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For the busy modern man on the go, efficiency is the name of the game. That’s where the best subscription boxes for men come into play, especially from a company like Bespoke Post. The New York City-based company nearly has the market cornered with subscription boxes and stylish goods of all sorts for guys, from bar cart essentials to home goods, menswear and more. We’re taking a deep dive to find out if Bespoke Post is worth it.

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Bespoke Post
5 Star Rating
Summary: Bespoke Post not only delivers effective, highly engaging subscription boxes, but they also offer a well-stocked online shop. They cover all the bases for guys who want high-quality value finds every month.
  • Style: 5 stars
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Value: 5 stars

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What is Bespoke Post?

Bespoke Post Products

Bespoke Post is a direct-to-consumer subscription service and online shop for the stylish, modern man. The brand, founded in 2011 by two business school classmates, evolved from a two-fold idea: Blending the world of E-commerce with the idea of a subscription service curated solely for stylish guys. 

The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, with a focus on curating seriously cool goods for men across the board. Joining the Bespoke Post Club is easy (signing up is free) and doing so gets members access to a curated set of “boxes” each and every month. 

Those boxes cover everything from bar cart essentials to travel gear to menswear, like shirts, caps, EDC accessories and more. Unlike other subscription bundles, which tend to focus solely on one area (be it menswear or bar cart accessories), Bespoke Post switches things up from month to month – there’s a wide array available with each turn of the calendar. 

The brand had more than 300,000 subscribers as of 2021, with interest seemingly only on the rise. Today, they stock menswear and gear from the likes of Filson and Taylor Stitch, while also producing stylish, useful picks for men from its own line of in-house brands, like Line of Trade.  

Bespoke Post Reviews

Bespoke Post Box

Bespoke Post Membership Review

There’s plenty to love about signing up for Bespoke Post and becoming a member of this ultra-cool club of sorts. For one, it’s free to sign up, with just a few clicks through the Bespoke Post Membership page (check out that link below). Like other subscription boxes, first-time users take a short quiz that delivers a customized profile of their interests and preferences. 

From there, let the fun begin. New boxes hit the site each and every month, running the gamut from travel gear (like a weekender bag and toiletry kit) to other stylish essentials (like a flannel shirt and beanie in the fall), each curated with an eye toward the current season. There are also outdoor gear selections, like a pocket knife, plus useful odds and ends for camping and hiking, for instance – all curated from small brands with an emphasis on quality.

The best part is, these boxes are a fantastic value, often packing in hundreds of dollars worth of value and gear for just $49 for members. Non-members, meanwhile, can buy boxes for $70, which isn’t a bad deal either (and members aren’t charged until each box ships). But given the variety of gear options in each box each month, it’s an incredible deal any way you slice it.

Bespoke Post Shop Review

Bespoke Post Kitchen Products Review

Kitchen utensils in a glass jar

A guy’s space should be stylish and well-curated throughout, even in the kitchen. Bespoke Post scours the market for the coolest kitchen essentials, from cutlery to dishes, spices, hot sauces, recipe books and more. It all comes together to make for your best kitchen set-up yet, complete with the right tools for the job (like the Messermeister UV Light Knife Block, a seriously sweet way to store your favorite knives).

Bespoke Post Bar Products Review

Skull Decanter from Bespoke Post being held in hand

If you thought you had your home bar set-up complete, think again: Bespoke Post’s incredibly well-curated offering is enough to make you want to revamp your bar cart entirely. From a range of impossibly cool decanters – including the Codex Decanter with Metal Skull Stopper – to stylish whiskey tasting glasses, cocktail books and bar tool kits, Bespoke Post has everything you could possibly need to make your home bar its very best. They even sell bar condiments like bourbon cherries, bitters and Old Fashioned Mix, to name but a  few favorites.

Bespoke Post Outdoor Products Review

Bespoke Post Outdoor Products

The great thing about Bespoke Post is the fact that the famed DTC retailer goes so far beyond just subscription boxes and typical menswear (although both of those are pretty great categories). Just take a look at what they can do with the best outdoor gear for your next seasonal getaway. They’ve managed to track down some of the coolest small outdoor gear brands – and some of the biggest. They stock everything from camping equipment to hiking essentials, outdoor knives and tools, and even pieces that look cool either back in your cabin or on the trail – like the Adler Axes Canoe Axe. Bespoke Post wants you to get out there and get after it.

Bespoke Post Everyday Carry Products Review

Bespoke Post Everyday Products on stands against a black background

It’s oftentimes the very little things that make or break an #OOTD or an outdoor adventure (or simply your commute or day at the office). That’s where your everyday carry (or EDC) enters the equation: It covers everything from your wallet to the watch on your wrist to your trusty pen and notebook. The great news is, Bespoke Post has each of these boxes checked handily, with style, functionality and even a dash of fun and innovation thrown in. The Wren Karst Waterproof Field Journal and Pen Set is a perfect example of what Bespoke Post does best: Daily essentials upgraded with rugged functionality and distinction in mind.

Bespoke Post Mens Clothing Products Review

Bespoke Post tee shirt on man having a drink

If we’ve said it before, we’ll go right ahead and say it again: Bespoke Post is so much more than just one of the best subscription boxes. The retailer offers up stylish essentials in its monthly boxes, but it’s the Bespoke Post Men’s Clothing Shop that delivers ready-made access to some truly neat menswear finds from your favorite brands. You’ll find rugged, perfectly crafted essentials like tees, short and long-sleeve shirts, denim and more from brands like Taylor Stitch and Faherty, for starters.

But it’s the in-house line of Bespoke Post brands that separates the DTC retailer from the pack. They take the subtle and simple, like the personal favorite Line of Trade Sturdy Tee, and update it with better fabrics and fits. You’ll also find unique pieces like retro camp collar shirts and breezy boardshorts, all the better for casually cool times.

Bespoke Post Footwear Products Review

Man wearing Bespoke Post boots

You truly can build an outfit from head to toe by only shopping Bespoke Post, which assuredly makes it one of the best online menswear shops for guys. Repeat after us: Bespoke Post does way more than just clothing subscription boxes, and it’s worth keeping in mind how tough that can be to pull of at times. From cozy slippers for the home to rugged boots for the trail and stylish sneakers for summer, the Bespoke Post Shoe Shop is anything but standard: Just look at the durable, versatile Forsake Wild Sky Mid, or any of its handsome, made-to-last leather boots.

Bespoke Post Accessories Review

Bespoke Post accessories laid out on table

You don’t often know the things you can’t live without until, well, you find yourself in a bind and need, say, a durable belt, or a slimmer wallet, or the right watch for the occasion at hand. For those key categories and well beyond, there’s Bespoke Post. They’ve managed to unearth some of the most stylish, effective accessories for men, be it a wallet with RFD blocking power or a classic watch like the Timex Waterbury Traditional Chrono

The Accessories Shop at Bespoke Post also serves up all the gear you need to haul those accessories, including trail-ready backpacks and messenger bags. And for when the sun peeks through the clouds, pick up some fashionable shades from the retailer – like we said, they’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Bespoke Post Grooming Products Review

Bespoke Post grooming products on shower table

So, Bespoke Post has your wardrobe covered, they’ve taken care of your footwear rotation and your bar cart… what’s next? That’s easy: Some of the best grooming products for men can also be found at Bespoke Post, and it’s an astonishingly thorough A-to-Z approach. Whether you want some new cologne, a new shaving set or manscaping tools, it’s all within the Bespoke Post Grooming Shop, with a little something extra, like the Tooletries Shower Drink Holder, included.

Bespoke Post Customer Service Review

Bespoke Post is nothing if not transparent when it comes to the small, independent brands it works with, plus the categories it sells and the gift guides it curates. That extends to its customer service, as well. Bespoke Post is thorough with its guide to shipping and delivery (subscription boxes ship between the 6th and 15th of each month, for example), with a jam-packed FAQ section available on the Bespoke Post Web site. 

There’s also a helpful E-mail address available for questions, but the coolest part about Bespoke Post customer service might be its texting service for any questions. Bespoke Post commits to its customers with attention to detail, processing returns in 2-3 weeks and offering full replacements or store credits for broken or damaged orders. Plus, they serve up a helpful guide to subscription boxes, and you can find it all online at Bespoke Post with just a few clicks – the brand’s customer service is A-plus.

Bespoke Post Customer Testimonials

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Bespoke Post, it’s that the jack-of-all-trades retailer has plenty of satisfied customers. Customers seem to love the variety of Bespoke Post subscription boxes, the effective and efficient delivery and return process, and the overall experience.

Bespoke Post Customer Review 1 Bespoke Post Customer Review 2 Bespoke Post Customer Review 3

Bespoke Post Pricing and Value

It’s hard not to love plenty of different things about Bespoke Post, starting with each unique monthly subscription box – for both members and non-members. Those subscription boxes deliver incredible value, often with multiple items that would normally retail for hundreds of dollars, yet members get those boxes for under $50. The rest of its Web shop goes on sale from time to time, but no product at Bespoke Post seems to be too outrageously expensive for what you’re getting – from a cool decanter to a must-have flannel shirt or pocket knife.

Bespoke Post Shipping & Delivery Review

Just as with shopping online at Bespoke Post, the brand’s shipping and delivery is about as straightforward as it gets. By the 15th of each month (and often sooner), Bespoke Post subscription boxes ship out via USPS, with Bespoke Post Shop orders over $95 earning free shipping. Standard U.S. shipping in the lower 48 states takes eight days at most, and even shipping to Canada only costs an additional $10. The process is about as streamlined as it gets, as we found out when reviewing Bespoke Post (the delivery was made in about three days!).

Frequently Asked Questions about Bespoke Post

Is Bespoke Post Legit?

If you’ve been wondering if Bespoke Post is legit, consider the answer a resounding yes. The company serves up incredibly cool subscription boxes and also covers everything a guy needs through a series of well-stocked shops, from grooming to EDC gear. If you’re searching for anything from new boots to a new Oxford shirt to a new dopp kit, Bespoke Post has it. 

How Much Does a Bespoke Post Membership Cost?

Bespoke Post is free to sign up for, with no yearly fee. Monthly boxes cost members $49, and non-members $70. 

Is Bespoke Post Easy to Cancel?

Bespoke Post is easy to cancel, either via canceling on the company Web site (under the Subscriptions tab) or texting the Bespoke Post customer service number listed online. Canceling Bespoke Post can also be done via an E-mail to customer service. 

Who Owns Bespoke Post?

Bespoke Post was founded by business school classmates Rishi Prabhu and Steve Szaronos, and is independently owned. 

Can I get a Refund from Bespoke Post?

Bespoke Post processes refunds and returns within 2-3 weeks, so yes, you can get a refund from Bespoke Post. Note that the entire Box from a Bespoke Post Box order must be returned. 

Bespoke Post vs. Competitors

Bespoke Post vs. Menlo Club

Bespoke Post and Menlo Club certainly stack up favorably against one another. Both allow you to take a quiz to customize your interests and preferences, but while Bespoke Post focuses on everything men’s lifestyle – from bar cart goods to menswear – Menlo Club takes care of your wardrobe with a monthly delivery of 2 or 3 apparel items. Menlo Club costs $60 per month, while each Bespoke Post Box is $49 for Club members.

Bespoke Post vs. Breo Box

If you love all things tech and gadgets, Breo Box could be an interesting alternative (or even a complement) to Bespoke Post. Once again, while Bespoke Post covers everything from your home bar to your grooming routine to your footwear, Breo Box keeps the focus solely on the tech world. It’s a curated box of tech gadgets, and unlike Bespoke Post, Breo Box arrives quarterly, as opposed to monthly. With Breo Box, you can also sign up for an annual plan, while Bespoke Post offers no annual plan – but, Bespoke Post provides the option to skip boxes each month.

Overall Impression of Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post is, in our humble opinion, one of the coolest subscription services  on the market. They cover a vast array of products every month, be it grooming goods, bar cart must-haves or some of the sweetest under-the-radar menswear finds we’ve seen in some time. Shipping is quick and effective, the return process is fairly easy and quick, and the company even offers fast customer service via texting, which is even easier than a chat option online. 

Each Bespoke Post Box and order features hundreds of dollars worth of value for one low price, but it only gets better from there. Bespoke Post Shops deliver the goods as well, and they emphasize working with small brands like Oxford Pennant, while also designing a standout in-house brand in Line of Trade. No matter what’s on your wish list, Bespoke Post has you covered.

Is Bespoke Post Worth It

In our view, Bespoke Post is definitely worth it.  From the quick delivery service to low, low pricing for members (and even non-members) on each Box, it’s certainly worth signing up for Bespoke Post. It’s also worth shopping monthly boxes even for non-members, because the value on offer is nearly second-to-none. 

Of course, the rest of the company’s shops – from accessories to footwear – are just as well-stocked, and you’re bound to unearth something neat that you’ve never tried out before. Your new favorites, either via the Bespoke Post membership option or one of the many Bespoke Post Shops out there, are just a few clicks away.

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