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If you happen to be a guy interested in grooming (and you should be), there are certain brands that you might call the cream of the crop. Harry’s expanded by leaps in bounds in recent years, launching with a focus on simplifying shaving and now looking to outfit your medicine cabinet from A-to-Z.

A simple razor helped start it all for the brand, whose founders were tired of paying for overdesigned razors that were often overpriced. They’re now making it even more simple to get a great shave or a great shower (and then some). They use colorful, vibrant designs, provide an easy subscription service and make it even easier to find just about any grooming product you need to better your routine. Our Harry’s review dives deep into this iconic, modern brand for men.

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5 Star Rating
Summary: Harry’s does it all in the world of men’s grooming, from shaving to skin and body care, all delivered in fresh, modern packaging with a few clicks.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Harry’s?

What is Harry's Image

Harry’s is a pioneer in the men’s grooming space, one of the first brands to make it easy for men to get a great shave at home. The brand, which operates a factory in Germany to make some of the world’s best blades, has since grown beyond shaving, although it offers one of the best shaving subscription services on the market. 

Harry’s wants to simplify grooming for men, and now offers a full set of haircare, body care and skin care products, each designed with as much quality and precision as its thoughtfully engineered razors. Harry’s also focuses on improving men’s mental health through personal wellness, and they make it easy to get started with a handy Harry’s starter kit. 

That’s far from it, though: Scroll through our Harry’s review to learn about this famed grooming brand.

Harry’s Product Reviews

Harry’s Shave Review

The market for a quality shave for men is more crowded now than ever, likely because of the innovation Harry’s put in motion upon its founding in 2012. The brand’s flagship products include the Truman and the Winston, plus a well-rounded lineup of essential shaving products – read on for more below.

Harry’s Truman Review

Harry's Truman Shave Set

If you’re going to start shopping at Harry’s, keep it simple and start with a cornerstone product. The Truman is an essential for anyone trying out Harry’s, blending a five-blade, German-engineered razor with a colorful handle. The handle itself even features an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold, and the affordable set comes with a second shaving cartridge for ease of use. You can even set up auto-refills to ensure you never run dry on cartridges.

Harry’s Winston Razor Review

Harry's Winston Razor

If the Truman is the easy, everyday go-to in your shaving rotation, the Winston is a slight step up for the modern man. Harry’s bills the Winston as a more luxurious option, boasting a dye-zinc body with the same ergonomic handle design. The Winston also comes with a handy travel cover for your blade, and you’ve also got the option to start with 2 or 5 cartridges. The razor, of course, is top-notch and designed for a supremely close shave. What else would you expect from Harry’s, right? 

Harry’s Shave Gel Review

Harry's Shave Gel

No stellar shave is complete without the right shave gel to help your blades glide along with ease. After all, if you’ve used a standard shave gel and had less-than-optimal results, you know the importance of the right product – like Harry’s Shave Gel. The foaming action protects your skin, while aloe adds softness and a gliding touch. In our Harry’s review, we found that shave gel was refreshing and easy to use. 

Harry’s Shave Cream Review

Harry's Shave Cream

Some guys might gravitate toward the old-school appeal of a classic shaving cream versus the cooling sensation of a gel, and Harry’s has all the bases covered there, too. They’ve designed this formula to condition your face and beard, softening the skin as you shave. Aloe vera is a key ingredient in that regard. Plus, you can pick from three sizes to take your perfect shave on the road with you. 

Harry’s Post Shave Balm Review

Harry's Post-Shave Balm

Even the very best shave can still bring with it a feeling of tightness or irritation, however mild – it’s just the way the process works. But Harry’s targeted the problem at its core, with a quality shave made even better by products like this Post-Shave Balm. Cooling cucumber extract teams with aloe vera to deliver a soft, soothing touch in a lightweight feel. They’ve also engineered it to dry quickly, and our Harry’s review certainly approves of that. 

Harry’s Post Shave Mist Review

Harry's Post-Shave Mist

It’s tougher to get a lighter, more refreshing finish after shaving than a post-shave mist, and our Harry’s review gives this shaving aid yet another thumbs-up. This mist is balanced and alcohol-free, so there’s no stinging finish or red skin. It also cools and hydrates on contact. It’s one of the more essential touches in your shaving routine, and that’s just a fact. 

Harry’s Hair Care Review

As Harry’s built its brand over the years, the company looked deeper into solving problems commonly faced by guys – including hair care solutions that just weren’t quite up to snuff. Armed with formulas and research, Harry’s took a well-designed approach to hair care, including a range of products designed to target a dry scalp. Our Harry’s review cues you into what you need to know.

Harry’s 2 in 1 Shampoo Review

Harry's Shampoo and Conditioner

Some shampoos dry out your hair and strip away essential oils, and others don’t do a  good enough job conditioning your follicles and scalp. Harry’s set out to solve both of those problems head-on with this two-in-one shampoo in its customary vibrant blue bottle. They’ve also worked hard to develop a shampoo that can be used on the daily, always a nice bonus in the hair care world. Peppermint and eucalyptus also bolster this dermatologist-approved formula. 

Harry’s Dry Scalp 2 in 1 Shampoo Review

Harry's Dry Scalp 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated can be a tall order, one made all the more difficult if your shampoo is part of the problem. This 2-in-1, genius product takes aim at a dry, itchy scalp, removing oil and product build-up. It’s part of a suite of Harry’s products designed to boost your scalp health and hydration in a simple, effective formula. Aloe vera also helps calm your scalp and follicles quite nicely. 

Harry’s Anti-Dandruff 2 in 1 Shampoo Review

Harry's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

In addition to products made specifically for a dry scalp, Harry’s uses an even stronger formula to take on flakes and dandruff. This formula also promises results in as little as one week, and the use of pyrithione zinc should aid in its effectiveness. A soothing feel and a refresh finish is the goal, and our Harry’s review found that this 2-in-1 shampoo does the job more than handily. 

Harry’s Extra-Strength Anti-Dandruff 2 in 1 Review

Harry’s seems to be one of the more affordable men’s grooming brands on the market, and we certainly approve of that. And for the same price as its standard (but effective!) anti-dandruff shampoo, you can get an even harder-working formula. Its Extra Strength approach also promises results in quick order (as soon as 1 week). It’s also developed with more extreme cases of dandruff in mind, so hop to it if that’s a solution you need. 

Harry’s Body Care Products Review

Of all the innovations Harry’s has introduced over the years, its line of body care products was among the most eye-catching (at least for us at The Guy’s List). The brand had already knocked it out of the park in the world of shaving, so how would a body wash perform? The answer is: Very well indeed, to go along with items like body lotion and deodorant. Get the lowdown in the next portion of our Harry’s review.

Harry’s Body Wash Review

Harry's Body Wash

Harry’s does as great a job at developing perfect body wash scents and formulas as it does with the rest of its shaving lineup (at least, in our opinion). This body wash works into a rich lather and doesn’t feel too harsh, even with consistent use. It also comes in an easy-open bottle that won’t slip out of your hands in the shower – never  a bad design feature. Choose from six core scents to up your daily routine. 

Harry’s Bar Soap Review

Harry's Bar Soap

Bar soap has a retro feel that some guys might prefer every now and again, and Harry’s rounds out your shower set-up in fine fashion indeed. The same rich scent options as its body wash are up for grabs, delivered in a handy two-pack so you’re not about to run out of fresh soap right away. It produces what the brand calls a rich lather with a gentle cleansing effect. It’s also fairly compact, but long-lasting, a feature we appreciate. 

Harry’s Body Lotion Review

Harry's Body Lotion

It seems that Harry’s has every portion of the grooming process covered, including a crucial finish for dry skin. Its body lotion embodies (pun intended) the brand’s mindset, as it can be used throughout your whole body, and they’ve designed it with a quick-drying formula for good measure. Three refreshing, crisp scent options give you variety within the Harry’s product range. It can also be used on the daily, something which more greasy lotions might struggle to get right in terms of formula. 

Harry’s Deodorant Review

Formula and process are at the core of what Harry’s does, as evidenced by its refreshing, functional deodorant. It comes in both a standard Odor Control option, as well as two options focused on both odor and sweat control. Four signature scent options provide a distinctive finishing touch, but again, with Harry’s, it’s all about the formula. This particular formula even works on guys with sensitive skin, so you can add Harry’s deodorant to your routine without hesitation. 

Harry’s Face Care Products Review

A close, clean, smooth shave is certainly of the essence, as is finishing off that shave with the right post-shave product. And yes, Harry’s helps you check off those boxes with ease (and comfort) in mind. But what about the rest of your routine? Yes indeed, Harry’s delivers high-quality face wash, lotion and more to keep your days and nights hydrated and healthy. 

Harry’s Face Wash Review

Harry's Exfoliating Face Wash

Harry’s recently revamped its face wash, giving it an exfoliating touch, and the results should speak for themselves once you get your hands on a bottle. They’ve developed a gentle cooling formula to complement a cooling exfoliation. The fact that the formula uses volcanic rock extract is a nice (and successful) touch, and your skin will feel fresh and clean with every use – we nearly guarantee it. 

Harry’s Face Lotion Review

Harry's Face Lotion

You’ve shaved, you’ve washed and exfoliated your face, so turn now to Harry’s with a calming, hydrating face lotion to round things out. Harry’s even went so far as to infuse this lotion with SPF 15, a crucial component of any skincare routine. Shea butter is also a key component of many a great moisturizer, but Harry’s also used a mint scent for an even more refreshing finish. It’s a proper one-two punch in your skincare regimen. 

Harry’s Face Toner Review

Harry's Freshening Face Toner

A toner might not be the first move you make when it comes to revamping your skincare routine, but you should consider this affordable option from Harry’s a wise move. The brand designed it to bridge the gap between a moisturizer and a face wash, as it’s both hydrating and balanced (without the alcohol to avoid irritation). It might be sold out right now, but you should consider picking up a bottle when it comes back in stock. 

Harry’s Hydrating Night Lotion Review

Harry's Hydrating Night Lotion

Overnight skin care can sometimes be tough to come by in the men’s grooming universe. Not so with Harry’s specially formulated night lotion, which is a fine ending note to a long day (after using Harry’s face wash, of course). It goes on lightweight, with a non-greasy feel. And it offers overnight protection and hydration to bridge the gap between your nightly and morning routine. 

Harry’s Brightening Eye Cream Review

Harry's Brightening Eye Cream

Banish dark circles with this eye cream, which offers both an instant brightening effect and one that works hard over time. It’s a small touch that makes a big difference, and it’s also fragrance-free. It also feels cool once applied, which helps with freshening up tired eyes and dark circles, at least in our experience. 

Harry’s Targeted Blemish Treatment Review

Harry's Targeted Blemish Treatment

The small details make a big difference in the style world and in the grooming world, as we often say at The Guy’s List. So,  while even the smallest blemish can detract from your confidence and overall look, Harry’s wants you to go forth feeling like your best self. Its Targeted Blemish Treatment is a small step that makes a big difference, made to treat blemishes and reduce redness. It uses soothing wintergreen extract for a calming finish, too. 

Harry’s Customer Service Review

A great grooming brand is nothing without the right customer service to meet the needs of passionate fans and newcomers alike, is it not? Harry’s has an innate knowledge of this approach, at least if our Harry’s review and time with the brand is anything to consider. They offer a variety of nice perks (like the addition of free items after reaching a certain order threshold), but that’s far from the only benefit of being a Harry’s customer. 

They also offer a handy Membership program for discounts, free and quick shipping and plenty of low-cost purchases. One of the biggest perks about Harry’s customer service program is its easy-to-use subscription service, which sets up automatic, no-hassle shipments for your favorite Harry’s products. 

Beyond that, the coolest part about its customer care might be the option to text a Harry’s rep or chat with a rep on the site itself about any and all issues between certain hours. Last but not least, its FAQ section is packed with helpful answers to plenty of questions and concerns.

Harry’s Customer Testimonials

Harry’s was an innovator in several ways: Both in the men’s grooming market as well as in the growing arena of reaching consumers online, where it was easier than ever to shop. With an intense focus on quality and customer care, plus innovation, we can confidently say that it appears Harry’s has won over legions of fans. Most reviews point out that Harry’s is more affordable and better quality in terms of functionality and design than other big-name grooming brands. And it appears that Harry’s has garnered positive praise across the board, and across its entire product line. 

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Harry’s Pricing and Value

Spend any time on the Harry’s Web site, and you’ll find at least one thing: For starters, its products are easy to order, with clear pricing and subscription or refill options. For another, it uses largely the same pricing structure from category to category: Its core razors retail for under $15, and large portions of its grooming and body care line retail for anywhere from $5.49 to $13.

In our view, they offer excellent value, especially given that most of its products come in sizes ranging from a Large option for the home to Travel-sized picks for the road. And when you consider the fact that you can earn additional savings through becoming a Harry’s member or subscribing to certain products, we’re confident in our take that Harry’s is a great value for guys.

Harry’s Shipping & Delivery Review

Harry’s should know a thing or two about speed and efficiency – the brand, as we noted earlier in our Harry’s review, was a serious innovator in the online Web store space. These days, Harry’s offers free shipping with orders over $30, going so far as to guarantee the quality of its orders. They also accept returns within 30 days for a refund of the full purchase amount, a helpful added feature. And of course, Harry’s says they try to “ship orders as quickly as possible, and they offer up a helpful phone number to cancel or change orders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harry’s

How long do Harry’s razor blades last?

Harry’s razor blades tend to last longer than other blades from similar big-name competitors. It depends on the frequency of use, but Harry’s notes that its blades last anywhere from 6 to 8 shaves.

Where can I buy Harry’s razors?

Harry’s razors can be bought with ease online through Harry’s, but the brand is available at stores like Target and Walgreens.

Are Harry’s razors good for shaving head ?

While you might be looking to trim down your noggin, Harry’s does not recommend using its razors to shave your head. That goes for both its Winston and Truman blades.

Who Owns Harry’s Razors?

As of 2019, Harry’s is owned by Edgewell Personal Care, who also bought Harry’s German factory before acquiring the larger brand itself. Both of its original founders, however, are still heavily involved with the brand.

Can you take a Harry’s razor on a plane?

Harry’s razors can be taken on a plane in your carry-on bag, for all you frequent travelers who like a close shave on the road. To make the process even easier, Harry’s ships its razors with a helpful travel blade cover. The finishing touch, though, might be its toiletry bag for ease of access and use – and travel-sized Harry’s grooming essentials, of course.

Harry’s vs. Competitors

Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club

It’s like we said: The market for a close shave is a crowded one, and considering the in’s and outs of Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club is a wise decision for the well-groomed man. Like Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club has expanded its product lineup over time, focused on skincare and overall grooming as opposed to just shaving. Dollar Shave Club emphasizes its starter shaving kit, like Harry’s, but tends to place more of a focus on ongoing subscriptions than Harry’s (although it’s still easy to subscribe and save at Harry’s). Its blades, unlike Harry’s, are 6 blades, and it offers free shipping at a slightly lower threshold ($18 orders instead of Harry’s $30 order and free shipping policy).

Harry’s vs. Gillette

Gillette has always been a major player, a true giant in the world of men’s grooming. Harry’s doesn’t have quite the market share that Gillette does, and there’s hardly a guy out there that hasn’t used Gillette in some way, shape or form over the years. Gillette offers a wider portfolio of shaving products in terms of razor types than Harry’s, and also focuses on items like trimmers, as well as a full beard care line via its King C. Gillette brand. Gillette also launched an Intimate line designed for below-the-belt grooming.

Overall Impression of Harry’s

Harry’s is a prime brand for the modern man to consider in his shaving and grooming journey. While best known for its shaving products and its starter kit, plus its two flagship razors, Harry’s has done the hard work of expanding over the years in fine fashion. They now offer a full suite of men’s grooming products, one that covers just about every area of the body (aside from below-the-belt grooming). The brand does so using vibrant, modern colors and ergonomic designs in a variety of rich, masculine scents, too. 

Conclusion, Is Harry’s Worth Buying?

If you were wondering if Harry’s is worth buying, consider our answer a wholehearted yes. The brand’s razors are easy to buy, easy to use and easy to refill, and its shave gel and cream are some of the best in the business. Its line of body care products is also high-quality enough to stack up to other heavyweights in the business, and as with other major grooming brands, Harry’s makes it easier than ever to subscribe and save.

Harry’s allows you to round out your routine with face and beard care products, and a complementary set of travel products makes it simple for the guy on the go to keep his shaving routine intact. We also appreciate the brand’s quality, rich scents, the deep lather of products like its bar soap and body wash, and the focus on additional areas like mental health and wellness through better grooming. The next time you look to amplify your grooming routine, give Harry’s a serious look.

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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