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Gentlemen, if you are on this article then congratulations, you are making the first step in the right direction. No longer are the days of bare walls, dirty bathrooms, and boring furniture. If you are hosting friends or bringing a date to your place for the first time you need to have the right look to wow your audience. So by at least starting to do the research you are making the right move as many men simply neglect their home setting. A bachelor pad should show your personality and you want to make sure your place is saying the right things about who you are. Elegant, sophisticated, clean are the things that should come to mind. So, again, congrats on making the first step in the right direction. Now it’s time to pony up the cash and spend the time to get your place looking right!

Our Favorites

Coffee and Espresso Maker for bachelor pad

DeLonghi Coffee & Espresso Maker

  • Dual function
  • Quality manufacturer 
  • Affordable
Chicago iCanvas Bachelor Pad art

iCanvas Wall Art

  • Clean
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
Aura Digital Picture frame - best bachelor pad wall art

Carver Luxe Digital Frame

  • Easy to use
  • Clean display
  • Showcase all of life’s favorite moments

Best Wall Art for A Bachelor Pad

iCanvas Chicago Bachelor Pad Wall art

iCanvas Wall Art

A classic piece for every bachelor pad is a city map. If you live in the city this is a cool way to showcase your city pride and also have a clean aesthetic that people like. It’s also a fun piece to look at for yourself. If you are new to the city, studying the map can (hopefully) help you get around without a phone which makes you that much more local and cool.

Grand Teton Mountains Bachelor pad wall art

The Gorgeous Grand Tetons Wall Art

Sticking with the black-and-white vibe there is nothing like bringing the great outdoors into your living space. If you haven’t been to Jackson, Wyoming then this one might not be for you. But, for those who have experienced the beauty of the Grand Teton mountain range, this will take you back there and have you planning your next trip.

Aura Digital Picture frame - best bachelor pad wall art

Carver Luxe Digital Picture Frame by Aura

It’s always so hard to pick one or a handful of pictures to hang up. You don’t want to exclude certain friends, family, or big moments. Well, now you don’t have to with the Aura Digital Frame. This frame lets you instantly upload hundreds of photos that can be displayed on one frame. All you have to do is download the app, connect to wifi, and you’re ready to upload photos. 

Bachelor Pad Living Room Essentials

Decker bachelor pad round coffee table marbled black

Decker Round Coffee Table from Room & Board

The coffee table is the centerpiece of social life in the living room. This is an area you don’t want to cut short on. This black marble round coffee table will be a hit with your guests. It’s elegant, and sleek and has plenty of space for a candle, coasters, and more!

Black Genuine Leather Bachelor Pad Sectional couch

Black Leather Sectional Couch

You can’t have a bachelor pad without a genuine leather sofa. This one is not too expensive given the size and design. Black is the perfect color for a bachelor pad because it is bold but neutral. Men don’t always do a great job at matching so by sticking with black it’s easy to make other decor fit in with what is likely one of the largest pieces of furniture you will have in your living room.

Samsung QLED TV for bachelor pad

Samsung – 85″ Class Q70A Series QLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV

Whether you’re watching football on Sunday with the boys or cozying up with a lady friend watching Netflix on Saturday night, having a big TV is an absolute must for a bachelor pad. Not only do you need a big TV, but you need a smart TV. Having a smart TV is clutch because you don’t need a Roku or Apple TV which limits cables and helps to keep the clean aesthetic. This Samsung 85” smart TV is an excellent combination of size, premium resolution, and great functionality that will make your pad everyone’s favorite viewing station.

Best Kitchen Decor for Men’s Bachelor Pad

Umbra dish soap dispenser for men

Umbra Joey, Matte Ceramic Liquid Soap Dispenser with Sponge Caddy

The little details go a long way when it comes to bachelor pad decor. Something as simple as having a dirty sponge sitting on the counter next to a bottle of Dawn can discredit all of the great work you’ve put into designing your pad. Make sure you’re doing the dishes in style with this handy and sleek dish soap dispenser and sponge holder.

Matte Black Kitchen Paper Towel Stand

Matte Black Kitchen Paper Towel Stand

Another everyday use item you don’t want to overlook is the paper towel holder. It gets a ton of use and is always present so make sure you have one that matches the quality of the rest of your pad. I think this matte black paper towel holder will be a great addition to any men’s kitchen. You can get it on Amazon for around twenty bucks but it doesn’t look or feel cheap which is ideal.

Coffee and Espresso Maker for bachelor pad

DeLonghi Coffee & Espresso Maker

Having a legit espresso maker is definitely a power move in the kitchen. An espresso maker is the ultimate sign of sophistication. There are a lot of super high-end premium espresso machines out there but I think this one is a great versatile option as you can still use it to brew a pot of coffee and can even make cappuccinos with it. This is convenient as you won’t need multiple machines so you can still keep your shelf and storage space clutter-free while still having a plethora of java options. Plus the price point here is really good.

Best Rugs for Bachelor Pad


SAFAVIEH Craft Clytie Modern Abstract Marble Pattern Rug

This rug is a real beauty. Goes great for a bachelor pad as it can contract with black, white, or grey furniture. Gives the room a nice pattern yet is still relatively subtle. The price for a 10 x 14 is pretty reasonable too.

Dark Gray Broken Lattice area rug for bachelor pad

Dark Gray Broken Lattice Area Rug for Bachelor Pad

This dark gray rug is another great living room option. It’s a neutral color that will match many different shades of furniture making it a universal piece. It has just enough pattern to make it feel artistic without being the staple piece in the room. If you have a couch or other piece of furniture acting as the focal point this rug is a solid option. It also comes in many different sizes if you wanted to have your hallway runners match your living room rug.

Restoration Mara Rug Washed Black

Washed Black Mara Rug

If you’re looking for a more high-end area rug then the Mara Rug is an excellent option. This is a hand-woven rug that is made with 93% viscose which will provide a very soft and silky feel making it much more comfortable barefoot than some of the less expensive ruga. The price tag is definitely pretty high on this one but if you aren’t planning on throwing any crazy parties or anything and want a really quality rug that will impress your guests it’s worth the investment.

Best Candles for Bachelor Pad

tobacco + vanilla candle for bachelor pad

Tobacco + Vanilla Candle from Gold + Ivy

Tobacco is a very masculine scent that is sure to give your bachelor pad the right aroma to match your decor. If your pad is decorated with bold, dark colors, and leather this scent will align well. The touch of vanilla pairs a sweetness to the tobacco that creates a rich and comforting fragrance. This candle is perfect for pretty much any room in a bachelor pad.

Mahogany Teakwood White Barn candle for bachelor pads

Mahogany Teakwood White Barn Candle

Mahogany teakwood is another warm and welcoming scent that is perfect for men. The woody tones provide for a masculine touch but it isn’t overpowering or too strong. This particular mahogany teakwood candle is great because it has 3 wicks and a wide base which will fill the room with this scent quickly.

Sandalwood Scented Candle by Huron

Sandalwood Scented Candle by Huron

I am a big fan of the Sandalwood + Black Pepper candle from Huron. Sandalwood is a very popular men’s fragrance and has a really sophisticated aroma that some describe as warm and creamy. The combination of the smooth sandalwood and the spicy yet subtle black pepper that is used by Huron really works well for a men’s fragrance. This candle is perfect for any men’s bedroom or office space.

Best Bed Sheets for Men

Graphite Bed Sheets for men by brooklinen

Luxe Core Sheet Set by brooklinen

A good majority of your life is spent in bed so it’s important not to short yourself with your sheet selection. The Luxe Core Sheet Set by brooklinen is a solid, affordable set of sheets that will be great for most bedroom sets. It comes with a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a flat sheet. You’ll probably want to add at least two more pillowcases to the set so you have enough for all of your pillows. I really like the graphite color here as I think it provides a bold, masculine look for a men’s bedroom.

Cozy Earth Comforter for bachelor pad

Silk Comforter by Cozy Earth

Guys…again…do not go cheap on your bedding. High-quality sleep is critical for you to have the energy you need to be a boss in all aspects of your life. Make sure you have a luxury comforter that is truly providing superior comfort and allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. I highly recommend investing in a premium comforter like this one from Cozy Earth. It has a silk filling and is incredibly soft to the touch. It’s also very breathable which makes it versatile for all seasons. Yes, it’s a little pricier than others out there but again guys this is an investment that is worth making.

Honeycomb men_s cotton duvet cover for bachelor pad

Honeycomb Cotton Duvet Cover

Guys, if you get yourself a duvet cover like this one then you truly are a proper gentleman. A duvet cover is an absolute necessity purely in that it’s needed to make sure your comforter stays clean. Washing your sheets regularly is a must. Clean sheets indicate a clean and well-put-together gentleman. But comforters and duvets can be quite challenging to wash so get yourself a duvet cover like this to make the process a breeze. By purchasing a duvet cover like this you are also showing that you are sophisticated and care about tidiness. Tell her you got it at Pottery Barn and it’s game over fellas.

Best Bath Towels for Men

Cozy Earth Waffle Towels for men

Waffle Towels by Cozy Earth

When equipping your bachelor pad you can’t forget about the bathroom. Subtle things like towel selection get noticed by visitors. Make sure you showcase your elegance by choosing quality towels like these waffle towels from Cozy Earth. Not only do they show you care about the little things but you’ll also enjoy your morning routine that much more when you’re drying off with the most comfortable towels available.

Terry Waffle Towels for men

Terry Waffle Towels by Pottery Barn

These Terry Waffle towels are a very solid choice for any men’s bathroom. These are more affordable than the Cozy Earth set but still give you all the same credit in terms of quality selection and sophistication. If the Cozy Earth set is too much for you then these towels are your next best option.

Super-Plush Towel Move-In Bundle for men

Super-Plush Towel Move-In Bundle by Brooklinen

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get premium towels quickly then the move-in bundle by brooklinen is a fantastic choice. For around $250 you can get 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, 4 washcloths, and a bath mat all at once. This is for their super plush set too which is spa-level ultra soft Turkish cotton. They also have a Marled Black color which isn’t shown here but is a very nice colorway for a bachelor pad bathroom.

Best Floor Mirrors for Men

Berke Handcrafted Mirror Collection for men's bachelor pad

Berke Handcrafted Mirror

A quality floor mirror is a great statement piece for a bachelor pad. Floor mirrors are great for the bedroom but can also fit nicely in a living room or front hallway. The floor mirror is a very functional item as it allows you and your guests to check your entire outfit before going out. Having a nice floor mirror allows you to make sure the shoes, belt, and jacket are all matching well. The Berke mirror from Pottery Barn is the perfect combo of great size and simple, classic design.

Metal Frame Floor Mirror for men

Metal Frame Floor Mirror from West Elm

This floor mirror from West Elm is a slightly more affordable option. It features a minimalist design with a dark bronze finish. At 6 feet tall this mirror is large enough to allow you to see your entire outfit. It also can be stood up or hung up on your wall which is a nice feature.

Oakleaf Rectangle LED Metal Mirror for men

Oakleaf Rectangle LED Metal Mirror

LED floor mirrors are becoming increasingly popular. The addition of the LED light built into the mirror is very nice if you have the mirror in your bedroom and need additional lighting. For around $160 this is a great bedroom floor mirror option for your bachelor pad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bachelor Pad Decor

What is a Bachelor Pad?

Technically any home that is occupied by a bachelor, or single guy, can be considered a bachelor pad. When most people think of a bachelor pad they think of a really cool and aesthetically pleasing place where a sophisticated and successful man lives. Oftentimes, you think of a somewhat dim yet modern environment. Leather, tobacco, and sandalwood are scents that come to mind when thinking of a bachelor pad. I always think of a cigar lounge when I think of how a bachelor pad is decorated.

Where did the term bachelor pad come from?

The term bachelor pad is believed to have been coined sometime around the 1950s. As home dynamics began to change in this era it became more acceptable for young men to be single for a period of time in their early 20s. These unmarried young bachelors would move out on their own to small “pads” hence the term bachelor pad.

How to decorate a bachelor pad on a budget?

Just because you’re not making a killing right now doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweet bachelor pad, you simply may need to make some compromises. It’s hard to say exactly how to plan without knowing your total budget but generally speaking, I would spend less on the big-ticket items and more on the lower-priced items. Sometimes people pay attention to the little things more so than the big things so this approach will allow you to have more nice things across multiple categories. For example, rather than spending $5k on television maybe you settle for an $800 television but rather than buying the $25 dollar Amazon towel set you get a premium set of towels for $250. Ultimately, you’ll have to figure out which things are most important to you when making compromises but remember that the little things like towels, soap dispensers, and candles go far when it comes to how your pad is perceived.

What are the biggest bachelor pad must haves?

I think every bachelor pad absolutely must have 3 main elements: comfort, personality, and cleanliness. Everything from your furniture to your seating to even your bedding and towels should be extremely comfortable. Your personality should show through your artwork and other decor selections. Finally, the place must be extremely clean. You can have the nicest furniture and decor but if the place is a mess or out of order then you will still be viewed as a slob.

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