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Some grooming brands tend to take shortcuts, but not Dr. Squatch. Our Dr. Squatch review covers all the bases of this ever-popular grooming brand, which specializes in natural personal care essentials in a fantastic range of manly scents. In short, it’s everything a guy could want in a grooming brand, especially one with a focus on better-for-you ingredients.

Best of all is the fact that the company keeps things simple, with flagship products that include natural soap and deodorant. The brand was even founded in a garage with only one product (the aforementioned natural soap), but we’ll get into it all below. Scroll on to find out about your favorite natural grooming brand.

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Dr. Squatch Review
5 Star Rating
Summary: Dr .Squatch is a standout natural grooming brand for men with a focus on performance, rich scents and products that you can feel great about using.
  • Formula: 5 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Dr. Squatch?

All Dr.Squatch Products

Dr. Squatch is a game-changing natural grooming brand for men. Founder Jack Haldrup wanted a better natural soap, so he set out to make it himself. Now, the brand is so much more than just soap, with a full line of grooming products for the modern man, each made with better ingredients than other mass-market brands. The brand still makes bar soap, but they also dabble in deodorant, cologne, lotion and more. 

They’ve got a colorful brand ethos, with a fun, vibrant logo and deep, refreshing scents every guy can appreciate. They also offer bundles, like some of our other favorite grooming brands, but it’s the Dr. Squatch ingredients that make the difference.

Dr. Squatch Product Reviews

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap Review

Dr.Squatch Soap

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, Dr. Squatch does quite the job making its flagship product: Bar soap. For guys who want an alternative to drug store body wash, bar soap is a nice change of pace, especially one that’s available in a wide range of guy-approved scents. Those scents include Wood Barrel Bourbon and even Pine Tar, a woodsy scented soap infused with oatmeal for exfoliation. 

Other scents include Birchwood Breeze, Gold Moss and even Grapefruit IPA, and each bar soap also delivers a rich, cleansing lather. These soaps are made from natural oils for a smooth, soothing difference. And each Dr. Squatch natural soap bar is thick and sturdy, but not overly large, so you can even transport it (secured properly, of course), if need be. 

The wide range of appealing scents is one of the bigger draws when it comes to Dr. Squatch soap. There’s enough variety to suit every taste and sense of style. You can even try out three scents using the Dr. Squatch Clean Bundle (which also includes a Soap Saver wooden resting bar). Start with Dr. Squatch soap and truly feel the difference.

Dr. Squatch Deodorant Review

Dr.Squatch Deodorant

It makes perfect sense that a company like Dr. Squatch, one so focused on natural ingredients and scent, would expand into that deodorant space for guys. It seems as if the company’s deodorant is as popular as its line of soaps, with scents like Summer Breeze and that Pine Tar scent making a return. 

The wide array of scents also explains why its deodorant bundle packs are such a hit among guys who simply can’t get enough of the brand. You’re getting savings and scent quality (and performance) wrapped in one package. What’s not to love about that? 

The formula of this natural deodorant sets Dr. Squatch apart, with ingredients like arrowroot powder and postbiotics (both of which act as deodorizers). These ingredients absorb sweat and promote a healthy underarm, all the while delivering that signature Dr. Squatch scent.

Dr. Squatch Cologne Review

Dr.Squatch Cologne

Cologne is a prime finishing touch in any guy’s grooming routine, especially when done in the proper scent and amount. Dr. Squatch bills its scents in particular as long-lasting and manly, and that’s absolutely ideal for the chillier fall and winter months. 

Woodland Pine and Glacial Falls are two primary scents in the brand’s cologne lineup, without as much variety as other categories from Dr. Squatch. Keeping things more simple isn’t a bad thing though, as you can always bundle these cologne options with other standout essentials from Dr. Squatch. Sustainably sourced ingredients also nail down the company’s focus on natural ingredients.

And like other Dr. Squatch products, these are delivered in handsome amber bottles that should rest nicely on your bathroom counter. Essential oils deliver scent quality and longevity, along with other natural ingredients.

Dr. Squatch Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Dr.Squatch Shampoo and Conditioner

Get yourself a two-for-one deal of sorts with Dr. Sqautch’s shampoo and conditioner sets, which are sold in a handy duo to give your hair the refreshing clean and soft finish it deserves. Vitamins and anti-oxidants support a healthy scalp and roots, and ingredients like aloe extract (in the Cool Fresh Aloe option especially) support that sense of refreshment and nourishment. 

Options like Cyprus Coast deliver waves of breezy ocean scent, while ingredients like Peppermint deliver a shot of energy and soothing appeal. The best part about these bundles is the use of ingredients that target every part of your hair, both strengthening it, cleansing it and delivering a soft finish. 

And unlike some other grooming bundles, these scents appear to complement each other very well, particularly based on customer reviews. Think of it like a true two-for-one deal, as both deliver on the brand’s promise of richly crafted scents and natural performance.

Dr. Squatch Lotion Review

Dr.Squatch Lotion

Dr. Squatch keeps building out its product line with everything a guy could possibly need, which was a major sticking point in our Dr. Squatch review. Even its lotion meets the brand’s high marks for standout performance, with 24-hour moisture technology and a paraben-free design. 

The Wood Barrel Bourbon scent in particular should deliver an especially appealing finish for both hand and body lotion. And helpfully, you can buy these lotions in either 2 or 3-pack deliveries, or else as solo bottles to give yourself a test run with a new offering from Dr. Squatch. 

Shea butter and coconut oil function as natural ingredients and moisturizers in this useful lotion, and it’s also versatile enough to use on your hands and body. And just like a few of our other favorite grooming brands, you can subscribe to Dr. Squatch bottles and save some cash each month. That kind of savings and quality can’t be beat.

Dr. Squatch Face Wash Review

Dr.Squatch Face Wash

Still can’t get enough Dr. Sqautch? You’re in luck, because one of the best natural grooming brands on the market has all the bases covered in your grooming routine (as we noted earlier). That includes face wash, a must-have for a cleaned-up mug with healthy, soft skin. Scents like Cool Fresh Aloe deliver a cooling, refreshing finish.

The lineup also includes the brand’s signature rich and rugged Pine Tar scent, and both options are both cleansing and exfoliating to remove dead, dry skin. They also took great care to develop these formulas specifically for men’s skin, so no need to steal your girlfriend’s face wash anymore. 

And if you’ve been using, say, bar soap to wash your face, say goodbye to that, because this face wash comes in a helpful bundle so you never run out. It’s also free of parabens and sulfates, proving that once again, Dr. Squatch doesn’t cut corners when it comes to natural grooming essentials.

Dr. Squatch Customer Service Review

Dr. Squatch makes it quite enticing to join the brand’s legions of fans, and it gets even better once you join. For starters, there’s a 30 percent discount offered for those who sign up for Dr. Squatch E-mails – not a bad deal at all. It’s the use of Bundles and a money-saving Subscription service that should also pay dividends for longtime fans of Dr. Squatch.

And being a Dr. Squatch customer also lends itself to a variety of “Squatch Perks,” like Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for special deals and products. The brand also ships out product for free on orders of more than $50, and they also offer a useful 8-question starter quiz to guide you toward the proper Dr. Squatch product offering. For good measure, the brand makes it easy to track orders and to get in touch with Customer Service via a dedicated landing page. To round things out, there’s also a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, although they don’t currently accept returns.

Dr. Squatch Customer Testimonials

If you want to know the measure of a brand as you look for the best grooming essentials, look for what its customers have to say. And if reviews are any indication, Dr. Squatch gets plenty right when it comes to product and customer service. They’ve received more than 100K reviews to date, and products like its Bar Soap have tend to have thousands of reviews that clock in at nearly 5 stars total. Customers tend to praise the deep, carefully crafted scents, exfoliating and moisturizing qualities of its soaps and body wash, and the ease of ordering bundles and subscribing.

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Dr. Squatch Pricing and Value

While some grooming brands are highly affordable and available in bulk, Dr. Squatch takes its time to craft things in a natural fashion, and that results in some slightly higher costs from time to time. That’s where the brand’s bundles and subscriptions can prove mighty useful. Compared to other premium grooming brands, Dr. Squatch bar soap, for instance, clocks in as slightly more expensive, for example – but you can instantly tell the quality you’re getting in every use. The same goes for its natural deodorant, for instance – it’s a premium price, but with ingredients that lend a near-instant difference.

Dr. Squatch Shipping & Delivery Review

Dr. Squatch offers a fairly efficient shipping and delivery process, sending out most orders within 1-3 business days. They also offer expedited shipping, with rates calculated on weight and destination, but some of its products receive a free shipping designation.

And if you’ve racked up Squatch Rewards points, you’re able to redeem those points on orders – thus cutting down on costs and eventually, reducing your shipping costs. Note that Dr. Squatch doesn’t take returns at this time, but they offer that handy 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dr. Squatch

Why is Dr. Squatch so Expensive?

Dr. Squatch is more expensive than other drugstore brands because of its premium, natural ingredients and processes. The company is also a Certified B Corporation, meeting high ethical standards in terms of materials, ingredients, production and an eco-friendly approach. This also lends itself to a higher price tag on certain items. 

Is Dr. Squatch Actually Good for your Skin?

Dr. Squatch definitely offers several benefits to your skin. There are more straightforward pro’s, like exfoliating and moisturizing qualities in its face wash and bar soap, and the fact that the brand avoids harmful chemicals (like parabens and sulfates) is positive. 

Is there Soap Better than Dr. Squatch?

It’s a hot market in the world of the best soap for men, but Dr. Squatch might be the best soap on the market. Between its natural ingredients, rich scents like Pine Tar and exfoliating qualities (especially in the oatmeal-infused Pine Tar soap), Dr. Squatch has stiff competition from other soaps. 

What are the Best Smells of Dr. Squatch?

Dr. Squatch has a wide array of scents to please every guy’s sense of smell, so it’s tough to pick just one signature scent. Its Wood Barrel Bourbon scent is highly popular, but among its product lineup, scents like Pine Tar and Cool Fresh Aloe are available in a range of products (from bar soap to deodorant).

How Long Does Dr. Squatch Scent Last?

Unlike other grooming brands for men, Dr. Squatch doesn’t necessarily list how long its products offer scent protection. It does recommend using products like its natural deodorant every day, while its bar soap is also recommended for daily use. It seems that Dr. Squatch products generally tend to last from day to night, however. 

Is Dr. Squatch Sold in Stores?

Dr. Squatch is sold online via its Web site, but you can also find Dr. Squatch products in stores like Rite-Aid and Walmart. For ease of access, using its loyalty program online is a fine option for most guys. 

Is Dr. Squatch Shampoo Good?

Dr. Squatch shampoo is newer to the market than the rest of the brand’s lineup, but it boasts nearly 200 reviews at an average of 4.5 stars. Ingredients like jojoba oil should deliver a soft, nourishing finish, and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Dr. Squatch is indeed high-quality. 

How Long Does Dr. Squatch Deodorant Last?

Dr. Squatch deodorant appears to last from day to night. Unlike other deodorants, it’s not rated with a specific amount of scent protection, and natural deodorants don’t perform for as long as deodorants from more widely available brands (like Old Spice, for example).

Dr. Squatch vs. Competitors

Dr. Squatch vs. Duke Cannon

The market for rugged scents and products in men’s grooming has gotten a bit more competitive over the years, especially if you’re wondering if Duke Cannon is better than Dr. Squatch. Like Dr. Squatch’s founding focus on bar soap, Duke Cannon made a name for itself with its “Big Ass Bars of Soap,” modeled after the kind trusted by the military. 

Duke Cannon also uses rich, manly scents throughout its product line and offers helpful bundles for beard, body and more. Unlike Dr. Squatch products, Duke Cannon products are delivered in rugged metal tins and in some cases, military-inspired packaging. Duke Cannon also offers a wider range of beard care products, and they test products through the input of military members. 

Both are premium in terms of pricing, while Duke Cannon’s bundles pack in a wider array of product (from body care to beard and hair care), while Dr. Squatch tends to focus on separate categories in its bundles. 

Dr. Squatch vs. Native

There’s a lot to consider in the world of natural grooming, and Native is another brand to potentially shop as you look to upgrade your grooming routine. Native’s deodorant is arguably its most popular product, and they also include deodorant spray and a deodorant for sensitive skin. The brand has also expanded into sun care products (unlike Dr. Squatch). 

And when it comes to aesthetic, Dr. Squatch is definitely more rugged and perhaps geared for the outdoorsman. On the other hand, Native is more vibrant and yet minimal in terms of its packaging and overall look. Native also offers mainly three-pack bundles, while Dr. Squatch tends to offer sets with as many as a handful of products.

Overall Impression of Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is making a splash in the men’s grooming space with its rugged appeal, its focus on natural grooming, and its time-tested, well-reviewed products like bar soap. The brand has expanded into other facets of grooming, like cologne (and deodorant), and customers tend to flock to Dr. Squatch for its rich scents and its bar soap in particular. The brand makes it fairly easy to shop (minus a lack of returns), with bundle and subscription options available, both of which check the right boxes for consumers.

Conclusion, Is Dr. Squatch Good?

It’s like we said before: The world of men’s grooming is a hotly contested one, and Dr. Squatch certainly has some skin in the game (pun intended). We’re confident in saying that Dr. Squatch is a quality men’s grooming brand across the board. They’ve used simple natural ingredients in effective ways, like its exfoliating Pine Tar bar soap, while its fantastic scents have led to more than 100K fan favorite reviews. 

The company continues to expand into other areas like cologne, each with a focus on natural processes. It’s also hard not to love the fact that Dr. Squatch is a Certified B Corporation focused on high standards every step of the way. And if customer feedback is any indication, it seems that any product released by Dr. Squatch will have its own legions of fans. Give the brand some though the next time you restock your medicine cabinet and toiletries kit.

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