be much different than what you are gifting a man for a 30-year anniversary. It’s also going to be much different if you just started a new job compared to if you have been making $200k for the past ten years. Once you’ve determined your budget, consider what he enjoys most and where he is at in his life. A 50-year-old man may enjoy an experience or thoughtful gift vs. a 25-year-old who wants a new Bluetooth speaker. Factor in these things and then check out our list above to see some different options based on your budget and gifting moment.



Joe Sanfilippo is one of our top shopping experts here at The Guy's List. Joe is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has been covering men's fashion, supplements, fitness, sports, business, and a variety of other similar topics for the past 7 years. Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_sanfilippo

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