Ridge Wallet in Tobacco Brown Leather

If you’ve put a lot of thought into what you’re wearing on the daily, the boots you’re lacing up and the shirt that makes up your look, it follows that the small details are of equal importance. Take your daily carry, for instance. A great wallet, one packed with design features and space for your essentials, is the cornerstone of an everyday carry. Helpfully, Ridge Wallet has the market cornered and specializes in streamlined, highly functional wallets and money clips every guy can appreciate. Take a deeper dive into what makes this brand so essential with our Ridge Wallet review.

What Makes A Great Wallet?

  • Durability in design
  • High-quality materials for long-lasting performance 
  • A slim profile for easy carrying on the daily 

A great wallet should have several things going for it. Durability is key, whether opting for a leather wallet or a wallet made the way Ridge does it – with modern materials like titanium and a slim, streamlined design. A great wallet should also fit comfortably into your jacket pocket or pants pocket (yes, the front pocket). Gone are the days of overly bulky wallets packed with old receipts and coupons (George Costanza, we’re looking at you).

What are the Benefits of A Good Wallet

  • Streamlines your essentials and provides instant access
  • Removes bulk from your look while making travel a breeze
  • Adds personality and style to your everyday carry 

A good wallet, first and foremost, makes it ridiculously easy to carry cards, cash and other essentials without too much fuss. It features enough space for critical cards, your ID and (in most cases) cash, so you’ll never be caught in a bind. A great wallet is also made with comfort in mind – slim wallets that slide easily into a denim pants pocket or your interior blazer pocket remove the bulk and any unsightly lines from your look. 

And a great wallet gets better with age, which is certainly what our Ridge Wallet review found these days. Your wallet, like the boots you wear or the watch on your wrist, says something about your personality – it should be stylish, well-designed and functional, all at once. Ridge wallets hit the mark quite handily in this regard, merging modern materials with sleek design in its card cases and wallets. In fact,a  great wallet should feel like you’re carrying nothing at all, and Ridge wallets do that while remaining highly useful for the modern man.

What to Look Out For

Pay close attention to these crucial features. First, examine the material of your wallet closely. Many Ridge wallets feature a bit of everything, from handsome leather to aluminum and titanium. There are even extremely cool carbon fiber wallets from Ridge that use ultra-futuristic material and design. Next up, look out for the size of your wallet. Ridge wallets are extremely thin and feature varying sizes for holding different numbers of cards and valuables. Some even come with a money clip attachment. Pay attention to the style and build of your wallet – do you want a rich brown leather wallet or do you want to show support for your NFL team with, say, a Ridge Chicago Bears wallet?

Ridge Wallet Features

  • Crafted from materials like aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber or leather 
  • Some can hold as many as 12 cards
  • Features RFID-blocking technology 

Flagship wallets like the Tobacco Brown Leather Ridge Wallet hit the right mark from the brand, and they’re a fine example of why we think so highly of them in our Ridge Wallet review. Featuring a protective finish and the ability to add AirTag tracking, the Tobacco Brown Ridge Wallet (a team and customer favorite) boasts space for up to 12 cards, as do many other Ridge wallets. Ridge wallets also come with  a 99-day risk-free trial, an excellent feature to ensure you’re loving your purchase. 

And best of all is the ultra-thin design that Ridge wallets have helped pioneer. Despite the ability to carry as many as 12 cards, Ridge wallets are streamlined and minimalist, all the better for consistent use that doesn’t get in the way on your commute or nights around town. And they even include features like RFID blocking for another tech-savvy, useful design touch. If it seems like Ridge wallets have thought of everything, that’s because, well, they have.

Ridge Wallet Drawbacks

  • Some might prefer a wallet with a slightly thicker design
  • Not as easy to carry cash as with a standard billfold wallet 
  • 12 card slots in most Ridge wallets might prove too excessive for some

As with other everyday carry essentials, there’s still some debate out there as to the drawbacks of a Ridge wallet. While the super-thin design is innovative and futuristic, there’s a chance some might prefer the more traditional look and feel of a leather billfold wallet or a standard leather card case. And while materials like aluminum and titanium are highly durable, the look of Ridge wallets itself is a bit more casual, which might make it a difficult EDC option if you’re dressed for a more formal occasion. 

Plus, although you can add money clip attachments and other features to Ridge wallets, it’s not as easy to carry cash with a standard Ridge wallet as a traditional option. And while us guys need access to essentials at a moment’s notice, there’s a chance that 12 card slots in some Ridge wallets might actually prove too many. These are all considerations we’ve kept in mind during our Ridge wallet review.

Is it worth getting a Ridge Wallet?

Ridge Wallet Titanium Wallet

Once you’ve upgraded your wallet game and your everyday carry, you might say there’s no going back . That’s certainly the case with Ridge Wallet, as we found in our Ridge Wallet review. The verdict is in, and we say it’s certainly worth getting a Ridge wallet. Boasting an incredibly low-profile, minimal design and some of the highest-performing materials in the business, like aluminum and titanium, Ridge Wallets are durable, reliable, and rugged.

Materials like handsome full-grain leather add a shot of style to Ridge wallets, which manage to hold up to 12 cards in a clean, slim design. The brand also offers  a 99-day risk-free trial for ease of purchasing and testing. And to help every facet of your life, the brand partners with organizations like the NFL on team-branded wallets for an added dash of fandom. The company’s wallets are easy to carry, and while some might find them too slim, we wholeheartedly endorse what Ridge Wallet is doing right now. Upgrade your next wallet accordingly.

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