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There are few brands in the vast universe of men’s grooming that meet a specific need quite like Duke Cannon. Sure, plenty of brands cover your grooming approach from A-to-Z, but few do it making excellent men’s grooming products right here in the United States. Far fewer do it while supporting military veterans, and that goes for testing its products as well as donating to causes supporting vets. 

That’s just the tip of the grooming iceberg, so to speak, with Duke Cannon. The brand uses the full spectrum of rich, masculine and old-school scents, then delivers its products in throwback-minded metal tins and oversized packaging, so you never have to worry about running out of body wash or soap (to name but two essentials). Best of all, the brand knows how to make grooming fun, not boring, and its products are long-lasting and cleanly crafted. Take a dive into our Duke Cannon review to learn more.

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Duke Cannon
5 Star Rating
Summary: Duke Cannon makes old-school men’s grooming products from rich, masculine scents, delivered in throwback packaging with plenty of fun.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Duke Cannon?

What is Duke Cannon Hero

Duke Cannon is a modern pioneer in the men’s grooming space – the Minnesota-based brand takes a no-nonsense, hard-working approach across the board. The company, which makes all its grooming goods in the United States, covers a bit of everything in the grooming category, from haircare to beard care, excellent solid cologne and rich body wash. 

They’re also known for fun yet effective products like its Big Ass Brick of Soap, hand creams, face lotion and solid colognes. All of these products fit a certain theme (often inspired by – and tested by – the military), and you’ll find colorful, stylish and masculine packaging throughout. Duke Cannon doesn’t cut corners, and our Duke Cannon review will tell you why.

Duke Product Reviews

Duke Cannon Deodorant Review

Deodorant wasn’t the first product launched by Duke Cannon, but it’s among the more effective by the brand. The company made its deodorants with hard-working fellas in mind (as with its Anti-Perspirant), and also went above and beyond (its Dry Ice Deodorant is wildly effective). Get on your way to smelling great ASAP. 

Duke Cannon Anti-Perspirant Review

Duke Cannon Anti-Persipirant

Duke Cannon knows that nothing less than the best will do, especially when it comes to taking care of your pits. Its anti-perspirant (available in five distinctive scents) is both bold and effective, using aloe for a soft finish and activated charcoal to fight odor. It’s also specially formulated to the highest levels of odor and wetness protection, which is an outstanding feature. 

Duke Cannon Aluminium Free Deodorant Review

Duke Cannon Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Duke Cannon takes an uncanny approach to men’s grooming. Just like its anti-perspirant, this deodorant uses ingredients like aloe for a smooth-to-the-touch finish and activated charcoal for odor control. But they’ve stripped away harmful aluminum for a natural result. Plus, its iconic scent offerings will have you smelling great from day-to-night (at least, that’s what we think in this Duke Cannon review). 

Duke Cannon Dry Ice Review

Duke Cannon Dry Ice

Sometimes, guys need more protection in heated-up situations than others. Duke Cannon’s Dry Ice goes the extra mile, with results you can certainly feel. They describe it as a “sustained cooling effect,” with the highest-possible levels of odor and wetness defense. The fact that it uses a sharp, pleasing Bergamot-based scent is a huge bonus, too. 

Duke Cannon Soap Review

Duke Cannon THICK Body Wash Review

Duke Cannon THICK Body Wash

Is there a better body wash on the market than Duke Cannon’s THICK Body Wash? Seriously, in our time at The Guy’s List, we can think of nothing better than a rich, high-viscosity body wash (to use Duke Cannon’s phrase). This body wash delivers an intense, deep-cleaning lather with a scent that sticks with you. And the fact that Duke Cannon’s scents are some of the best in the business is a major win in our book, too. 

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick Of Soap Review

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

Duke Cannon has made a name for itself in several different essential men’s grooming categories, including its body wash and certainly, this cleverly named bar of soap. It’s modeled after soap used by the military in locations far afield, delivered in large bricks for a long-lasting impact. And the soap itself works into an excellent, cleansing lather that’s not too harsh on the skin. It also smells wonderful in any of the brand’s wide array of scents. 

Duke Cannon Tactical Scrubber Review

Duke Cannon Tactical Scrubber

That loofah or washcloth you’ve been using just isn’t quite up to snuff, is it? Duke Cannon once again goes the extra mile with a sturdy yet soft, easy to use tactical scrubber for that trademark deep-clean feeling you crave. It’s also made with mil-spec paracord as part of the “soap-on-a-rope” bundle, a unique approach you won’t find anywhere else. It redefines your shower time in a way that’s long-lasting and remarkably well-done. 

Duke Cannon Hand SoapReview

Duke Cannon Liquid Hand Soap

Every guy needs clean hands, especially during (or after) a long day on the job. Like the rest of its line of soaps, this hand soap delivers a rich, penetrating lather for the ultimate clean feeling for your hands. It also comes in crisp scents, and the World War II-era packaging is a fun touch all guys can appreciate. Consider it a small but necessary touch to round out your sink. 

Duke Cannon Hair Care Products Review

For its line of hair care products, Duke Cannon drew inspiration from the past – the kind of hair products used by those with a great head of hair, with long-lasting holds and with cleanliness also top of mind. They now outfit your grooming routine with the essential (like a richly lathered shampoo) to the nice-to-have, like a well-made pomade. Great hair is just around the corner. 

Duke Cannon Shampoo Review

Duke Cannon Shampoo

Just like its body wash and bar soap, Duke Cannon’s shampoo isn’t to be trifled with, in the best way possible. It delivers a deep clean and gets right down to the follicle, with a formula made to deliver volume and thick hair. It comes in an oversized bottle, and will deliver refreshing hydration, too. Plus, charcoal promotes a healthy scalp and skin. 

Duke Cannon Conditioner Review

Duke Cannon Conditioner

Duke Cannon’s conditioner is the ideal one-two punch alongside its excellent shampoo. It focuses on largely the same formula, designed to deliver thick, healthy hair with volume and shine. The use of menthol and wild mint is particularly refreshing and energizing for your scalp. And it also comes in an effective, no-slip large bottle that’s easy to use during your shower session. 

Duke Cannon Shampoo Puck Review

Duke Cannon Shampoo Puck

Want an easier, more effective way to apply shampoo? Duke Cannon has dreamed up and produced precisely that solution with its innovative Shampoo Puck. It’s a solid, super-concentrated shampoo bar in a light but effective weight, the kind that’s easy to pack up and take with you on the go. It also uses essential oils and natural fragrances for a distinctly Duke Cannon finish. 

Duke Cannon Forming Cream Review

Duke Cannon News Anchor Forming Cream

Ever notice how news anchors tend to have outstanding hair? This forming cream is a fun nod to that notion, designed to uplift your hair and give it volume and texture. The matte finish is a nice touch, as is the strong hold. This should prove perfect for more classic hairstyles, like a side part or pompadour. However, any guy looking for a boost in terms of hairstyling should opt for this one from Duke Cannon. 

Duke Cannon Pomade Review

Duke Cannon News Anchor Pomade

While Duke Cannon’s Forming Cream delivers a matte finish, Duke Cannon’s Pomade is designed for a natural finish. It’s a nice change of pace for the modern man who wants a hairstyle with less shine. And yet, you’re still getting the same clean, classic strong hold from Duke Cannon’s hair care line. It’s also designed to strengthen and repair, yet another thing we’ve found we love in our Duke Cannon review. 

Duke Cannon Fiber Pomade Review

Duke Cannon Fiber Pomade

If you’ve been searching for more texture in your hairstyle, then this Fiber Pomade could be just the ticket. It amps up the hold from the brand’s Forming Cream and standard Pomade. It also thickens the hair and delivers fullness, to go along with standout texture. All the while, the matte finish delivers a clean, streamlined look to your hairstyle of choice. 

Duke Cannon Hurricane Hold Pomade Review

Duke Cannon Hurricane Hold Pomade

It might be tough to see how a pomade can deliver a much stronger hold than, say, Duke Cannon’s Fiber Pomade, but that’s where the Hurricane Hold Pomade comes into play. It’s made with maximum hold for situations where your hairstyle needs to last and last. Yet, the brand says it leaves a matte finish, a nice design detail when you don’t want your hair to look too overdone. 

Duke Cannon Serious Flow Styling Putty Review

Duke Cannon Serious Flow Mane Tamer

Why should guys with shorter hair have all the fun? Duke Cannon’s Serious Flow Styling Putty is made for guys with a longer mane. Described as a lightweight “mane tamer,” it delivers a matte finish and a flexible hold to control flyaways and unruly hair. It’s also non-greasy, and priced for the same amount as other Duke Cannon hair styling products. 

Duke Cannon Thickening Tonic Review

Duke Cannon Thickening Tonic

Every so often, your hair needs a shot of volume without a full-on pomade (and without a ton of product used). For a dash of volume and shine, opt for this throwback tonic. It’s modeled after the kind you’d find at old-time barbershops, and delivers refreshment, hydration and a thickening appearance. It’s tougher to find at Duke Cannon these days, so we say you should stock up elsewhere.

Duke Cannon Face Care Products Review

Duke Cannon’s focus on face care springs from pure functionality. The brand makes top-notch face care goods for guys who need it the most, especially in harsh conditions, cold and windy job sites and military bases. Of course, the brand’s outstanding face lotion (and more) can come in handy wherever you’re based. We certainly approve of what the brand is doing in our Duke Cannon review. 

Duke Cannon Face Wash Review

Duke Cannon Standard Issue Face Wash

A great day (or a great end to the day) starts with a refreshing sense of clean, does it not? Duke Cannon knows this, hence its extremely well-made face wash. It cleans skin and clears up your complexion, gently exfoliating while delivering hydration. It’s a tricky balance to strike, and Duke Cannon does this all while using a vibrant scent and cool packaging. 

Duke Cannon SPF Face Lotion Review

Duke Cannon Face Lotion

Duke Cannon designed its face lotion to its job (and then some) in a fitting way: “Every Damn Day.” They stand by that promise, delivering essential hydration with a few other bells and whistles thrown in. We love the fact that it features SPF for added protection. It’s also richly hydrating and nourishing for the ultimate in utility. 

Duke Cannon Offensively Large Lip Balm Review

Duke Cannon Lip Balm

Some lip balms just don’t quite cut it. That three-pack you picked up in the pharmacy checkout line has nothing on this oversized lip protectant. The size itself is impressive, but the use of SPF 15 is military-tested and approved. Plus, its fresh mint scent is appealing and refreshing. This is one lip balm you’ll restock again and again. 

Duke Cannon Beard Products Review

It should come as no surprise that Duke Cannon takes your beard care seriously. The brand draws lots of inspiration from the rugged wilds of its home state of Minnesota, land of more than a few beards. These products have a throwback look in terms of their amber bottles and metal tin designs, but serious modern quality throughout. This Duke Cannon review is an A-plus, thumbs-up look at Duke Cannon’s high-quality beard goods. 

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Wash Review

Best Damn Beard Wash

When Duke Cannon calls something the “Best Damn” product on the market, they tend to back up that claim. That’s our take after using this beard wash, at least. It’s made with plant-based ingredients for a natural feel and finish, but it delivers an intense lather and deep clean. The scent is light and fresh as well, and it’s got an all-day sort of softening impact. 

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Oil Review

Best Damn Beard Oil

Now that your beard is clean and fresh, it’s best to really deepen that sense of hydration with a long-lasting beard oil. Yet again, we’re inclined to say Duke Cannon makes some of the very best beard oil on the market. This richly crafted beard oil delivers every step of the way, including its inclusion of Vitamin E and natural antioxidants. It also smells great, which is no small bonus in our book, either. 

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Balm Review

Best Damn Beard Balm

Taming an unruly mane, or adding moisture to a shorter beard, just got even easier. This beard balm comes in a bold, eye-catching tin, but it’s the product within we’re really loving. Cocoa butter is but one ingredient to deliver rich hydration. The balm also delivers a firm hold for added styling potential. 

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Amplifier Review

Best Damn Beard Amplifier

Even the best beards need added assistance from time to time. While beard balm and beard oil are essential for any mane of any length, the Duke Cannon Beard Amplifier goes the extra mile (of course). It’s a beard cream designed to deliver a non-greasy finish and hold, and another source of hydration for your mane. It’s also lightweight, so as not to weigh your beard down. 

Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Balm Review

Big Bourbon Beard Balm

Bourbon and beards just tend to go together, right? It’s a natural pairing, as natural as flannel shirts and leather boots (and again, beards). And Duke Cannon even infused this incredible beard balm with famed Buffalo Trace whiskey. The scent matches up to the rich, hydrating quality, too. 

Duke Cannon Big Bourbon Beard Oil Review

Big Bourbon Beard Oil

Aroma is as important in a bourbon as anything – and that goes for your beard oil, too. This deeply moisturizing beard oil uses a touch of real Buffalo Trace, like its beard balm brethren, for a woodsy and rich scent. It also adds shine and luster to your beard. Plus, hydration right down to the follicle is also part of the formula.

Duke Cannon Great American Beard Balm Review

Great American Beard Balm

There’s not much more American than a Budweiser, right? Duke Cannon took that ethos and turned it into another excellent beard balm in a patriotic tin. Malt and hops are worked into the formula, resulting in strengthening protein for a strong hold. It also comes with ingredients like cocoa butter for added softness. 

Duke Cannon Great American Beard Oil Review

Great American Beard Oil by Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon’s already-outstanding beard oil gets another lift in the form of “Bud Heavy” itself. This one features a cedarwood fragrance in addition to a touch of Budweiser. And yes, Duke Cannon notes that beer is “good for hair,” complete with ingredients that strengthen and reinforce. This one also comes in the brand’s signature, stylish amber bottle. 

Duke Cannon Shaving Cream Review

Superior Grade Shaving Cream

Even the biggest beard lovers out there need to go clean-shaven every once in a while. And even if you’re more inclined to stubble to start, a smooth shave is of the essence. Duke Cannon calls its shaving cream “superior grade,” and that’s another winner in our book. Aloe vera delivers relief, shea butter delivers hydration and the entire package is nothing but the best of the best from Duke Cannon. 

Duke Cannon Cooling After-Shave Balm Review

Cooling Aftershave

Although we don’t anticipate you having any problems with your Duke Cannon-approved shave, aftershave is still a must-have for any modern man. This aftershave in particular promises an “ice-cold” finish and instant relief. It should also reduce redness and pesky aftershave bumps. Menthol is also a key cooling ingredient that gets our seal of approval. 

Duke Cannon Solid CologneReview

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon’s Solid Cologne is the stuff of legend, at least in our book. It’s a long-lasting scent that delivers plenty of concentrated power. The compact tin is also TSA-approved, and beyond that, this particular option shown here has the rich scent of bourbon built right in. It’s the sort of solid cologne we recommend using nearly every day. 

Duke Cannon Liquid Cologne Review

Duke Cannon Liquid Cologne

Fans certainly couldn’t get enough of Duke Cannon’s Solid Cologne over the years, so it only made sense for the brand to introduce an excellent liquid cologne. This spray cologne comes in a range of elegant scents, including the lightly citrus and woodsy notes of the Prescott shown here. The apothecary-style bottle is a nice addition to your bathroom – and your grooming routine in general is rounded out nicely by this scent. 

Duke Cannon Customer Service Review

If there’s one thing Duke Cannon takes as seriously as researching and developing the top scents and products on the market, it’s customer service. The team is quickly reachable via E-mail to resolve order concerns and disputes, but they’re also responsive via social channels. They’ve even drawn up an entire FAQs section complete with useful articles – that’s something other brands might skimp on. 

The brand is also highly in tune with its customers on social media, right down to the comments of its fun and engaging posts. As far as our Duke Cannon review is concerned, that’s an underrated aspect of any brand. Plus, the company takes customer feedback seriously, often incorporating customer notes on scents and products into its development in general. You can’t go wrong when ordering from Duke Cannon, it seems.

Duke Cannon Customer Testimonials

Duke Cannon customers certainly have a lot to say, but that’s not a bad thing. The brand’s reviews, be it for its solid cologne or its Big Ass Brick of Soap, are overwhelmingly positive – Duke Cannon products are put through their paces in the wild, and that’s not a bad thing. The brand also is much-loved for its distinctive scents and stylish packaging, two things we also appreciate. 

Duke Cannon Customer Testimonial 1

image2Duke Cannon Customer Testimonial 2 image2Duke Cannon Customer Testimonial 3 Duke Cannon Customer Testimonial 4

Duke Cannon Pricing and Value

Shop Duke Cannon and you’ll tend to discover a few things quickly. Yes, the brand’s scents are incredible, its products deliver deep cleaning, hydration and a rich lather, but each item is also fairly priced – very fairly priced. Most of its beard care and hair care products retail for under $20, with its solid and liquid colognes proving slightly pricier. Beyond that, it offers excellent savings via bundles, which are ideal for restocking and for gift-giving. It also pays to subscribe and save with Duke Cannon, but the brand’s value is outstanding.

And of course, Duke Cannon products are delivered in sizes much larger than other brands, which only adds to the value. Our Duke Cannon review finds that the brand is next-level in terms of value, quality, and reliability.

Duke Cannon Shipping & Delivery Review

As far as Duke Cannon shipping is concerned, the brand is certainly competitive compared to other similar grooming outfits. Duke Cannon offers free shipping on orders of more than $50, and $8.99 flat-rate shipping on orders up to that level. There are also other expedited options available for a cost, but if you can wait a few extra days for your grooming goods, the deal is almost too good to pass up. 

Helpfully, Duke Cannon also looks to ship with efficiency in mind, processing orders within or up to 3 business days. It’s not a bad approach all the way across the board.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duke Cannon

What does Duke Cannon make?

Duke Cannon makes a range of high-quality men’s grooming products, from large brick soap to beard balm, solid cologne and skincare products.

Is Duke Cannon American made?

Duke Cannon grooming products are made in America, and it doesn’t look like that’ll change any time soon.

Who Owns Duke Cannon?

As of 2020, Duke Cannon is now owned by MPP DC Acquisition, LLC, an affiliate of Main Post Partners.

How to use Duke Cannon beard oil?

Using Duke Cannon beard oil is simple, for effective results. Using the beard oil bottle, disperse Duke Cannon beard oil across the tips of your fingers. Apply it to your beard, working from the root to the tip, dispersed evenly across the width and length of your facial hair.

Is Duke Cannon soap natural?

Duke Cannon soap uses large amounts of all-natural ingredients, but they do use a few additional synthetic ingredients to complete its Big Ass Brick of Soap.

Where is Duke Cannon sold?

Duke Cannon is sold online through its Web site, as well as major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s. You can also find Duke Cannon in some select men’s boutiques online and in store.

Is Duke Cannon a real person?

Unfortunately, Duke Cannon isn’t a real person! But his rugged ethos, work ethic and passion for quality skincare is certainly something many Duke Cannon fans can appreciate.

Duke Cannon vs. Competitors

Duke Cannon vs. Dr.Squatch

There’s a bit of an arms race in the men’s grooming world to meet the demands of guys who love a rugged aesthetic and functional, no-nonsense products. Dr. Squatch occupies much the same space as Duke Cannon, with a focus on flagship products like thick bars of soap made with all-natural ingredients. 

Our Dr. Squatch review found that the brand also focuses similarly on distinctive, rich and masculine scents, while also infusing items like its bar soap with exfoliating natural ingredients like oatmeal. Both brands are similarly priced, and both ultimately target a consumer who needs serious skincare for a life filled with adventurous pursuits.

Duke Cannon vs. Harry’s

Harry’s is another brand focused on razor-sharp grooming for the modern man – literally, in this case. Harry’s was founded with a focus on men’s shaving, which differs from Duke Cannon. The brand also uses more minimal, modern designs in its packaging and even in its fresh, clean scents. And while the brand also focuses on skincare and other parts of a man’s grooming routine, our Harry’s review found that the brand is still largely focused on shaving, unlike Duke Cannon. 

Overall Impression of Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a brand focused on bringing old-school grooming into the modern era – its products might be delivered in throwback apothecary bottles and metal tins, but the ingredients within are modern and highly effective. The brand covers a wide swath of men’s grooming needs, like beard care and body scents, plus facial care. Its packaging and designs are cheeky and rugged (especially its line of Holiday products), and its prices and value stand up to most other grooming brands. They could be the modern, masculine grooming update you need. 

Conclusion, Is Duke Cannon Worth Buying?

If you ask us here at The Guy’s List, Duke Cannon is a men’s grooming brand worth buying. While the company has yet to expand into shaving products like razors, they tackle just about everything a guy could need (including aftershave and shaving cream). Its products are richly scented and made to last, and items like its Big Ass Brick of Soap deliver outstanding value in fun fragrances. Its Solid Cologne is some of the best on the market, while its THICK Body Wash is also of excellent quality and value. 

The rest of its line, including its pomades, provides strong holds and texture. The company delivers stellar value via bundles, but many of items are more than fairly priced for the quantity you’re receiving. Plus, the brand knows how to have fun, engage with customers online and deliver quality customer service, shipping and pricing. For a ton of bang for your buck, with quality built right in, shop Duke Cannon men’s grooming wares. 

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