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Life is a never-ending journey and we can’t always take a break and relax, sometimes, during a stressful week or a hard workout, we need a little pick me up to keep us alert and active even when our energy may be depleted. That is where energy drinks come in. Unfortunately, energy drinks have gotten a bad rap over the last few years with brands like Red Bull and Monster releasing sugar-filled energy drinks that will give you energy, but also kill your diet and may harm your long-term health. Luckily, there are answers out there to solve this problem. Over the years I have found energy drinks that are great to use and will give you energy without increasing your anxiety or harming you long-term. Check out my picks for the 10 best energy drinks for men below!

What are the best energy drinks for men?

Eboost Super Fuel


  • Plant-based caffeine
  • Fortified with vitamins
  • Non-GMO
zoa energy

ZOA Energy

  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Made with technologically advanced stretch fabric
  • Dressy enough for the office or date night
Ghost Energy Drink

Ghost Energy

  • Unique flavors
  • Zero sugar and artificial colors
  • Trademark Nuerofactor blend to help with focus
Alani Nu Enregy Drink

Alani Nu Energy Drink

  • Prevents burnout
  • Includes vitamins B6 and B12
  • Only 15 calories
Celsius Energy

Best Custom Option: Custom Golf Balls

  • Stylish Box
  • Customizable
  • Great Price


  Eboost Super Fuel EBOOST is the primary brand that started the healthy energy drink trend. Founded by celebrity entrepreneur Josh Taekman, EBOOST is made with all-natural ingredients and provides a steady state of energy that is not anxiety-inducing or jittery. If you are looking for a healthy pre-workout replacement or just want a new energy drink that doesn’t have the artificial non-sense of major brands, definitely give EBOOST a try.

Zoa Energy

zoa energy

Another brand owned by a celebrity, Dwayne “the rock” Johnson’s energy brand Zoa is another great-tasting energy drink that has revolutionized the industry. Their blend focuses much more on the athletic crowed with tons of electrolytes to help hydrate you and repair muscle. It also offers antioxidants and a natural energy blend made from green tea leaves and green coffee beans.

Ghost Energy

Ghost Energy Drink Ghost is one of the premier supplement brands and makes some of the best pre-workout supplements on the market. In recent years, however, they have put the same amount of care and energy into creating their first-ever energy drink. Ghost energy delivers 200mg of caffeine and their unique flavors and partnerships are brand exclusive and taste great.

Alani Nu Energy

  Alani Nu Enregy Drink Alani Nu makes all its products in the United States and has some great-tasting energy drinks. They are on a mission to prevent burn out in a healthy and low-calorie way. That is why their energy drinks are only 15 calories max and they are fortified with a dash of vitamins B6 and B12. These are available on their site and in stores across the nation and they have over 12 flavors so you will never run out of variety.

Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy Celsius is one of the brands most closely associate with healthy energy drinks in the public eye. They have a unique blend of ingredients that includes green tea extract, guarana seed extract, and ginger root among other things to help create sustained energy and support digestive health. They are only 10 calories each and contain 0 carbs making them a great choice for keto diet fans. Regardless, Celsius is a great energy drink worthy of a try.

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Men’s Energy Drink FAQ’s

What is the unhealthiest energy drink?

Most of the off-the-wall energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull are the most unhealthy for you. They feature lots of sugars and artificial sweeteners. This can kill diets and harm your long-term health. Going with brands like those our our list is much better for you and will even support your health goals.

Which energy drink is actually healthy?

Energy drinks like Celsius and EBoost are the healthiest options on the market. They focus on making energy drinks that have no high sugar, include natural caffeine, and offer essential vitamins and electrolytes to fuel your lifestyle.

Is it okay to have one energy drink a day?

Although less is better when it comes to all energy drinks having one per day is the limit and should not have any negative effects on your health so long as you are drinking healthy energy drinks or getting energy from healthy sources like coffee or tea.

What is healthier coffee or Red Bull?

Coffee is undoubtedly healthier than Red Bull which is made from artificial products. Coffee is all-natural and a great source of energy.

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