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Step by step, it’s not always easy to perfect your grooming routine. But make no mistake, the best conditioners for men should be part of that grooming routine. Although it might seem overlooked by a high-quality shampoo, a well-made conditioner is a perfect finishing touch for soft, healthy hair with sheen and volume. And make no mistake, every guy can make use of the best conditioners for men – these are the ones we’ve got in our shower caddy.

What are the best conditioners for men?

Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend Soothing Conditioner

Best Overall: Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend Soothing Conditioner

  • Soothing formula works on all hair types
  • From the company’s respected Gentleman’s Blend lineup
  • Features a rich scent of refreshing lavender and mint for a unique addition to your grooming routine
Black Wolf Conditioner

Best New Conditioner: Black Wolf Conditioner

  • First conditioner from a respected grooming brand

  • Delivers ultra-soft, detangled hair

  • Offered in sleek, ultra-cool packaging design

Hardworking Gentlemen Creamy Conditioner

Best for Healthy Hair: Hardworking Gentlemen Creamy Conditioner

  • Made to provide a super-rich, creamy lather down to the root

  • Developed with natural ingredients

  • Part of Hardworking Gentlemen’s line of eco-friendly grooming products for a complete routine

Horace Dry Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Best for Dry Hair: Horace Dry Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Developed specifically with dry to very dry hair in mind

  • Designed with premium ingredients for unstoppable quality

  • Easy to use in just a few minutes, with near-instant results

Hawthorne Ultra-Rich Conditioner

Best Lightweight Conditioner: Hawthorne Ultra-Rich Conditioner

  • Made with same rich scent quality as other Hawthorne essentials

  • Uses distinct ingredients like olive fruit oil for an ultra-lightweight formula

  • Works on thin, oily or greasy hair

Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner with Old Spice Swagger

Best 2-in-1 Conditioner: Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner with Old Spice Swagger

  • Offers efficiency in your grooming routine

  • Made with rich Old Spice scent quality

  • Formula works especially well for those with dandruff

Oars & Alps Invigorating Conditioner

Best for Oily Hair: Oars and Alps Invigorating Conditioner

  • Works well on oily hair, as well as normal hair

  • Formula tingles as it works for a super-refreshing feel and finish

  • Tea tree oil also delivers a truly invigorating experience

Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Conditioner

Best for Normal Hair: Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Conditioner

  • Iconic scent from a brand known for its rich scent quality

  • Delivers deep nutrition and softness down to the follicle

  • Uses a natural formula for a winning result

AESOP Conditioner

Best-Smelling Conditioner: AESOP Conditioner

  • Premium conditioner with iconic scent

  • Upscale apothecary packaging is a refined addition to your shower

  • Delivers high-performing formula in a next-level overall design

 Patricks CD1 Stimulating and Thickening Conditioner

Best Luxury Conditioner: Patricks CD1 Stimulating and Thickening Conditioner

  • Formulated with next-level research

  • Designed with futuristic packaging

  • Made to stimulate and thicken hair while promoting hair regrowth

Best Overall Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend Soothing Conditioner

Old Spice Gentleman's Blend Conditioner It might seem like a crowded market as you search for the best conditioners for men, but when in doubt, go with a tried-and-true classic from as reliable a brand as any. Old Spice has focused heavily on product innovation in recent years, and that includes its ultra-premium Gentleman’s Blend line. That doesn’t mean it’s outrageously expensive, however, and that means you’re getting excellent value and a rich, soothing formula. Plus, the mint and lavender scent is refreshing and attractive.

Best New Conditioner: Black Wolf Conditioner

Black Wolf Conditioner

For as much as we love tried-and-true grooming brands with long-running history, it’s sometimes a nice change of pace to see an upstart grooming brand enter the market. And with knack for knowing what guys want, Black Wolf is delivering an innovative new conditioner we simply can’t get enough of. There’s lots to love, from the sleek and modern packaging (always a nice touch) to the rich formula and deep lather. It’s made to soften, smooth and de-tangle hair, and it’s even better that it’s salon-grade, professional quality. How’s that for a new-to-market conditioner to add to your shower routine?

Best for Healthy Hair: Hardworking Gentlemen Creamy Conditioner

Hardworking Gentlemen ConditionerHardworking Gentlemen certainly lives up to its name, delivering premium products at agreeable prices for the modern man. It’s an approach that’s won praise from us here at The Guy’s List, and its formula for a conditioner targeting healthy hair is another winner in our book. Ingredients like aloe vera hydrate the hair while delivering anti-inflammatory performance, while kelp extract provides antioxidants. The lather is also rich and creamy, another bonus. And it’s packed in recycled material for a sustainable touch.

Best for Dry Hair: Horace Dry Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Horace Dry Hair Conditioner

Each of the best conditioners for men should leave your hair with a rich, smooth and soft finish, but this task can be tricky if you feel your hair is dry (or very dry) to begin with. Consider the problem solved with Horace, which developed this innovative formula to target all types of dry hair. It’s free from silicone and made to repair and strengthen hair while leaving it soft and supple. And while it’s more expensive than other conditioners, it’s an end result that’s truly worth the investment.

Best Lightweight Conditioner: Hawthorne Ultra-Rich Conditioner

Hawthorne Ultra-Rich Conditioner

Every single one of the best conditioners for men should deliver a rich formula and luscious finish, but it’s still possible to get that without weighing you down. Literally, in the case of Hawthorne’s aptly named conditioner. The formula was developed to be lightweight yet high-performing, made with unique and nourishing ingredients like sunflower seed oil and olive fruit oil. It also features the brand’s signature scent technology, so you can perfectly complement your Hawthorne cologne (which you should also consider securing ASAP).

Best 2-in-1 Conditioner: Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner with Old Spice Swagger

Head Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

We value our time as guys, and sometimes, efficiency is the name of the game – there’s a way to clean and freshen up while eliminating a step or two, like using shampoo followed by conditioner. Look, we’ve all been there, and Head & Shoulders wisely teamed up with Old Spice to give you the two-for-one punch your grooming routine needs. This formula features rich Old Spice Swagger scent and the soothing, nourishing technology of Head & Shoulders. It’s gentle on hair while fighting dandruff, too.

Best for Oily Hair: Oars & Alps Invigorating Conditioner

Oars Alps Invigorating Conditioner

Oily hair can be as difficult to treat as dry hair, unless you’ve got the right arsenal of products handy. And that’s where Oars & Alps comes into play, using tea tree oil to deliver a conditioner formulated for everything from normal to oily hair. It even tingles as it works for a super-refreshing feel we appreciate it. Menthol and witch hazel add to the effective formula, and the peppermint and cedarwood scent lives up to its invigorating name.

Best for Normal Hair: Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Conditioner

Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Conditioner

If you’ve read our Dr. Squatch review here at The Guy’s List, just know that we’re big fans of this high-quality grooming brand. They’ve got a flair for what guys want and need, including a range of signature, incredible scents and top-notch products like bar soap made for rich lather and cleanliness. The same goes for this Fresh Falls Conditioner, made to deliver a soft finish right down to the follicle. The scent is as high-quality as ever, and the natural formula is also a winner in our book.

Best-Smelling Conditioner: AESOP Conditioner

AESOP Conditioner

Perhaps you’ve come across luxury items like AESOP soap at that trendy new restaurant or speakeasy bathroom, or in fine menswear boutiques across the country. The company has a refined aesthetic all its own, one that also carries over to its scents and its high-performing, luxe grooming lineup. Notes of bergamot and cedar give this conditioner its deep fragrance, not unlike one of the best colognes on the market. It’s all the better that the rich lather delivers a creamy finish to start (or end) your day on a high note with a premium addition to your shower routine.

Best Luxury Conditioner: Patricks CD1 Stimulating and Thickening Conditioner

Patricks CD1 Conditioner

We’re willing to bet you haven’t quite tried a premium conditioner until you’ve tried Patricks. In fact, make that an ultra-premium, luxury conditioner that delivers unparalleled quality. Its formulas are backed by science and intensive research. Then, that product is carefully packaged in some of the most futuristic men’s grooming delivery methods we’ve seen out there. Better still is the fact that this formula stimulates and regrows hair as needed, all the while delivering an exceptional overall experience.

Men’s Conditioner FAQ’s

Is conditioner worth it for men?

In our book, conditioner is absolutely worth it for men. The best conditioners strengthen and nourish hair and scalp, making it easier to look and feel your best – and to style your hair more easily, at that.

Whose conditioner is best?

Old Spice Gentleman’s Blend conditioner is the best on the market. With a highly affordable price, a rich lavender and mint scent and a smooth, softening, refreshing lather, it hits the mark in every way for a high-quality conditioner.

How do I choose conditioner for my hair men?

Choosing a conditioner for your hair as a man comes down to your hair type and desired results. Some conditioners work better for dry hair, some target dandruff, some work best for oily hair and many are made for normal hair. Find your hair type (perhaps with professional insight from your barber), and then choose the conditioner that works for you. 

Is it OK to conditioner every day?

Using conditioner every day is OK for men, as the best conditioners condition, strengthen and nourish your hair. This differs from shampoo, which should be used less frequently than conditioner. 

Do you put conditioner or shampoo first?

Shampoo should be used first to cleanse and clean the hair, and conditioner should then be used after to soften, soothe and strengthen the hair. Many of our favorite grooming brands make excellent shampoo, as well as the best conditioner for men.

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