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New trends are always popping up in the health and wellness industry. In the past fasting, kale, and apple cider vinegar shots have all had their time. Even as a fitness expert and can be hard to predict what will grab the public’s attention and more importantly what will have a lasting impact to remain a part of people’s daily routine. Today, cold plunges are all the rage and have been the topic of countless articles and influencer campaigns, which have convinced many people, including many athletes and fitness experts to invest in high-quality cold plunge tubs.

The science behind cold plunges is certainly legit and they can help with everything from recovery and fat loss all the way to mental health improvement, but are the companies as legit as the science behind their products? Shark Tank investment recipient and one of the earliest movers in the cold plunge game, Plunge, promises to be one of the most versatile cold plunges on the market, along with a whole slew of product add-ons for seamless use. But, is it worth the high price tag? In this article, we will look at all their products, mission statement, my experience with the brand, and others’ experiences to answer that question.


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5 Star Rating
Summary: Plunge is one of the original brands that spawned the cold plunge hype and offers and amazing product for an affordable cost compared to other giants in the industry. They are a full lifestyle brand with plenty of accessories and a sauna on the horizon to fully support their customers needs.
  • Look: 4 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

Plunge Video Review

What is Plunge?

Plunge Founders

Plunge is a company defined by innovation, a value instilled by founders Ryan Duey and Michael Garret. After Ryan’s original company went under in 2020 he began searching for ice baths in his free time. After discovering their immense cost and lack of features he and Michael started to plunge. Fast forward a couple of years and a Shark Tank deal later and Plunge is now the foremost brand in the cold plunge industry. 

Today Plunge is used by celebrities like Andre Huberman and athletes like Tony Hawk to help keep their bodies and minds in the best shape possible. They have expanded far beyond their original model and offer tons of features, add ons, and even offer a sauna now for those who want heat therapy as well as cold therapy. They are a brand that truly cares about their product and have shown that through years of consistent innovation and nothing seems to be slowing down. As far as their story goes Plunge definitely seems like the real deal.

Plunge Product Review

Cold Plunge Review

Marc Megna in a cold plunge

Easily Plunge’s most popular product, and likely the reason you are reading this review. Their cold plunge has made waves throughout the industry and can be heavily adjusted to fit your needs. They offer two sizing options which will comfortably fit anyone up to 6 foot 1 without needing to bend their knees. You can also upgrade you’r model to double as a hot tub to provide both hot and cold therapy when you need it.

Personally, I find that the Plunge cold plunge is the perfect ice bath solution. It’s minimalist design ensures that it will fit into any environment and homestyle without looking out of place. It is simple to operate and gets up to temperature quickly on the pro model cooler, all though if you don’t have it in the budget I am sure the regular cooling is just fine. The phone holder is a great addition included in every model and the cover is super useful for keeping my tub clean.

If you were on the fence I hope I swayed you to pickup a Plunge. They are a great way to start the day and I always feel like I have a clearer mind and a healthier body each time I use it. I highly recommend Plunge!

Plunge Sauna Review

Plunge Sauna

Recently the benefits of saunas have started to become more and more intriguing to workout enthusiasts, athletes, and health experts. Specifically their ability to increase longevity and heart health.

Just like their cold plunge, Plunge has spared no expense on their sauna. The simple wooded design is appealing and it’s included sauna stones and wifi controlled HUUM heater are great. You can also get it in an XL option, just like the plunge, if you feel like you want extra room or multiple people will be using the sauna at once. Unfortunately, the saunas are still on pre-order but if you have the space and like the wooden design then I think this sauna is one of the best on the market.

Plunge Gear Reviews

Plunge is more than just a wellness brand they are a lifestyle company with a dedicated fanbase. Check out some of the apparel and accessories they sell for true cold plunge fanatics!

Plunge Apparel Review

Plunge’s apparel is not your typical basic shirts. Instead they use clothing as a way to add to the cold plunge experience and brand. You can get slippers, bath matts, and mugs to help you warm up after your Plunge. They are all high quality with basic designs to match the tub.

Plunge Rebounder Review

Plujnge designed the rebounder as the perfect post plunge activity to get your blood pumping and loosen up after a couple minutes in near freezing water. The rebounder trampoline is one of the more affordable on the market and yet seems to match up with any trampoline I have been on. I think it pairs best with plunges that are outdoors but its your call as long as you don’t mind a plunge themed trampoline in your backyard.

Plunge Neck Pillow Review

Their neck pillow is one of my favorite accessories and I would almost consider it a must purchase with your plunge. It makes the experience much more comfortable and is perfect for morning plungers. It comes in 2 colors and is made of 100% silicone which is squishy enough to lay your head on for a few minutes, long lasting, and most importantly, waterproof.

Plunge Snorkel Review

I don’t particularly find use for the plunge snorkel since I find dunking my head suffice enough. But, for those who do want to spend a while under water i think the plunge snorkel is a unique and useful addition to your purchase.

Plunge Customer Service Review

I have had the opportunity to work with the Plunge customer service team a couple times now and everytime has been great. Despite their rapid growth over the last 3 years they have managed to keep that small business feel making you feel valued and cared for as a customer anytime you need anything. I got the sense that no matter what my issue, there would always be a solution at the end. Something I can’t say with big box manufacturers who after 5 calls and 10 emails will leave you with no solution and a ton of money and time wasted.

Plunge Customer Testimonials

Even though the brand has only been around for a handful of years now, they have racked up their fair share of customers. Many of them have been kind enough to share their thoughts on how Plunge has helped them. Check out what a few of their customers have said below to see first hand how Plunges products have helped people achieve their goals and better their lives!

Plunge Customer Review 1 Plunge Customer Review 2

Plunge Pricing and Value

It is no surprise that Plunge has one of the best value propositions in the cold plunge industry. It is the reason they started and they really dominate when it comes to quality compared to price. Many brands that have even half the versatility and features of The Plunge are nearing, if not in, the tens of thousands of dollars price bracket. So although 5-7k may seem like alot, it is a bargain compared to its competition.

Plunge Shipping & Delivery Review

Again, Plunges operations are astounding for how quickly they have grown. Unfortunately they are only able to ship within the U.S. currently but that is really the only complaint I can mention. They give you the dimensions to measure your space before delivery, place it in its location, take care of the trash, and offer a quick setup video to help you get your tub up and running in just 15mins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plunge

What is a cold plunge good for?

Cold plunges have many benefits including boosting your immune system, relieving muscle soreness, decreasing recovery time, temperature regulation, and improved mental clarity. Many people use them to help kickstart their day and recover from yesterdays workout.

How long to cold plunge?

A good goal would be to stay in the tub for 3-5 mins. Going beyond this time does not carry much if any additional benefit and going too long can even be harmful. Be sure to work your self up to this time and down in temperature the more you cold plunge.

How cold should a cold plunge be?

Starting off between the high 40’s and low 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a good idea but you can work down as cold as your tub can go. For Plunge this is 39 degrees.

Is the cold plunge inside or outside?

Plunge’s cold plunge can be placed indoors or out depending on what fits your space and lifestyle best. The tub also comes with a cover so you never have to worry about anything outdoors getting in.

Is it OK to cold plunge every day?

Yes! This is in fact one of the best ways to increase your tolerance and increase the benefits you receive from your Plunge. Many people also report that using a cold plunge everyday helps improve their mental clarity and focus.

Does cold plunge burn fat?

So far it is not certain whether or not cold plunges help burn fat. It is known that they increase the amount of brown fat your body has. This is a healthy fat that helps with temperature regulation, insulin/blood sugar control, and helps the body burn calories. All this suggests that cold plunges can help you lean up but more testing is still being done.

Can you cold plunge while pregnant?

If you choose to cold plunge while pregnant you need to be careful. If you typically max out the low end of your tub’s temperature going back up to 59 degrees would be smart. It may not offer all the benefits of the colder temperature or even feel cold to you but you will maintain the same benefits and can go back to your regular plunging after pregnancy.

Does Plunge offer discount codes?

Buying a Plunge unit is certainly quite the investment. Luckily for you, The Guy’s List has an exclusive Plunge discount code. Use our code TGL150 for $150 off your Plunge unit. This is the best available discount you will find for Plunge.

Plunge vs. Competitors

Plunge  vs. Redwood Outdoors

Redwood Outdoors is another premium hot and cold therapy company. Although their cold plunges are great, their saunas are where they really stand out. They have a large selection of options and spare no expense. With a clean-looking wood finish and options for both in and outdoors, they are the place to go for saunas if you have no budget. Plunges cold tub offerings are better in my opinion but definitely check out both brands before making your final decision. 

Plunge vs. Ice Barrel

Ice barrel is a slightly cheaper option for those looking to save a grand or so but they do not have has much space and ability to lay down in their tub like plunge does. Their design is also less minimalistic and stands out much more. Some people may prefer their design but I personally like the Plunge’s cold tub more for their simple design and width. Ice Barrel also doesn’t have a heating option.

Overall Impression of Plunge

Plunge is a brand that is owned and operated by experienced entrepreneurs who are clearly dedicated to building more than just a product but a lifestyle. Their feature product, the cold plunge, is the best ice bath on the market and has tons of useful accessories and features for a great price. The sauna is also worth a look and possibly even a pre-order but time will tell if it’s truly better than the heavy hitters.

Conclusion, Is Plunge Worth Buying?

For Plunge’s featured product, the cold plunge, it’s a no-brainer for me. The simple design, countless features, and dedicated community all contribute to it being a great pickup for any cold water therapy enthusiast. It also just so happens to be on the cheaper side when it comes to tubs with automatic cooling and heating.

Their newly added sauna on the other hand is a different story. It’s still in the pre-order stage, and although i’m confident it will be good, time will tell. If you are in a time crunch or want to spend a little extra money on proven brands, Redwood Outdoors is a great option. 

No matter what you chose, Plunge has proven themselves to be a premier brand and a staple in the wellness and fitness industry that I am confident will be here for years to come.

Marc Megna, the fitness guy, is the Co-Founder and Chief Body Architect at Anatomy Fitness. Marc is a leading authority in the fitness industry and has offered his expertise to our readers through each of his articles for The Guys List. Be sure to also check out his socials on his author page!

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