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Organifi has been steadily gaining traction in the supplement industry over the last few years with products like their green juice and red juice promising to help with stress and energy respectively. But, can their supplements really benefit their users, or is it another bloated company profiting off of pseudoscience and great marketing? We’re here to answer that question. Check out our Organifi review below where we cover some of the brand’s most popular products to dismantle any question you have before you decide whether or not to make a purchase.

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Summary: Organifi offers quality supplements at a great price. Made with plant-based options and subject to rigorous testing.
  • Selection: 5 stars
  • Quality: 4.5 stars
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What is Organifi?

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The supplement industry is fraught with fraudulent enterprises, supplements that promise everything and do nothing and get healthy quick scams that leave people to yo-yo dieting between undereating and overeating. Organifi set out with this in mind and positioned itself as the go-to supplement brand for plant-based supplements that aim to assist in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They understand that supplements should be an addition to a healthy diet with good exercise but have the potential to be the icing on the cake to really take your diet to the next level.

Starting with their most popular supplement, Green Juice, which like others, attempts to provide the benefits of eating a large variety of vegetables in one convenient powder that can be mixed with water and drank at any time. Creating the blend of vegetables to create a beneficial supplement was actually quite easy for the Organifi team. It took 52 iterations however to find a blend that tasted great, which challenged the rest of the industry.

Ever since Organifi has been developing supplements to aid in every aspect of an individual’s health, they make nutrition easy and delicious for everyone from expert athletes to beginners. This can be seen in their variety and easy-to-search website that breaks down each substance by its use and serves as more than just an online store but an entry-level education source on each product. Check out their full story here.

Organifi Review: Why Choose Organifi?

Organifi’s supplements are plant based making them an obvious pick for vegan supplement seekers. However, there is far more to the brand than being vegan-oriented. Their commitment to quality is a reason to choose them alone. They subject each batch of supplements to COA (Certificate of Analysis) testing done by a trusted lab. This tests each batch for microorganisms & pathogens, heavy metals, chemical pesticides/fertilizers, synthetic herbicides/fungicides, GMOs, glyphosate, and gluten, among other things. This is more than required or done by any other supplement company.

Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice

Easily the most popular and tested supplement by Organifi. Green Juice offers all the benefits of a vegetable-heavy diet in a convenient and great-tasting powder. Designed to help your body reset and release stress Green Juice is the ideal supplement for the working professional and body builder alike. Vegetables are something many of us do not get enough of and and true to its name Green Juice can help. Just be sure to make still an effort to include some veggies in your diet. Green Juice and all other supplements are just that, additions to a proper diet. Whole vegetables offer additional fiber and other benefits no juice can. That being said we see no reason that Green Juice should not be included in your daily routine!

Red Juice

Organifi Red Juice

Red Juice is another common supplement throughout the industry meant to offer the benefits of a diet including a range of berries. Benefits such as an increase in the number of antioxidents consumed and a natural energy boost. Although berries are much more common in people’s diets when compared to vegetables, getting a variety in can be difficult. That is where we see the biggest benefit for Red Juice users. If you are looking for an easy way to get in more berries this is a great way to do so. Oh, and did we mention it tastes even better than their Green Juice without any added sugar?


Organifi Gold Juice

The previous 2 supplements on our list were more oriented towards the start of the day but Gold Juice is meant to help with relaxation, rest, and ending your day right. Also contrary to the other two this supplement has a much more deep, rich tase with cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and chocolate all being featured flavors. Gold can also drink warm as a nighttime tea. All around Gold separates itself from the others on this list in the best way and is certainly worth checking out if you want a healthy way to unwind at night and help with your body’s recovery.

Supplement Kits

Organifi Kit

Supplement Kits are a great offing from Organifi that allow you to try a variety of supplements for a discounted price. As you can see the image above includes the 3 supplements listed in this article but you can build your own or choose from their pre-made options that include their protein, liver reset, critical immune, and really any other products they sell. Check them out below as a great entry into the world of Organifi supplements!

More From Organifi

Our review above is a great overview of the brand but Organifi has more to offer in the way of products including a plant based protein powder, liver reset supplement, and critical immune supplement. Check out their full offerings on their site to see how Organifi can fit into your life!

Conclusion: Is Organifi Legit?

Despite the large number of scams that do occur in the supplement industry, Organifi is one of the few true players offering high-quality supplements to benefit your health. They have clearly done their research, created great products with the customer in mind, and built a brand that services nearly every aspect of an individual’s health in a convenient and delicious way. They clearly understand their place in the market and don’t falsely advertise quick solutions or miracle supplements. Use their supplements in addition to a healthy diet, as they suggest, and we think you will see great benefits!

What Do Customers Say About Organifi?

Organifi has been making its rounds throughout the fitness industry as one of the go-to brands for healthy lifestyle supplements to boost training, recovery, and overall well-being. Check out what a couple of their most notable customers have to say!

“Not only is Gold one of my top sleep supplements I use personally, but also it helps my nervous system and my stomach calm down at the end of the day in the evening, especially if I’ve had a stressful day.
Josh Trent, Wellness Force Radio
“It makes me feel amazing. It’s how I start my day. I wake up looking forward to it everyday, even more than my coffee. That’s how I know it’s really good.”
Christine Hassler, Over It And On With It Podcast

Organifi Alternatives

Athletic Greens

You have probably heard of Athletic Greens or AG1 recently as they have been making a huge push with their marketing campaign. They have been on nearly every podcast and are quickly becoming one of the most popular Green powders on the market. They make a great product meant to help support the digestive and immune system, boost energy, and improve recovery. While Athletic Greens makes a great product they do not offer the same variety of supplements that Organifi does. However, if you are not a fan of Organifi’s Green Juice then Athletic Greens would certainly be worth a look!


One of the most popular protein powder brands, known for their amazing tasting products, Ghost is another great source for supplements. They offer a green supplement, pre-workout in many flavors, BCAA’s, just to name a few. All of their products offer high quality ingredients that, when used correctly and in combination with a good diet, can benefit anyone health goals. Where they really shine is their taste though. If you are one of the few who does not like the taste of Organifi’s supplements than Ghost’s products are certainly worth a look.

Organifi FAQs

Where to Buy Organifi?

You can certainly buy Organifi supplements online with the links provided above or at their website. They are also available on Amazon and most major retailers in stores.

Does Organifi Green Juice Have Caffeine?

Very little, around 3-4mg’s of trace caffeine from the matcha. Check out more information on Green Juice from Organifi.

Does Organifi Help You Lose Weight?

Organifi can help with weight loss depending on the supplement. Many of their offerings help curb cravings and boost metabolism which will help you stay on your diet and achieve weight loss that lasts.

Does Organifi Offer a Discount?

Yes, The Guys List actually has a discount code setup for our readers. Check out our Organifi discount codes page to see all of our exclusive Organifi promos. Or just head to their site and use the code: TGL20 for 20% off your order. This is the best Organifi coupon code you will find online!

Does Organifi Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, only on orders over $150 though.

Is Organifi a Scam?

No, all of our experience with the brand and its history shows they care about their customers and offer beneficial products backed by science.

John Shackleton, the wellness guy, is the Head Performance Coach for Villanova Men's Basketball. John is our trusted source for all health & nutrition information. Check out more that he has written for The Guy's List and follow his socials linked on his author page!

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