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If you are just hearing of FOCO now I can assure you it is not a new brand, odds are you have come across FOCO products many times and just didn’t even realize it. FOCO or Forever Collectibles has been a leading manufacturer of sports merchandise for over 40 years. They simply have flown under the radar as they’ve typically sold through retailers like Fanatics, Walmart, etc. Within the past 5 years FOCO has come to the forefront of sports merchandise by launching FOCO.com and selling their products directly to consumers. I’ve been lucky enough to get hands-on with many of their products to bring you this fully comprehensive FOCO review!

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4.5/5 Star Rating
Summary: If you are looking for fun, unique, and quality fan gear that is officially licensed and then FOCO.com is the best place for you to shop. From bobbleheads to straw hats nobody has a better selection of team gear than FOCO!
  • Selection: 4.5 stars
  • Quality: 4.5 stars
  • Value: 4.5 stars

What is FOCO.com?

Lane Johnson in FOCO Floral Shirt

Lane Johnson in FOCO Floral Shirt

As mentioned in the intro paragraph, FOCO has been around for a very long time as Forever Collectibles. They are one of the leading manufacturers of officially licensed sports products. They have official licensing rights with pretty much every sports league and players association you can think of. For the longest time, they really specialized in bobbleheads and collectibles which has positioned them as the leader in sports bobbleheads. FOCO bobbleheads aren’t like the ones you get for free at a baseball game, they are true collector’s items that have impeccable detail and quality.

FOCO quickly expanded into other categories such as men’s apparel, women’s apparel, accessories, home goods, toys, and so much more. Within the past 5 years or so they launched their website FOCO.com where they began selling directly to consumers rather than in stadiums or through retailers like Fanatics and Walmart. You may have seen FOCO online via their ambassador campaigns with pro athletes. They have had tons of pro athletes including people like Cam Jordan, DK Metcalf, Chris Hogan, Lane Johnson, and many others sport their products.

FOCO Product Reviews

FOCO Men’s Apparel Review

Sports apparel is one of the most time honored ways to support your team. As a lifelong sports fan, I myself own many different team branded hoodies, shirts and pants so I know a thing or two about fan apparel. It’s important to have the right apparel for every event and season. My game day at home outfit varies differently from my game day outfit if I’m attending a game or going out. It’s also much different for a baseball game vs. a football game, mainly due to temperature. FOCO has a ton of different options for all occasions. I’ve been able to get my hands on quite a few different FOCO apparel items so check out my reviews below before you buy.

FOCO Floral Shirt Review

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the FOCO Chicago Bears Floral Shirt

Joe Sanfilippo wearing the FOCO Chicago Bears Floral Shirt

Looking for a different look than the traditional jersey or polo? Switch things up with a team-licensed floral shirt! FOCO’s floral shirts are a great option for gameday but also are great for out on the beach or anywhere you’d typically wear a floral shirt. FOCO’s floral shirts are soft, lightweight, and breathable making them comfortable for hot days. You can wear them with no undershirt or can layer it over a white t-shirt and leave the buttons open. Throw on some shorts and flip-flops and you’ve got a solid summer look while still repping your team with pride. These shirts are also machine washable which makes cleaning them super easy since they just go in the wash with the rest of your clothes. There’s no wonder why these are a top-selling product…I’m definitely a fan!

Hoodeez Review

FOCO Bears Hoodeez Front and Back

FOCO Chicago Bears Reversible Hoodeez

Another top selling product by FOCO is their Hoodeez. The Hoodeez is essentially a team branded blanket hoodie. It’s kind of like a Snuggie I suppose but a lot cooler and more comfortable in my opinion. They’re made with polyester and have a sherpa-like material on the inside that is super soft. These are also reversible so if you want the sherpa on the outside you can flip it inside out and it still displays a team logo. Although it’s not quite my gameday style I have seen a lot of people wear these to games. If you’re attending a cold weather game Hoodeez are clutch for keeping you warm while tailgating or in your seats. I love watching games at home on my couch wearing my FOCO Hoodeez, especially during the winter. I mean I’m going to watch the Bears get their butts kicked every Sunday I might as well be comfortable doing it! These are also fantastic gift idea!

FOCO Lounge Pant Review

FOCO Penn State Gameday Lounge Pants

FOCO Penn State Gameday Lounge Pants

Similar to the FOCO Hoodeez, the lounge pants are incredibly comfortable. I’m actually wearing these right now as I type this up. I think it’s pretty cool how FOCO replicates the team uniforms with their lounge pants. I feel like if I threw a jersey on I’d be ready to take the field lol. I could envision wearing them as part of a gameday outfit but, for me, these pants are great around the house or on quick errands. I basically treat them as pajama pants and will wear them to sleep in the winter. They are machine washable and seem to last forever despite multiple washes which is always a plus!

Men’s Board Shorts Review

FOCO Board Shorts review

FOCO Chicago White Sox Board Shorts

If you’re trying to rock your team while out on the beach or at the pool then FOCO has you covered with their board shorts. I like the design of the White Sox pair I got because they are more subtle than some of their other more bold pairs. The material is super stretchy which I love as well. My only complaints are that they don’t have any pockets and the sizing seems to be a bit off. I am about 6 foot tall 185 pounds and have a 32 waist. I typically wear a medium which is what I got here but the waistline is a little too big. I’d recommend sizing down if you prefer athletic fit clothing like me.

Men’s Joggers Review

FOCO Mens Joggers review

FOCO Chicago Bears Men’s Joggers

Of all of FOCO’s pants offerings, the joggers are my favorite. I often find myself wearing them around the house as well as out to games and game day parties at friends’ houses. They are comfortable but the designs are versatile enough to style with t-shirts or hoodies. I went with a medium here and they fit pretty well. They don’t go all the way down to my ankle but I like that look.

Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Review

FOCO Ugly Christmas Sweater review

Wearing the FOCO Chicago Bears Ugly Christmas Sweater to a holiday party

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become one of the most popular trends over the past few years. Personally, I never really participated in these as I’m not really into wearing uncomfortable and ugly sweaters. However, FOCO’s ugly Christmas sweaters have been an absolute game-changer for me. My light-up Chicago Bears ugly Christmas sweater was the highlight of every holiday party I went to last year. The light-up sweater is super fun and everybody loved joking about how the Bears may never win another Super Bowl. The sweater is pretty comfortable and also isn’t super baggy or heavy which I really like. This might be my favorite FOCO item!

Men’s Team Logo Sneaker Review

FOCO Mens Team Logo Sneaker review

FOCO Chicago Bears White Men’s Sneakers

FOCO’s team-branded sneakers are a pretty sleek look for gameday. I’m a big fan of white sneakers with minimalist designs so I Iike what FOCO did here. I don’t know that I would go for long runs on these or anything like that but I would definitely wear these as part of a gameday outfit. The quality isn’t out of this world but I think the price point is very fair given the fact that these are officially licensed.

FOCO Accessories Review

Accessories are a tried and true way of showing support for your team. They can be thrown on quickly to turn any fit into a game day ready look. Hats are definitely the most popular sports accessory, but FOCO offers much more. Their full selection encompasses many different types of accessories from straw hats, to gloves, and even coolers. If you browse FOCO’s accessories you are sure to find something you didn’t even realize you needed.

FOCO Straw Hat Review

FOCO Straw Hats review

FOCO Chicago White Sox Floral Straw Hat

Straw hats are a super fun yet effective accessory. Whether you are going to the beach or to a game, you need to protect yourself from the sun and these FOCO straw hats do a great job at that. Not only are these a practical accessory but they actually have a cool design and can be a nice fashion piece that gives you a unique look. 

FOCO Boonie Hat Review

FOCO Boonie hat review

FOCO Penn State Boonie Hat

If you’re looking for a great sun hat that is slightly smaller than the straw hat then check out FOCO’s boonie hats. These are great for fishing out on the lake, attending a long game or practice, and really any other time when you need to shield your face from the sun. I’m a Bears fan but I had to get a Cowboys hat for when I go see my brother Brock Hoffman down in Dallas.

FOCO Stretch Glove Review

FOCO Stretch Glove review

FOCO Black Touchscreen Stretch Gloves

FOCO’s stretch gloves are very solid. I am always on my phone so my hands usually freeze at games because I constantly have to take my gloves off to access my phone. These touchscreen gloves have material on the fingertips that allow you to send texts, scroll social media, take pictures, and anything else you might want to do on your phone. They also have nice rubber gripping material that helps you hold your phone snugly, preventing damaging drops.

FOCO Action Backpack Review

FOCO Action Backpack Review

FOCO Chicago Blackhawks Action Backpack

FOCO’s action backpack is a quality medium-sized backpack. I like the clean grey design with the small logo in the corner and team-colored zipper. The bag features two pouches as well as a front zipper pouch. The main compartment has a laptop separator with a velcro strap to keep your laptop snug. It also has mesh pockets on the side for water bottles, pens, or other small items.

FOCO Tailgate Cooler Review

FOCO Tailgate Cooler Review

FOCO Chicago Bears Tailgate Cooler

What is a tailgate without a couple of cold ones?!? FOCO’s team-branded cooler helps you keep your food and beverages cold while still showing off your team pride. This cooler can probably fit about 12 cans with ice. If you’re drinking out of bottles you will appreciate the built-in bottle opener. The cooler also has a front zipper and mesh pockets where you can store your limes. Finally, a nice carrying strap makes this very portable. Overall, this is a pretty quality cooler if you are on the go.

FOCO Collectibles Review

If there is anything FOCO is most known for it is 100% their collectibles. Let’s not forget that their original name was and is Forever Collectibles. And when it comes to collector’s items nobody does it better. FOCO has the official rights to create collectibles for nearly every league and team you can think of and when it comes to creating fun, unique, and timely collector’s items they have perfected the craft.

FOCO Classic Bobblehead Review

FOCO bobbleheads review

FOCO Justin Fields Rising Star Bobblehead

FOCO’s classic bobbleheads have a huge community of collectors surrounding them and for good reason. They are high quality and are limited in quantity making them increase in value and rarity over the years. They feature players and mascots alike and make great gifts to help someone start their very own unique collection of bobbles.

FOCO Toys Review

A final category that FOCO does very well is toys. FOCO has a variety of different fidget spinners as well as their own version of interlocking plastic bricks that they call BRXLZ which are essentially a LEGO alternative. These toys are a great way to introduce young ones to sports teams!


FOCO Soldier Field BRXLZ

FOCO Soldier Field BRXLZ

If you’re looking for a new man cave item, a fun hobby, or a great gift, then FOCO’s sports BRXLZ are worth taking a look at. They have everything from stadiums to mascots that you get to build and display for yourself. They are interactive with easy-to-understand instructions that don’t take too long to build but look great when complete.

FOCO Customer Service Review

Customer reviews are always interesting to me. More often than not customers aren’t going to take the time to leave a review if everything went smoothly. Typically you only see customer reviews when people have any sort of minor inconvenience or run into a bigger issue. So while customer reviews are definitely worth checking out, you should take them with a grain of salt. With that in mind, there are some reviews out there that are concerning. 

Here is my take on some of the not-so-friendly reviews. It seems that the majority of the not-so-friendly reviews involve folks who ran into delivery issues around the holidays in 2022.  Firstly, it’s the holidays. Businesses are completely overwhelmed with orders and consumers’ expectations are pretty outrageous these days thanks to the logistical geniuses over at Amazon. If you want products to arrive by Christmas you need to be precautionary and order in advance. Secondly, in a lot of instances once the package has been fulfilled to the delivery company it’s totally outside of the brand’s control at that point so it’s not always fair to point the finger at the brand. Additionally, it seems that the vast majority of these complaints are from international orders, so for all my US friends you shouldn’t have to worry. And lastly, once again, keep in mind that any bad reviews out there are a very small sample of customers who ran into an unforeseen issue. My assumption is that 99% of orders are totally seamless.

FOCO review from Jennifer Moat FOCO review from Cally H about good customer service FOCO positive review from Julie D

FOCO Pricing and Value

Anytime you are paying for officially licensed merchandise you are going to be paying a premium as you have to pay for the additional cost that comes along with team licensing. I would say that FOCO’s pricing and quality are pretty on par with expectations. FOCO has official licenses so you can rest assured that you won’t be getting knockoff products. But you do pay the price for legitimate and quality gear. However, when it comes to pricing, as a reader of The Guy’s List you can get a great deal by shopping at FOCO.com directly using our FOCO discount code!

FOCO Shipping & Delivery Review

FOCO offers shipping in line with their competitors with standard U.S. shipping taking 3-7 days, two days taking 2-3 days depending on when ordered, and next day taking 1-2 days. They also ship to Canada and offer military USPS shipping. For more information on holiday shipping and their restrictions check out their shipping and delivery page.

Frequently Asked Questions about FOCO.com

Where is FOCO located?

FOCO’s headquarter office is located in New Jersey.

Who owns FOCO?

FOCO is a privately held family-owned business.

What does FOCO mean?

The name FOCO is short for Forever Collectibles. FOCO is a brand focused on products that will stay with you for a lifetime and they reflected that in their name.

Where can I buy FOCO products?

The best place to buy FOCO products is on their website www.FOCO.com. This is the only way to ensure you are getting access to their officially licensed products. You can also buy via links from articles like this one so long as they bring you to FOCO’s site. You will also find FOCO products available on Amazon, at stadiums, and at select retail stores.

FOCO vs. Competitors

FOCO vs. Fanatics

At first glance, Fanatics appears to be FOCO’s biggest competitor but they actually have a working relationship as Fanatics sells products that are manufactured by FOCO. You will find some products FOCO makes on Fanatics but FOCO also keeps a lot of their products exclusively available on their website FOCO.com. I think the biggest thing that separates Fanatics and FOCO is that you won’t find any other brands on FOCO.com but you will find products from brands like New Era, Nike, etc. available on Fanatics. So if you are looking for a jersey then Fanatics is your spot but if you are looking for something more unique like game day lounge pants then you have to go to FOCO’s website.

FOCO vs. Breaking T

Breaking T focuses more on what’s popular in sports right now. Their shirts and mugs feature witty catchphrases and callbacks to quotes and events from the current season. Their quality is similar to that of FOCO and they are great for finding t-shirts that have recent trends. However, when it comes to the breadth of offerings and making one-time purchases that last a lifetime, FOCO does it the best. They really serve two different needs so be sure to pick the one that best fits your shopping requirements.

FOCO vs. Homage

Homage is another brand that offers sports clothing. Their prices are similar to FOCO and they specialize in team-branded apparel with vintage designs. They have one major drawback, however. They do not offer any of the accessories, collectibles, or toys FOCO offers. If you can’t find a design you like from FOCO they are worth a look otherwise FOCO is your best bet.

Overall Impression of FOCO.com

FOCO is a brand with a long history of offering sports fans memorable, affordable, and officially licensed sports merchandise. They offer a larger selection of products than their competitors and are typically very unique. They cover a ton of different categories and have a mixture of classic items and products like their Hoodeez and BRXLZ which are trademarked staple items that you won’t find elsewhere. They also are the leader in sports and entertainment collectibles, particularly bobbleheads. 

Should You Buy FOCO?

Overall, if you are considering purchasing gear from FOCO I would recommend it. FOCO is a leader in the space and has been for a long time because they create great products and are always innovating.

Joe Sanfilippo is one of our top shopping experts here at The Guy's List. Joe is a former athlete turned entrepreneur who has been covering men's fashion, supplements, fitness, sports, business, and a variety of other similar topics for the past 7 years. Check out Joe on Instagram @joe_sanfilippo

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