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Life is a never-ending journey that doesn’t always allow you to take a break and relax. Sometimes, during a stressful week or a hard workout, we need a little pick-me-up to keep us alert and active even when our energy may be depleted. That is where energy drinks come in. Unfortunately, energy drinks have gotten a bad rap over the last few years with brands like Red Bull and Monster releasing sugar-filled energy drinks that give you a sugar high, kill your diet, and may harm your long-term health. Luckily, there are answers out there to solve this problem. Personally, I believe in getting energy through proper rest and nutrition but if you need a quick pick me up below are some of the energy drinks I think are best.

What are the best energy drinks for men?

Best Overall Energy Drink for men - EBOOST


  • Natural, Plant-Based Caffeine

  • Zero Artificial Sweeteners

  • 10 Vitamins + Minerals

zoa energy

ZOA Energy

  • Natural Caffeine

  • Zero Sugar

  • 10 Vitamins

Ghost Energy Drink

Ghost Energy

  • Unique flavors
  • Zero sugar and artificial colors

  • Trademark Nuerofactor blend to help with focus
Alani Nu Enregy Drink

Alani Nu Energy Drink

  • Prevents burnout
  • Includes vitamins B6 and B12
  • Only 15 calories
Celsius Energy


  • Zero Sugar

  • Widely Available

  • 9 Vitamins


  Eboost Super Fuel

Energy drinks have been around for quite some time and there are a lot of brands out there that make bold claims or try to hide what’s in their product through the use of Instagram model influencers and flashy advertising. It’s very refreshing to see a brand like EBOOST shake things up in the market with its SUPER FUEL product. SUPER FUEL by EBOOST is the cleanest energy drink that I have come across. SUPER FUEL uses natural-based caffeine, it has no artificial sugars or sweeteners, and it has 10 vitamins + minerals. These are the main things that make EBOOST stand out from the crowd. I hate anything synthetic and a lot of big players in the space are using synthetic caffeine in their products and sucralose. SUPER FUEL gets its caffeine from green coffee seeds and green tea and they sweeten the products with honey and steviol glycosides which are natural forms of sugar. It’s only 110 mg of caffeine which is great, I don’t think anyone should need more than that. The natural sweeteners are sparingly used making product only 10-15 calories but still tastes great. If you drink energy drinks and want a cleaner version try SUPER FUEL. You can get a FREE sample pack with the link below, you just have to pay shipping.

ZOA Energy

zoa energy


Another brand owned by a celebrity, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s energy drink company, ZOA, is a great-tasting energy drink that is trying to create a cleaner product. Their blend focuses much more on the athletic crowd with tons of electrolytes and amino acids to help hydrate and help with recovery. It also offers antioxidants and a natural energy blend made from green tea leaves and green coffee beans. ZOA is certainly a great alternative to Red Bull or Monster but it is artificially sweetened with sucralose and also uses a lot of caffeine at 160 mg.

Ghost Energy

Ghost Energy Drink Ghost is one of the premier supplement brands and makes some of the best pre-workout supplements on the market. In recent years, however, they have put the same amount of care and energy into creating their first-ever energy drink. Ghost Energy has zero sugars and a good mix of vitamins like Vitamin C and B12. It does however use a lot of caffeine at 200 mg and is sweetened with sucralose. This is one of the brands that is a little “gimmicky” leaning into licensing partnerships for it’s flavors like Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, Warheads, and Swedish Fish. If you want to try some unique flavors and like a lot of caffeine though this is a good product to try.

Alani Nu Energy

  Alani Nu Enregy Drink Alani Nu’s energy drink is pretty similar to Ghost in that it has 200 mg of caffeine and a healthy serving of vitamins. They have around 15 different flavors so if you are a frequent energy drinker there are plenty of options for you. Alani is a brand that uses both synthetic caffeine and artificial sweeteners so if you are like me and prefer an all-natural product then you might want to look at other alternatives. 

Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy Celsius is one of the brands most closely associated with healthy energy drinks in the public eye. They have a unique blend of ingredients that includes green tea extract, guarana seed extract, and ginger root among other things to help create sustained energy and support digestive health. They are only 10 calories each and contain 0 carbs making them a great choice for keto diet fans. However, Celsius is another brand that uses a lot of marketing to give it the disguise of a healthy energy drink. Celsius is made with synthetic caffeine and uses Erythritol which is a sugar alcohol and a very common artificial sweetener. 

Men’s Energy Drink FAQ’s

What is the most unhealthy energy drink?

Most of the legacy energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull are the most unhealthy for you. They feature lots of sugars and offer little nutritional value. This can give you a sugar rush which results in a crash and the extra calories aren’t great for your diet. 

What energy drinks are healthiest?

The brands on the list above are what I believe are the healthiest energy drinks available. However, some of these brands are using synthetic caffeine and artificial sugars which are still being studied and may be harmful in the long run. I believe SUPER FUEL is the healthiest and cleanest energy drink on the market. Check out our EBOOST review to learn more about this brand and its SUPER FUEL product.

Is it okay to have one energy drink a day?

Again, ideally, you should be having energy naturally through proper diet and exercise but life happens, and some situations or lifestyles call for a boost. If you are going to drink energy drinks every day that is fine just make sure you choose a clean product and yes, I would also recommend limiting it to one energy drink per day.

What is healthier coffee or Red Bull?

Coffee is undoubtedly healthier than Red Bull which is made from artificial products. Coffee is all-natural and a great source of energy.

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