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It seems that over the last few years, as guys have grown more invested in their own personal style and the clothes they wear, the rest of their lifestyle has followed suit. Take a daily grooming routine. What was once an afterthought is now as critical as any part of getting ready for a date or a day at the office. This is where Manscaped comes into play. Manscaped started with a focus on below-the-belt, groin care – as a way to inspire both hygiene and self-confidence. 

Since the brand’s founding in 2016, they’ve taken a deep dive into men’s grooming and personal care. They’ve successfully turned something that wasn’t talked about frequently into an important (and necessary) part of self-care and grooming. They’ve done it all while using richly crafted packaging, sleek designs and next-level technology in terms of both grooming products and devices. Our Manscaped review covers everything to know about this next-level grooming brand.

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5 Star Rating
Summary:  Manscaped is on a mission to become the ultimate men’s grooming brand, with a focus on below-the-belt and full body care.
  • Versatility: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is Manscaped?


Manscaped is a men’s grooming brand on a unique mission. Not even a decade old (the company was founded in 2016), Manscaped first kept things simple, focusing on groin grooming for guys. It’s a subject still not discussed all that much, but Manscaped has proven that caring for yourself, from your face to your groin to the rest of your body, is both crucial and yet, even easier than one might think. The brand focuses on a range of body and beard trimmers, including the well-known Lawn Mower groin and body trimmer, plus a recently introduced full line of skincare and beard care products. 

The company takes a fun, lighthearted approach to men’s grooming, and its modern packaging and product designs are also highly appealing. And the more you take care of your facial hair and body from head to toe, the better you feel, look and perform in all facets of life. Manscaped is about self-confidence and body health above all else, and our Manscaped review might just convince you to give the brand a shot. 

Manscaped Product Reviews

Manscaped Tools Review

Manscaped is known first and foremost for its array of grooming tools for men. The most famous of these is the body and groin trimmer The Lawnmower, which they’ve consistently improved over the years. The company now helps you trim everything from beard to nose hair, and they do so with sleek, tech-savvy designs.

The Lawnmower 4.0 Review

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0

Among the most famous (and guy-approved) of its products might be the Lawnmower 4.0. The original product is the design that put the brand on the map, and it seems to get better than ever with each passing season. The Lawnmower is a multi-use grooming tool with an adjustable guard design and skin-safe ceramic blades for a close trim in sensitive areas. It’s also waterproof for use in the shower, and finished with a crisply designed two-tone black look and a wireless charging system.

The Lawnmower 3.0 Review

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0

Before the Lawnmower 4.0 came the, well, Lawnmower 3.0, available for a slightly lower price tag yet promising uncompromising quality and similar performance. The Lawnmower 3.0 is less sleek than its 4.0 counterpart, but also features skin-safe blades and an ergonomic design. It also boasts a contrasting diamond-textured grip and an LED light. For good measure, it’s waterproof and easy to hold for use in sensitive areas – either is a safe bet for body grooming, according to our take in this Manscaped review. uts or irritation.

The Beard Hedger Review

Beard hedger

While Manscaped focused first on body grooming, leveling up into the beard care space was a logical next step. In fact, the introduction of the Manscaped Beard Hedger – as guys focused on growing out facial hair during various points of the pandemic – was a timely introduction. The Beard Hedger is incredibly easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic design. Plus, you can dial in the perfect beard and cut length with the easy-to-use Zoom Wheel that offers 20 different lengths for this waterproof, high-quality trimmer.

The Handyman Review

The Handyman

In need of a quick trim on the go without a ton of fuss or hassle? The Handyman is the latest Manscaped innovation to cater directly to the busy modern guy of today (like yourself). This compact dual-action foil shaver is travel-ready and yet doesn’t skimp on close-cutting, safe performance. Helpfully, it can be used as a foil shaver or a long-hair leveler, and comes with a quick five-minute charge-up option for lightning-fast, on-the-go trimming.

The Weed Whacker Review

Weed Whacker 2.0

The details make the difference in your daily wardrobe and certainly, in the world of men’s grooming. Manscaped knows this, which is why the brand doubled down on its mission to help you take care of the little things quickly and easily. If you’re noticing more nose hair than usual or haven’t quite had a proper trim in some time, this easy-to-use, safe nose hair trimmer charges up quickly with a USB port using the brand’s patented SkinSafe technology. It’s also waterproof and easy to hold, with an ergonomic design.

The Shears Review

The Shears 3.0

Remember what we said about the little details? Especially for something like date night, everything should be taken care of properly – including your nails. Sometimes an overlooked part of a guy’s grooming routine, Manscaped delivers yet another easy-to-use kit with plenty of necessary tools. From nail and toenail clippers to a handy steel nail file, the Shears Kit (in 2.0 and 3.0 editions) offers incredibly precise, safe nail grooming – again, from head to toe.

The Crop Shaver Review

The Crop Shaver

Shaving your groin area is a difficult and often tricky proposition. It’s got to be done the right way, and safely. Add the Crop Shaver to the long list of innovations that Manscaped is on a mission to perfect. The pivoting head and three-blade design delivers a clean, close shave, while lubrication strips deliver smoothness and comfort. It’s almost as if shaving your groin has never been this easy or effective, and that’s the Manscaped mission.

The Body Buffer Review

The Body Buffer

Exfoliation is no longer just reserved for your face, and Manscaped makes sure of that. The Manscaped Body Buffer delivers full-body exfoliation in an ergonomic, no-slip, food-grade silicone body scrubber with a triple-action effect. That means this downright-useful Manscaped innovation can nourish, clean and yes, exfoliate your skin all at once. Along the way, it can reduce ingrown hairs and properly clean hard-to-reach areas with no fuss.

Manscaped Formulations Review

Men’s grooming used to take nearly a one-size-fits-all approach, with few products available beyond, say, soap, shaving cream and aftershave. Those days are long gone, and Manscaped has plenty of formulations to prove it. They’ve made a full set of products to complement its lineup of useful grooming tools, and the results are as stellar as you might expect. Our Manscaped formulations review shows that this brand is about whole-body grooming and cleanliness.

Crop Preserver Review

Crop Preserver

It’s all too easy to feel chafed or uncomfortable below the belt, and it seems to “crop” up (pun intended) nearly year-round. That’s particularly the case in the warmer months, but regardless, the Manscaped Crop Preserver confronts the problem dead-on. Quick-absorbing and drying lotion with aloe vera, specifically formulated to be used below the belt, both acts as a moisturizer and deodorant for your package. It also delivers all-day protection, and we’d bet every guy can appreciate that.

Beard Shampoo Review

Beard Shampoo

Manscaped has broadened its focus well beyond just your hair and skin below the belt. Its Beard Shampoo carries on the company’s focus on quality formulations and performance, this time in a sensitive-skin-approved formula. The formula strips away dirt, grime and build-up, leaving your beard refreshed and soft. Plus, the eucalyptus and lavender scent is pleasing and vibrant – it’s fit for beards of just about any type.

Beard Conditioner Review

Beard Conditioner

Caring for your beard takes a careful approach, with more than just one step involved – this isn’t a bad thing when you’ve got quality products from Manscaped. After washing your beard, Manscaped’s Beard Conditioner delivers another useful shot of hydration and softness. This leave-in conditioner featuring shea butter, vitamin E and coconut oil is rich and nourishing. The formula also works for the skin beneath your beard, which is functionality we love.

Beard Oil Review

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a necessity for any guy who wants a well-groomed, nourished mane. Along with a full suite of beard products, Manscaped developed a carefully formulated beard oil that we personally love here at The Guy’s List. Jojoba seed oil and sweet almond add softness and nourishing moisture. The formula also works well even for guys with sensitive skin. The best part is, only a few drops can go a long way toward making your beard its best-looking (and feeling) yet.

Beard Balm Review

Beard Balm

A beard of any length can always use a leg up in terms of hold, styling potential and softness. That’s where the Manscaped Beard Balm comes into play. Use it in conjunction with Manscaped Beard Oil to tame stray hairs or attack flyaways, and use it to get right down to the follicle of your beard. It’s a thicker formula than beard oil, like a pomade for your beard. Beeswax and shea butter also make the difference when it comes to a super-soft finish for your facial hair.

Body Wash Review

Manscaped Body Wash

It makes perfect sense that Manscaped would round out its body care offerings with that most essential finishing touch: A body wash leaving you squeaky clean (to go along with your nourished beard and expertly trimmed body hair). Manscaped Body Wash uses a vegan formula that works into a luxurious lather, thanks to ingredients like aloe vera and sea salt. There’s also a silk and jasmine scent for an even more refined finish. And helpfully, it comes in a large 16oz. Bottle for consistently high-quality showers.

Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Shampoo and Conditioner

The hair on the top of your head deserves some care and attention as well, which Manscaped certainly knows. They’ve made it even easier to get a nourished, healthy and great-smelling head of hair by blending both shampoo and conditioner properties into one useful bottle. Ingredients like green tea and aloe make this non-greasy formula both soft and stimulating. And for god measure, the famed grooming brand used its sharp, great-smelling Refined scent to really elevate this 2-for-1 deal.

Deodorant Review


All of that extra attention paid to your below-the-belt grooming and your hair is all for naught if you don’t have the basics covered. A great-smelling, quality deodorant is a must to round out any grooming routine, and Manscaped has one that clears our high bar for a top-notch deodorant. It’s aluminum-free and clear-drying for all-day protection. It also comes in Manscaped’s famed Refined scent for an added shot of self-confidence.

Crop Cleanser Review


If Manscaped knows anything (and rest assured that one of the best men’s grooming brands knows how to get the job done), it’s that certain areas of your body require a bit more care than others. While you could use body wash or soap to clean your groin, Manscaped levels up again with its Crop Cleanser. This prebiotic, lathering formula has a specific blend of ingredients designed to work safely in tandem with your groin. You can even buy it in a two-pack to save a few bucks.

Crop Reviver Review

Crop Reviver

The Manscaped system is all about targeting the right areas, one after the other, with a clean, safe, smooth finish, especially below the belt. After you’ve used Manscaped’s distinctive system of below-the-belt care products, soothe your package with a special aloe vera and witch hazel-infused spray. It’s designed with odor defense in mind, and was also made to target and protect high-friction areas. Don’t end your next grooming session without it.

Crop Gel Review

Crop Gel

Just as you wouldn’t trust any old razor around your man parts these days (at least, not after reading our Manscaped review), the same goes for how you prep to shave. Of course, Manscaped has you covered (and then uncovered) with ease. This lubricating, multi-glide formula shave gel was designed for use below the belt, with a focus on sensitive skin. It’s also clear, so you can easily see what you’re shaving, and it’s free of parabens and other harmful chemicals.

Crop Exfoliator Review

Crop Exfoliator

Manscaped does as top-notch a job as any grooming brand on the market when it comes to making easy-to-use products that work seamlessly with one another. The Crop Exfoliator is but one of those products, but it’s got an extremely specific use. It’s meant to clean, clear up and exfoliate your groin area prior to shaving. That added touch should make it all the easier to get a clean, close shave in that most sensitive of areas. Volcanic rock exfoliates, while witch hazel (among other ingredients) soothes and softens before shaving.

Foot Duster Review

Foot Duster

Long days and nights do a number on your body, your feet included – and not just in terms of comfort. Foot odor and stink can build up, so in addition to going through your regular shower routine with Manscaped Body Wash (for instance), add yet another useful product to your rotation. The Manscaped Foot Duster spray deodorant is remarkably easy to use, and made with cooling tea tree (among other natural ingredients). It even defends against sweat while neutralizing odors.

Body Spray Review

Body Spray

No grooming routine is complete without the addition of a masculine, great-smelling scent – the kind that Manscaped Body Spray delivers, of course. The brand has developed a special 360° delivery spray system for all-over coverage, but that’s far from the only thing to love about this fine finishing touch. Unlike some other body sprays, it’s also hydrating in addition to being non-greasy. It also carries on Manscaped’s history of using cologne-quality scents throughout its entire product line.

Manscaped Lifestyle Products Review

Manscaped has been intensely dedicated to improving the lives of guys everywhere through grooming, and they’ve developed a legion of fans because of that approach. It only makes sense that this would lend itself nicely to what you might call the entire Manscaped lifestyle – in addition to grooming below the belt, you can then put on Manscaped boxers, an excellent cologne and even a Manscaped T-shirt. Go behind Manscaped lifestyle products as part of the rest of our Manscaped review.

Boxers 2.0 Review

Manscaped Boxers 2.0

Manscaped practically has the market cornered when it comes to caring for your groin and other sensitive areas. Doesn’t it only fit that the company would then develop the perfect pair of boxers to go along with its premium grooming tools? They’ve used a series of ingenious touches fit for any guy, including a patented Jewel Pouch for a secure and comfortable fit, complete with perforated, breathable performance fabric. These are pricier than your average pair of boxer briefs, but all the more worth it.

Cologne Review


Manscaped is of the idea that you needn’t overspend on a fancy designer cologne to smell great from day to night, and we appreciate that approach. Take your pick from two scents sure to please guys of every preference, including the clean and fresh, trademark “Refined” scent. They also make a woody lavender and bergamot scent known as “Persevere.” Both are made with cruelty-free ingredients and processes, so you can feel great about wearing your new favorite cologne.

T-Shirt Review

Manscaped T-Shirt

Want to really  show off your love for Manscaped? Want to do it in comfort and style? This clever Manscaped tee is made from premium cotton and nicely priced at under $20. It also shows off the Manscaped logo and the company’s famed tagline. Consider it a nice addition to your entire lineup of Manscaped products (since there are plenty of them worth shopping right now). 

The Shed Review

The Shed

Having access to a selection of the best men’s grooming products on the market is no good without the right way to carry and store said products. Manscaped checks off one of the final boxes in your quest for grooming excellent with The Shed. This water-resistant, textured bag showing off the Manscaped logo offers just enough to space to store your grooming essentials discreetly. You can even use it at home to keep tracking of your Manscaped must-haves.

Lip Balm Review

Lip Balm

Give chapped lips the boot with Manscaped’s compact, exceptional lip balm. This writer here at The Guy’s List swears by the stuff, and it comes in a useful three-pack, all the better to keep one with you and store one at your desk or in a coat pocket. Designed with a matte finish, this lip balm soothes and moisturizes. It also uses refreshing ingredients like peppermint for an appealing finish (it could be a new date night secret weapon, too).

Magic Mat Review

Magic Mat

Grooming below the belt or across the rest of your body can sometimes get a bit messy when it comes time to clean up. And yet, Manscaped found an excellent solution to that problem, too. Its disposable shaving mats are designed with funny, bold headlines, but they’re also super practical – stand over the mat (unfolded to the proper size for your bathroom surface) and then dispose of the clippings when done. Grooming is already easy with Manscaped, and just got even more efficient.

Manscaped Customer Service Review

For as easy as Manscaped makes it to groom and care for your body from head to toe, the fan-favorite grooming brand is also focused on high-quality customer care, too. They offer a series of FAQs designed for easy, instant answers, whether it comes to the brand’s Peak Hygiene Plan, order tracking or product questions. They also ship products within 1-3 business days. Helpfully, other extras take Manscaped customer service to the next level. 

Those additional touches include perks like a free T-shirt and free toiletries bag with purchases of product-packed bundles including the Performance Package 4.0. They also offer discounts to the military, first responders and healthcare professionals. And they’re committed to helping out customers with a members-only log-in and dedicated order assistance.

Manscaped Customer Testimonials

Once customers (like yourself, potentially!) try Manscaped, it seems they need little convincing to adopt the brand into an entire grooming routine or a new way of life. Many customers tend to report that Manscaped products have been a game-changer in terms of personal care and particularly grooming below the belt. Customers tend to love the close, safe shave of products like the Lawn Mower 4.0. Fans of the brand also note that its bundles, including premium options like the Platinum Package 4.0, tend to go above and beyond.

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Manscaped Pricing and Value

It’s all too easy to get scared away from trying out a grooming brand thanks to price. But one thing we love about Manscaped here at The Guy’s List is the bang for your buck you tend to get. Look closely at the Manscaped lineup, especially its range of formulations for your beard, skin and hair, and you’ll find that many products retail for under $30. Those prices drop even further when factoring in discounts. And things only get better from there, considering the effectiveness of Manscaped tools. 

Even Manscaped’s Lawn Mower and Beard Hedger are priced competitively within the market. Manscaped also offers helpful bundle options to add additional products at a discount. Namely, Manscaped groups its bundles by body area (like your beard or your groin. There are even limited-time offers to pick up premium bundles that offer a wide array of full-body products. It seems that the most expensive Manscaped grooming product on the regular is its flagship Lawn Mower, but even that price is agreeable, all things considered.

Manscaped Shipping & Delivery Review

Our Manscaped review notes that the brand is competitive compared to other companies when measuring its shipping and delivery processes. The company looks to fill orders within 1-3 business days, then ship them out in 3-5 business days. They also offer the option to track your order online once your confirmation is received, a must in this day and age. Manscaped also offers a 30-day return policy, although all bundles must be returned in their entirety. For good measure, Manscaped tools feature a 90-day warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manscaped

Does Manscaped Work on Balls?

Manscaped definitely works on balls, provided you use the right tools. The brand offers products made to shave both the groin area and balls separately, or in combination with one another. They even make a clear groin shaving gel and an aftershave spray for your groin. 

Is Manscaped Worth It?

We’re of the opinion that Manscaped is definitely worth it. The company tackles grooming from A-to-Z, with results that speak for themselves. If you’re looking to upgrade your below-the-belt grooming routine (or even your skincare or beard care routine), Manscaped checks plenty of the right boxes. 

Is the Lawnmower 4.0 Skin Safe?

Manscaped has taken great care with each edition of its Lawnmower to make its products as safe as possible. The Lawnmower 4.0 is definitely skin-safe, particularly thanks to Manscaped’s patented technology and safe blade design. 

Is Manscaped a Razor or a Trimmer?

Manscaped offers both razors and trimmers. Its Lawnmower 4.0, the brand’s most well-known product, is a trimmer, although it offers a three-blade groin razor and a safety razor for your face. Using separate Manscaped tools for different parts of your body can result in a highly upgraded grooming routine on the daily. 

Can You Shave Everything With Manscaped?

With Manscaped’s product lineup, you can tackle just about every area of your grooming routine. While one Manscaped product can’t quite take on every single area, picks like its groin razor and the Lawnmower trimmer can clean up your groin area safely. Items like the Weed Whacker can deliver a trimmed nose, while its Safety Razor can clean up your beard efficiently. You can shave just about everything with the Manscaped product lineup.

Manscaped vs. Competitors

Manscaped vs. Meridian

As guys have put more stock into their entire lifestyle and their grooming routine, even in hard-to-reach areas, other companies have taken notice. Meridian, like Manscaped, looks to remove the stigma from grooming for men. Meridian’s primary product is its ceramic-blade precision trimmer, which looks and performs similar in appearance to other Manscaped products, like the Lawnmower. They also make a nose trimmer and a groin spray.

Unlike Manscaped, Meridian offers its products in multiple vibrant colors, while also making a nail kit and travel bags. Meridian’s product designs also include a foot spray (like Manscaped) and boxer briefs for a head-to-toe approach. Yet unlike Manscaped, Meridian doesn’t offer a full lineup of face, skin and hair grooming products (like shampoo and beard oil).

Manscaped vs. Gillette Intimate

Gillette is a grooming brand that’s been around seemingly forever – perhaps you grew up learning how to shave using Gillette products, like your dad and grandfather before you. The brand has expanded in modern ways over the years, and recently introduced Gillette Intimate. The lineup is designed to, like Manscaped, make grooming more efficient and safe for guys, this time using Gillette’s trademark technology. 

They offer products like a razor with anti-friction blades specifically designed for your pubic hair. They also offer a groin trimmer with three lengths for ease of use, and unlike Manscaped, they offer a simple step-by-step guide on its main Web page showing how best to use each product, one after the other. If you want a large-scale brand with a name you’ve trusted for years, Gillette Intimate could be a worthy competitor.

Overall Impression of Manscaped

Manscaped has taken the grooming world by storm with each new product release, starting with its effective Lawnmower trimmer and building from there. The brand offers a true head-to-toe grooming approach, from your toenails to your groin, body hair, fingernails, hair and beard. The company continues to innovate and introduce new improvements to its flagship lineup, along with a wider range of face and skincare products – this is exciting news for guys (like yourself!) who want to be on the cutting edge. The brand delivers sleek, masculine designs and scents, and should prove helpful and easy to use.

Conclusion: Is Manscaped Worth Buying?

There’s no time like the present to rethink your grooming routine in every possible area, and that’s where Manscaped can come into play. We here at The Guy’s List think Manscaped is definitely worth buying. That goes for big-ticket items like the much-loved Lawnmower, but even its Handymade portable trimmer, its Weed Whacker nose hair trimmer and its body scrubber are highly useful men’s grooming upgrades.

Manscaped makes it easy to use its products right out of the box, thanks to wireless and USB-compatible, quick-charging designs. The brand also operates entirely within its own system – you can use Manscaped products seamlessly, one after the other, like its pubic area-specific shaving gel, its three-blade groin razor and the Lawnmower trimmer. And for the rest of your body, from your hair to your beard, the brand uses rich scents, expert formulas and high-quality ingredients to deliver your best-looking, best-feeling and best-smelling routine yet. We say that yes, Manscaped is absolutely worth buying.

Beau Hayhoe, the fashion guy, is our expert in all things men's fashion and grooming. Over the years Beau has written for some of the largest men's magazines and gained a deep understanding of the best brands, styles, and products for guys. You can catch Beau on his social media listed on his author page or by reading the rest of his catalog here on The Guy's List.

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