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No Days Wasted is a must-have if ever you’ve felt the impact of one too many nights on the town. The company offers scientifically-backed hydration products that are easy to use, easy to travel with and seriously effective. They’re also delivered in vibrant, fun packaging, and they help you get the most out of your days: Truly, no days are wasted when you buy into this stellar, science-based brand.

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No Days Wasted
5 Star Rating
Summary: No Days Wasted delivers premium, portable hydration solutions for nights out (and the day after). Its products are also suitable for athletes and frequent travelers, with a range of helpful Hydration Replenisher packets and the company’s famed DHM Detox Pills.
  • Selection: 5 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

What is No Days Wasted?

No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher 2

No Days Wasted is a game-changing supplements company that’s quite unlike plenty of other supplements companies out there. Specifically, the brand is backed by science and designed to deliver products that ease the pain of the day after a rough night out (or the dehydration that comes along with intense training or with frequent travel).
No Days Wasted uses a combination of products, like its powder-based Hydration Replenisher packets, plus its useful DHM Detox pills, to negate the harmful effects of one too many drinks, or of improper hydration.

They also make two types of helpful gummies (a Vitamin D Gummy and an Immunity Replenisher), all the better to bolster your immune system in the process. While its products are available for one-off purchases, they also offer options to subscribe and save (more on this in a moment).

How Does No Days Wasted Work?

No Days Wasted’s lineup of stellar hydration products are available for direct purchase online. They also offer the option to subscribe and save: Just as you might with one of the best clothing subscription boxes for men, you can select the products that fit your lifestyle the best, and then set up your delivery frequency.

No Days Wasted offers colorful, cool packaging and easy-to-use instructions: There are no gimmicks, no confusing lingo and plenty of high-quality hydration (and re-hydration) delivered every step of the way. Plus, by subscribing, you’re getting 25 percent off every order.

No Day’s Wasted Product Reviews

No Day’s Wasted DHM Detox Review

DHM Detox Image
The standout product of the No Days Wasted line is its DHM Detox. It’s an herbal blend of vitamins and antioxidants delivered via two compact capsules, with the goal of breaking down toxins found in alcohol (the number one culprit as to why you might not be feeling your very best the day after a long night out).

These pills can be taken as you’re out and about on the town – just not on an empty stomach, and the impact the next day is remarkable. They’ve received rave reviews for reducing “hangxiety” and headaches, nausea and fatigue. Once you try it, you won’t use any other solution (besides No Days Wasted, that is).

No Day’s Wasted Hydration Replenisher Review

No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher 5

If quick and easy hydration is what you need, you’ll be seriously impressed by the brand’s Hydration Replenisher. This writer certainly was — and as someone who also covers spirits, I need all the hydration I can get from time to time. No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher is, first and foremost, extremely easy to use – just pop open one of the packets, add it to anywhere from 12 to 20 ounces of water, stir and enjoy.

The impact is almost immediate in terms of energy, hydration and relief from typical symptoms of a hangover or dehydration. Plus, its flavors are excellent and quite delicious. Believe me when I say I can’t get enough of the efficient nature of the company’s Hydration Replenisher, and I imagine you’ll feel the same way.

No Day’s Wasted Vitamin D Gummy Review

No Days Wasted Vitamin D Gummies
Adding the right steps to your wellness routine seems to get easier than ever with No Days Wasted, at least in the opinion of this writer. Everyone can use a pick-me-up from time to time, and the sooner the better: Amp up your Vitamin D intake before you even need to do so with the brand’s Sunshine Gummy, which boasts delicious natural flavors and real-world impact. Add them to your morning routine to give your day a proper shot in the arm.

No Day’s Wasted Immune Support Gummy Review

support amazon 03

No Days Wasted also delivers a highly effective set of Immune Support Gummies, with the same goal as its Vitamin D Gummies: Step up your wellness routine in an easy, effective and impactful way before you even need to do so. Simply pop these gummies any time you feel like a jolt to your immune system is in order (especially during cold and flu season). I’ve also found these gummies delicious and highly impactful right from the get-go.

No Day’s Wasted Bundle Reviews

No Day’s Wasted Recovery Bundle Review

RecoveryBundle LemonLime

Another major benefit of the No Days Wasted system? The option to get everything you need for proper hydration. In this case, that includes 10 packets of the company’s outstanding DHM Detox (as the brand says, the “the vitamin for when you drink,” and 15 packets of its science-backed Hydration Replenisher. You’re getting electrolytes and immune system support in one handy package, and you can choose from four delicious Hydration Replenisher flavors.

No Day’s Wasted Life’s Moments Bundle Review

LifeMomentsBundle LemonLime
The ultimate goal of No Days Wasted is to get you back out there in fine form, even after a night on the town or a long cross-country trip. Those moments are meant to be savored, hence the Life’s Moments bundle. The bundle contains personal favorite products from No Days Wasted, including Immune Support and Sunshine Vitamin D Gummies, plus DHM Detox and the super-effective Hydration Replenisher. Think of it like everything you need to get back out into the world without missing a beat.

No Day’s Wasted Hydration Bundle Review

No Days Wasted Hydration Replenisher

The Hydration Bundle is exactly what it says it is, and that’s not a bad thing at all: The brand offers up 45 packets of its excellent Hydration Replenisher, all in an effort to make it easier on you (no more worrying about choosing between flavors). Each option is remarkably delicious compared to other competitor brands (more on those shortly), so this is an excellent way to stock up on high-quality, fast and effective hydration.

No Days Wasted Customer Service Review

As if next-level hydration and wellness wasn’t enough, No Days Wasted also makes it easy to shop with them, and you can’t quite ask for much more than that. The brand gives you the option to manage your subscription via text for ease of access, and they offer a very handy, informative section outlining FAQs. 

Beyond that, they offer fast service and free shipping in the United States, both major bonuses if you want quick access to the hydration you crave. They also offer a useful store locator in addition to a seamless online checkout process. From A to Z, No Days Wasted delivers outstanding customer service, and that’s a fact. 

NO Days Wasted Customer Testimonials

The even cooler part about No Days Wasted, beyond its outstanding lineup of products? How much the company’s devoted customers seem to love the brand, day in and day out.



No Day’s Wasted Pricing and Value

Unlike some other companies involved in the business of delivering efficient hydration, No Days Wasted is both upfront about its pricing and the discounts up for grabs, especially if you Subscribe and Save (remember, savings of 25 percent off on every order are up for grabs). 

Using the company’s Bundle options is also a way to save on your favorite No Days Wasted products, from its Immune Support Gummies to DHM Detox. For instance: A 15-pack of Hydration Replenisher is available for $34, a small price to pay for instant hydrat9ion. 

No Day’s Wasted Shipping & Delivery Review

One of the biggest perks about No Days Wasted, in addition to its stellar prices for both bundle and subscription options, is the opportunity to score free shipping in the U.S.A. That’s the sort of deal that doesn’t come around very often, so it’s worth securing some savings on fast, effective shipping. 

In addition to speedy service, the brand’s packaging for its products is colorful and cool, and there’s no space wasted within each box (a small but useful detail to keep in mind).

Frequently Asked Questions about No Day’s Wasted

How do you use No Days Wasted?

No Days Wasted can be used in several effective ways, but its Hydration Replenisher and DHM Detox are as easy to use as it gets. Hydration Replenisher electrolyte drink mix packets can be used either before bed or right away in the morning (just add to water and stir). DHM Detox can be taken in the course of a night out or right before, as the pills are easy to transport in their packet throughout a night on the town. Its gummies, meanwhile, can be taken as directed throughout the day. 

Does DHM really work?

In short: Yes, DHM from No Days Wasted is a life-saver of a product, one that just might change how you plan for (and experience) a night out. DHM as part of the brand’s DHM Detox stands for dihydromyricetin, which is designed to reduce the effects of toxins and inflammation. It’s a scientifically-backed product that actually works, and works very well at that. Gone are the post-night-out symptoms you might typically find, from nausea to “hangxiety” and more. 

When should I take DHM?

DHM can be taken during a night out (not on an empty stomach, however), or right before bed – it’s as easy as taking two capsules from the useful pill packet, and then continuing to (responsibly) enjoy your night on the town. 

Who is the owner of No Days Wasted?

No Days Wasted was founded in 2017 by former geophysicist and current CEO Nishal Kumar, and the brand is independently owned and operated. 

Are No Days Wasted Products Safe?

If taken correctly (particularly with the DHM Detox), products from No Days Wasted are highly safe, effective and remarkably well-made, backed by science. The brand uses in-depth research and careful formulas to get the most out of every product, and it shows in the impact of everything from its Hydration Replenisher to the DHM Detox. 

Can I return No Days Wasted?

No Days Wasted offers an outstanding risk-free purchase policy. That means within 30 days of delivery of your order, you can return for a full refund (limited to one box of DHM Detox if it happens to be your first order). Note that its Hydration Replenisher, Vitamin D gummies, and Immune Support gummies are not eligible for refunds

Is the Hydration Replenisher Vegan?

Yes, the Hydration Replenisher from No Days Wasted is vegan, just one more outstanding feature to love when it comes to this high-quality hydration solution. 

Where to buy No Days Wasted?

No Days Wasted can be bought online directly through the brand’s Web site for an easy and simple purchasing and shipping experience. The company also offers a handy Store Locator online, to find the closest source to you for some of the best hydration and wellness supplements on the market.

No Day’s Wasted vs. Competitors

No Day’s Wasted vs. More Labs

No Days Wasted certainly isn’t the only brand looking to mitigate the impact of a long night out. More Labs takes a slightly different approach than No Days Wasted: Although they also offer vegan products in colorful packaging, More Labs specifically focuses on morning recovery, offering a drink blend featuring electrolytes and more in a compact package. They also make products for work and sleep, and you can buy a bundle that contains packages targeting all three areas. 

No Day’s Wasted vs. Cheers

Cheers has dialed its focus down to core components like “Restore” (an after-alcohol aid) and “Relief” (designed for the morning after a night out). Similar to No Days Wasted, these products are available in powder form , but they also make a multi-vitamin. Dubbed as an Oral Hydration Solution, Cheers uses its own science based on World Health Organization research. The product line is also made in the U.S.A, specifically its Hydrating Powder. 

No Day’s Wasted vs. Fly By

FlyBy is all about total-body recovery, from its Recovery Capsules to wellness-focused supplements, and the company even sells massage guns to aid with aches and pains. Its gluten-free, non-GMO recovery capsules are designed to restore nutrients and support healthy liver function in the process, and they also offer an option to subscribe and save on recurring purchases. If you prefer a capsule-based approach, FlyBy is most similar to DHM Detox (and yet No Days Wasted might just take the cake with its Hydration Replenisher). 

No Day’s Wasted vs. Blow Fish

Blow Fish bills itself as America’s number one hangover recovery product, an impressive billing. The brand keeps things very simple, using fizzing tablets meant to be dissolved in water, with packs starting at 40 tablets (for personal use). The brand also offers a “Party Box”system for large groups and long weekends, and the tablets themselves feature a tasty lemon flavor that might prove suitable if you enjoy citru.

Overall Impression of No Day’s Wasted

No Days Wasted is a miracle worker of sorts, an easy solution for the day after a night of partying – as with its Hydration Replenisher – and an even easier way to jumpstart your recovery even as the night continues (with its DHM Detox). No Days Wasted is easy to use, easy to buy and made with both scientific research and delicious flavors top of mind. It’s also priced fairly and effectively, particularly if you subscribe to the brand on a regular basis. 


Pound for pound, No Days Wasted just might be one of the best wellness and recovery brands on the market. It’s highly effective for those who travel and train frequently, but the wonder of the brand is that it can be used for a night out and the day after with ease. 

The company delivers its fan-favorite products in colorful packaging and with delicious flavors top of mind, and its Gummies and DHM Detox are exceptionally high-quality. If hydration solutions are top of mind, give No Days Wasted a chance, and get your day back on track.

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