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If you’ve been looking for a quality pair of men’s jeans then odds are you may have come across Mott & Bow. And because you made it here I can only assume you’re looking to buy a thing or two from the Mott & Bow team. Well, good thing for you, I’ve already done this so I can give you the inside scoop about everything you’d want to know before buying from Mott & Bow and that is exactly what i plan to do in this review. So stick around and check out my full review or use the jump links below to find exxaclty the information you need about all things Mott & Bow.

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Mott & Bow
4.5 Star Rating
Summary: Mott & Bow makes quality men’s classics at a very reasonable price point.
  • Style: 4.5 stars
  • Comfort: 4.5 stars
  • Value: 4.5 stars

What is Mott & Bow?

What is Mott & Bow featured image?

Mott & Bow is a New York-based brand that makes a variety of both men’s and women’s elevated basics. While they currently sell everything from t-shirts, polos, sweaters, underwear, chinos, and joggers; the brand originated as a jeans brand. This is primarily due to the roots of the founder, Alejandro Chahin, whose family has been in the denim business for over 30 years.

Mott & Bow owns their manufacturing facility so they can ensure that they deliver great quality apparel at reasonable prices. Over the years, they have perfected their craft through trial and error and have mastered the art of denim science.

Hey Dude began with a simple enough idea: Make an easy-to-wear sneaker that can be dressed up or dressed down, and do it using eco-friendly materials at low prices. Thus, Hey Dude was started – in Italy in 2008 by Alessandro Rosano, and you might say the rest is history. The brand began with just one style, its signature Wally, and quickly picked up steam, selling millions of pairs less than five years later. 

In 2022, the brand was acquired by footwear giant Crocs, another brand obsessed with quality, comfortable footwear. And even over the past year, it seems Hey Dude men’s shoes have only grown more popular.

Mott & Bow Product Reviews

As mentioned previously, Mott & Bow doesn’t just make jeans anymore. Their product line has expanded to many different everyday essential items like tees, chinos, polos, sweaters, and more. I own at least one item from pretty much every category so check out my thoughts on each below.

Mott & Bow Jeans Review

Slim Oliver Jeans Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Slim Oliver Jeans by Mott & Bow

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Slim Oliver Jeans by Mott & Bow

The first pair of jeans I scooped up from Mott & Bow was the Slim Oliver Jeans in the dark blue colorway. I am six feet tall and weigh between 180-185 pounds with a bit of an athletic build. Typically, 32×32 is a good fit for me so that’s what I went with here. As you can see in the picture above they fit pretty well from a length perspective and I feel the waist is a very nice fit as well for me. Overall, these are a pretty solid pair of classic denim jeans. They are pretty versatile and can work well with many different outfits. For $99 this is a great deal for a quality pair of cotton jeans.

Slim Broome Stretch Jeans Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Slim Broome Jeans from Mott & Bow

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Slim Broome Jeans from Mott & Bow

The next pair of jeans I tried from Mott & Bow was the Slim Broome Jeans. These are quite similar to the Oliver jeans but the biggest difference is they have a lot more stretch. I love stretch-fit jeans and I would most definitely put these in that category. With 6% polyester and 3% elastane, these jeans are incredibly comfortable. Knowing these would have more stretch, I sized down to 31×32 and was happy with the adjustment. I think these fit me best and are my favorite pair of Mott & Bow jeans.

Slim Mercer Jeans Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Mercer Jeans from Mott & Bow

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Mercer Jeans from Mott & Bow

Rounding out the jeans list is the Mercer jeans. To me, these are like a hybrid of the Oliver and Broome jeans but more similar to the Oliver than the Broome in terms of fabric composition. They are 98% cotton and 2% elastane. I went 32×32 here and selected the Midnight color which is essentially a pair of black jeans. I think the biggest difference between the Mercer and the Olivers is that the Mercers come in 14 different colorways including some really cool colors like Clay, Apricot, and Saddle. If you’re looking to mix in some unique colors then you’ve gotta check out the Mercer jeans.

Mott & Bow T-Shirt Review

Classic Crew Driggs Tee Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Driggs Classic Crew Tee

I love the Classic Crew Drigss Tee from Mott & Bow. They are nice athletic-fitting t-shirts that hug the body nicely but aren’t skin-tight by any means. They’re certainly not cheap at $40 a shirt but aren’t overpriced in my opinion. Plus you can save if you buy 3 or 6 packs which I would recommend. The Driggs comes in 21 different colors and 3 different styles (curved, crew, and v-neck). I’m a big fan of the blue colors they have like the Vintage Blue and Washed Blue. The Pine color is also a favorite. If you’re looking for some nice basics to layer or wear alone these are a great option.

Mott & Bow Underwear Review

Second Skin Boxer Brief Review

Mott & Bow men's underwear review featured image

Mott & Bow’s underwear might very well be my favorite boxer briefs. I have Lululemon boxer briefs and they seem to be made from pretty much the same material and offer the same level of comfort. I think the Mott & Bow waistband is actually better than the Lulu boxer brief’s waistband because it’s wider and doesn’t fold over like the thinner Lulu one does which is annoying.

Mott & Bow Chinos Review

The Twill Chino Charles Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing The Twill Chino Charles by Mott & Bow

Joe Sanfilippo wearing The Twill Chino Charles by Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow offers one style of chinos pants that comes in 8 different colorways. I went with the Khaki color in size 32×32 and have been pretty impressed so far. They fit well and are pretty comfortable thanks to the combo of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. I’ve gotten a few compliments wearing these out so that is always a good sign. I love wearing them as a casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers by New Republic and a Classic Crew Driggs Tee but you can also dress these up easily too.

Mott & Bow Sweaters Review

Classic Cashmere Crew Bergen Sweater Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Classic Cashmere Crew Bergen Sweater

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Classic Cashmere Crew Bergen Sweater

Cashmere sweaters are a great move for winter holiday events and so much more. Cashmere is a fabric that exudes luxury while also keeping you warm and cozy. Mott & Bow does it right with this 100% cashmere sweater, and for $169 you’re getting a very nice deal.  I will note when I first put it on without an undershirt I got like a static jolt feeling at first but that goes away quickly and then it’s pure comfort from there on out.

Mott & Bow Polos Review

Jersey Sueded Polo Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Jersey Sueded Polo

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the Jersey Sueded Polo

Fellas…I must say don’t sleep on this polo. This is one of the best polos I own. What I like most is that it simply fits like a glove. It hugs in all the right places but isn’t too tight or restricting. It’s a 100% cotton polo and is super soft. It’s also prewashed so it won’t shrink which is huge because I wear it all the time. I think it looks fantastic with blue jeans and white shoes.

Mott & Bow Customer Service Review

As I always say, the best type of customer service is when you don’t have to reach out to customer support because everything is so seamless. That has been my experience with Mott & Bow so far. But for the sake of the review, I did some research about their customer service for you.

When it comes to returns, refunds, and exchanges it looks like Mott & Bow uses the Happy Returns platform which is a UPS company. The process seems pretty easy. When you click on the returns button in the footer of their website it’ll take you to the portal where you can enter your order number and zip code and then it’ll walk you through the process. However, you can always just email help@mottandbow.com and their team will take care of you.

Mott & Bow Customer Testimonials

If you don’t want to just take my word for it then it’s worth checking out some of the Mott & Bow customer reviews. From what I’ve seen the reviews have been very positive and all are from verified buyers. Below are a couple of testimonials about the products I reviewed above.

Mott and Bow Broome Jeans Customer testimonial

Mott & Bow Polo customer testimonial

Mott & Bow Pricing and Value

As mentioned throughout the review I feel the pricing at Mott & Bow is pretty fair. Nothing is crazy expensive in my opinion and I think the quality is pretty on par with the cost so I see the value in the purchase. And for added value, we have an exclusive Mott & Bow discount code so you can save even more!

Mott & Bow Shipping & Delivery Review

Mott & Bow’s shipping was super fast. I got the basic shipping which was $7 and my package came within 2 days. Maybe their warehouse is close to me (I live in Chicago) but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything came.

Mott & Bow FAQs

Can you buy Mott & Bow in-store?

Unfortunately, Mott & Bow is only available online. However, if you utilize the guidelines from my review and other customer reviews you should be able to get things sized right the first time, and if not they have a pretty easy returns process through Happy Returns.

Where is Mott & Bow manufactured?

Mott & Bow owns their manufacturing facility in Honduras which is where they make all of their clothes.

How long does Mott & Bow take to ship?

Mott & Bow claims that they will send your order within 5 business days from the date you placed the order. Once they ship the items you should expect them to arrive in 3-7 business days. But, as mentioned above, I got my Mott & Bow order in 2 days. I don’t imagine that is always going to be the case so I wouldn’t hold them to that but I was happy with the shipping time.

How to wash Mott & Bow jeans?

Read the care label on the tag of your jeans. It should say to wash inside out in cold water with similar colors and then tumble dry low. That is what I do and have had no issues.

Who owns Mott & Bow?

Mott & Bow is a privately owned company. The owner of Mott & Bow is Alejandro Chahin who was also the founder. 

Brands Like Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow vs. Mugsy

Mott and Bow offers a lot of similar products as one of my favorite brands, Mugsy. I would say the main difference is that Mugsy places a much bigger focus on stretch-fit products then Mott & Bow does. Mugsy is more of a fun casual type of brand whereas Mott & Bow feels a little more polished. Mott & Bow has a much larger selection of t-shirts whereas Mugsy has way more jeans and chino styles and options. Both are great brands it just really depends on what you are looking for.

Mott & Bow vs. Twillory

Twillory is another brand that I think is relatively similar to Mott & Bow. I think Twillory offers more athleisure options and even some athletic apparel whereas Mott & Bow is primarily elevated basics. Twillory has items like suits and blazers that Mott & Bow doesn’t offer. Twillory’s main focus is on performance fabric gear more similar to a State & Liberty than anything.

Overall Impression of Mott & Bow

Overall, I feel like Mott & Bow delivers on their promise of providing elevated basics at quality prices. They a nice assortment of products and colorways but certainly don’t try to overdo it. A lot of brands try to do too much but that isn’t the case here. Mott & Bow sticks to what they know and they do it well.

Conclusion, Is Mott & Bow Worth Buying?

I would say it’s absolutely worth buying from Mott & Bow. If you like to wear classic styles and want a quality brand at a good price then Mott & Bow is the brand for you. If you’re still skeptical, I would say just start by buying one item and see if it’s for you. If I had to choose one item to start with it would be either the Broome stretch jeans or the Jersey Sueded polo.

Joe Sanfilippo is one of our top shopping experts here at The Guy's List. Joe is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has been covering men's fashion, supplements, fitness, sports, business, and a variety of other similar topics for the past 7 years. Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_sanfilippo

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