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If you’ve been searching for comfortable men’s clothing at an affordable price then it’s no wonder that you came across Twillory as that is exactly what they provide. But is it worth dropping a bag and going all in on getting an entirely new wardrobe from them? Well, that’s what I’m here to help you with. In this review, I’m going to go through all of the Twillory products that I own and give you the pros and cons of each so you know what products are going to be best for you. I’m also going to share some tips on how to order sizing correctly, answer some FAQs, and give you my overall rating on the brand so stick around to learn everything there is to know about Twillory.

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4.75 Star Rating
Summary: If you’re looking to fill up your wardrobe with quality menswear at a great price you won’t be disappointed with Twillory.
  • Selection: 5 stars
  • Quality: 4.5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Twillory?

About Twillory

Twillory is a menswear brand with a great selection of different garments. From shirts, pants, suits, outerwear, and accessories there are few categories that Twillory doesn’t cover. The brand focuses on performance-fitting apparel so it’s as if your favorite activewear brand joined forces with your favorite dress clothes and casual clothing brands. While they are a young fresh brand, they’ve been around since 2014 so it’s safe to say that 10 years later they have perfected their craft at this point.

Twillory Product Reviews

Twillory Dress Shirts Review

Twillory Dress Shirt Review

Twillory offers three fits for their dress shirts: Extra Trim, Tailored, and traditional. They also allow a variety of sizes and let you customize the sleeve length. I went with ADVANCER // Performance Blue Houndstooth dress shirt, Tailored fit, 16 M-L | 34-35. For reference, I’m about 6 feet tall and 185 lbs with an athletic build and this fit me perfectly.

The shirt came in the bag with a cardboard back, plastic around the collar, and little plastic pins similar to most dress shirts you’ll get from a department store. The collar was nice and firm thanks to some plastic dollar stays which I liked. Overall, this is a pretty solid dress shirt. Some other performance dress shirts are pretty stretchy almost like a workout shirt but Twillory brings a great hybrid of traditional cotton dress shirts and performance. I popped mine on straight out of the bag and it works both tucked and untucked. It probably could use a few minutes in the dryer or a quick iron but honestly can be fine out of the bag if you’re wearing a blazer or coat over it. Overall, this shirt fits great, looks good, and is definitely better than anything you’ll get at a department store.

Twillory Performance Trousers Review

Twillory Performance Trousers Review

The Twillory performance trousers might be my favorite item from Twillory. They look like a very nice pair of work pants but at the same time are so freaking comfortable. I went with 31×32 and they fit like a charm. I like how these are super versatile. You can wear them to a meeting, a wedding, date night, or even golf. There is zero restriction of motion in these pants whatsoever. They have 12 different colors so definitely stock up on these, you won’t regret it.

Twillory Performance Blazer Review

Twillory Performance Blazer review

If I had to describe the Performance Blazer from Twillory in one word it would be SOLID. It is simply a rock-solid piece to add to your wardrobe because it checks a lot of boxes. It’s well-designed, looks great, and fits pretty much perfectly without tailoring. Fit is everything when it comes to ensuring a blazer looks good. To get a blazer to fit right off the rack is hard but Twillory worked for me. Again, I’m 6 foot 185 and went with the size 40 with regular sleeves and it was on point. I’d maybe do like a 39 if they had it so it was just slightly more fitted and a bit shorter but that’s just a personal preference. What I really love though is that it’s comfortable af. They use a Japanese stretch fabric so there is very little restriction. No need to worry about being uncomfortable or possibly ripping the stitching. I went with the navy houndstooth which is a crisp color that works in many settings but there are plenty of other options. Finally, there are some very nice little touches like zipper pockets on the inside and a built-in pocket square that matched my shirt perfectly. At $289 it’s going to be tough to find a better deal for a quality blazer that you’ll actually enjoy wearing.

Twillory Performance Tee Review

Twillory Performance Tee review

I’m sorry fellas I might have lied earlier. It’s actually the Performance Tee that is my favorite item from Twillory. I haven’t owned a t-shirt that fits this good in a very long time. It literally fits like a glove and is incredibly soft and comfortable. I love it because it can be worn out as a standalone, is a great layering piece, and even can be a workout shirt. If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water with Twillory this shirt is only $44 and is a great way to get a feel for the brand.

Twillory Athlounger Jogger Review

Twillory Athlounger Jogger Review

The Athlounger Joggers have become an everyday staple for me. I got the medium size and they fit very well. Once again they did a great job with the stretch here making them very comfortable for both lounging or hitting the gym. They’re my go-to for working from home and running errands. 

Twillory Performance Shorts Review

Twillory Performance Shorts Review

Shorts can be a hard thing to get right… but Twillory nailed it with their performance shorts. They’re the perfect length, perfect fit around the waist, and are perfectly stretchy without being too flimsy. I went with size 32 here for reference. I think the Khaki color is executed flawlessly. Not too dark, not too light. With shorts like this, a zipper pocket is a must and they have that covered here. Twillory proves once again they know what they’re doing here.

Twillory Customer Service Review

I didn’t have to deal with Twillory’s customer service team which in itself is a win I would say. I will definitely report back on this if something changes in future orders. Should you need to get in touch with their customer support team they do appear to have a pretty robust customer support portal with a lot of FAQ’s and more. Or you can email help@twillory.com to resolve any issues you may experience.

Twillory Customer Testimonials

After digging around some customer review sites, which are typically plagued with many poor reviews, I found that there weren’t many bad reviews. What I did find was some people supporting the claims on Twillory’s site and mentioning their satisfaction.

Twillory Customer Testimonial about non-iron shirts Twillory performance pants customer testimonial

Twillory Pricing and Value

When you look across the board I think Twillory is fairly priced. I would say they fall right in the middle of the pricing spectrum compared to similar brands and in many categories are the best price relative to quality. Their performance t-shirts are $44 which is pretty good compared to other brands like Rhone, Cuts, and Rhoback which can range from $55 – $70 for a t-shirt. Most of their other products are around $70 – $90 which is, again, at least $20 less than many competing brands. And when it comes to blazers / suits I don’t think you will find a better bang for your buck out there.

Twillory Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery were fantastic with my order. I had placed an order on a Wednesday in December, had a DHL tracking number on Friday, and it arrived on Tuesday. This order was also during the holiday season (December) so I was pretty impressed by how quickly and seamlessly this arrived.

Twillory FAQs

Where is Twillory clothing made?

Twillory’s products are made in a variety of countries depending on the type of product. Below is a breakdown of where they manufacture their products:

  • Button Downs: The majority of them are made in Vietnam while some of the untuckable shirts are made in China
  • Performance Pants, Denim, and Blazers: Made in Bangladesh and Mexico
  • Athleisurewear: Made in Bangladesh, Haiti, and Thailand

Who is the owner of Twillory?

Twillory was co-founded by Asher Weinberger, Ricardo Goldschmidt, and Eli Blumstein.

What is SafeCotton?

SafeCotton is a trademark term coined by Twillory that refers to the fabric they use to make their dress shirts. Their SafeCotton dress shirt uses a Non-Iron fabric that is unique in that they have removed all harsh chemicals like formaldehyde from the manufacturing process whereas other companies utilize chemicals to make their shirts wrinkle-free.

Does Twillory offer discount codes?

You won’t find too many discount codes for Twillory online since they are already priced very well but we always find a way to hook our readers up so head over to our Twillory discount codes page to find out the best discounts and coupons that Twillory is offering right now.

Twillory vs. Competitors

Twillory vs. Proper Cloth

If you are comparing Twillory and Proper Cloth I think you will find more differences than similarities. They do cover many of the same categories like blazers, dress shirts, pants, and outerwear. However, Twillory leans a bit further into the athleisure / activewear space offering athletic shorts, athletic t-shirts, and a wider selection of joggers. You’ll also find that, when it comes to price, Proper Cloth is typically anywhere between 20% -30% more expensive and suits are double the cost at least. Overall, I think Twillory’s apparel is more focused on comfort while Proper Cloth aims for a more higher end look.

Twillory vs. Charles Tyrwhitt

When it comes to pricing I would say Charles Tyrwhitt bridges the gap between Proper Cloth and Twillory. Charles Tyrwhitt charges $10 more for shorts, $25 more for polos, and between $50 -$200 more for blazers. You’ll find a much wider selection of polos, outerwear, and many other categories at Charles Tyrwhitt. Also, you can get shoes from Charles Tyrwhitt while Twillory does not offer footwear. In summary, Twillory is a less expensive option than Charles Tyrwhitt and focuses on maintaining quality offering a slightly more narrow product selection.

Overall Impression of Twillory

When I think of Twillory I think of a quality menswear brand that delivers across the board. They have good products, very solid pricing, and a great selection. There are a few products that are better than others but there aren’t any products I tried that I didn’t like.

Conclusion, Is Twillory Worth It?

Twillory is worth buying from, and I’ll be back for more. If you need to fill up your wardrobe with a bunch of quality menswear staples at a good price Twillory is a great option.

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