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It can be difficult to find the right athletic fit formal clothing for guys. It’s either too boxy, slim fit, or often very uncomfortable. State & Liberty flipped the game upside down though with their take on athletic-fitting dress clothes for guys. They have all of the favorite elements of comfortable gym clothes but deliver them in a package acceptable in offices, at weddings, and at formal events.

We took a look at some of the best items that State & Liberty offers to give you a review of how it all stacks up in the only state and liberty review you need.

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State and Liberty
5 Star Rating
Summary: State & Liberty offers great quality, comfort, and fit for guys with an athletic build.
  • Style: 5 stars
  • Quality: 4.5 stars
  • Value: 4.5 stars


What is State and Liberty?

Founders of State & Liberty, Steven Fisher & Lee Moffie

Founders of State & Liberty, Steven Fisher & Lee Moffie

State and Liberty is a men’s clothing brand that has taken the world by storm in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Fashion trends may change, but high-quality well-fitting clothing is always in style. For brand founders, Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie, both avid gym goers, this challenge proved quite difficult when looking for formal attire. Either it would be too loose and not adequately display their built physique or too tight and uncomfortable to wear.

State and Liberty was formed to combat the issue of uncomfortable and improperly fitting formal attire for built men. Starting by innovating the commonly loose-fitting dress shirt to a more tapered cut with a new stretch fabric the brand saw immediate success. Ever since they have improved every aspect of formal clothing for men from suits to pants, and even overcoats.

For more on the history of State and Liberty and how they have built a unique niche in a historic industry, check out their story. Wondering whether or not you should make a purchase? Check out our review of State and Liberty’s top products below before deciding.

State & Liberty Review: Why State and Liberty?

State and Liberty is one of the most popular online retailers for athletic fit formal wear on the internet, and in person at one of their 19 retail store locations. We wanted to see if they were up to snuff and give you the best information possible before you decide to buy. Check out our word on some of their most popular products below!

Athletic Fit Dress Shirts

Athletic Fit Dress Shirts by State & Liberty

Athletic Fit Dress Shirts by State & Liberty


State and Liberty’s bread and butter is their athletic fit dress shirts. The soft, breathable, and stretchy fabric make them ideal for those who may be doing more than sitting at a desk or walking to work. This comfort is matched by a slimming fit true to the mission of the brand. As the longest-running staple of the brand, they have amassed a large selection of color and pattern options so you can always find a great option for any occasion. Coming in at a great price we see no reason that any State & Liberty shirt should not be at the top of your list. Click below to check out their full selection.

Athletic Fit Chinos

Athletic Fit Maroon Chinos by State & Liberty

Athletic Fit Maroon Chinos by State & Liberty

It’s hard to overstate how important a great pair of pants is for any business casual or formal outfit. Fit is a huge factor but comfort is even bigger. Can State and Liberty live up to the goal of making a fashionable and comfortable pair of pants? In our experience, yes! The athletic fit chinos by State and Liberty stand out at the top of our review as the best pants on the market for guys who don’t skip leg day. They are extremely stretchy and offer many color options such as the bold maroon colorway featured above. Although other slim-fitting pants can be found at lower prices, they will not come with this level of quality and comfort. Certainly worth a look if you’re in the market for a quality pair of stretch-fit chinos. Follow the link below to see their full selection.

Athletic Fit Button Down Shirts

Ian Happ wearing casual button down shirt by State & Liberty

Ian Happ wearing casual button down shirt by State & Liberty

Part of the dress shirt family the athletic-fitting casual button down shirts are a huge fan favorite. State & Liberty’s athletic fit button downs are designed for a more casual environment. While their dress shirts can be worn tucked or untucked the casual button down shirts were designed specifically for an untucked look. Again, the athletic fitting design coupled with the stretch material and moisture-wicking fabric make these a home run for all occasions. These are perfect for casual Fridays at the office, date night, going out with the guys, and so much more. They even work for gameday travel for pro athletes like Ian Happ pictured above. Can’t say enough good things about the athletic fit button down shirts by State & Liberty. Just make sure to act fast on these because they sell out of styles and sizes all the time so don’t miss out on the shirt that catches your eye.

Athletic Fit Suits

Athletic Fit Suits by State & Liberty

Athletic Fit Suits by State & Liberty

One of the most unique items offered by State and Liberty is the athletic fit suit. Although slim-fit suits are available they never quite capture the physique of hard-working gym goers with broad shoulders, big chests, and lean torsos. In order to solve this problem State and Liberty has brought their stretch fabric to their suits. This allowed them to take unnecessary fabric in the midsection away, used by other brands to ensure comfort, in order to provide a slimming athletic fit suit that offers the same if not better mobility. The only downside is that if you don’t live near an in-person location you will need to order online in advance. This is a nonissue for the organized gentleman though. Also, if you need help with sizing, State and Liberty offers over-the-phone sizing consultations to help you make sure your suit fits perfectly. If not, send it back free of charge!

Athletic Fit Overcoats

Athletic Fit Overcoats by State & Liberty

Athletic Fit Overcoats by State & Liberty

An overcoat is an essential clothing item for all men to have even if you live in a commonly warm area. Overcoats are a staple in any man’s closet that helps to not only keep you warm but protect your bespoke athletic fit suit from the elements. However, many overcoats can be bulky and don’t provide the tapered fit and look that men who take care of their bodies are seeking. State and Liberty once again has innovated in the men’s fashion industry offering one of the only true athletic fitting overcoats on the market. The stretchy and comfortable performance fabrics that you have come to love have now entered the outerwear space thanks to State & Liberty’s athletic-fit overcoats. I am a huge fan of these coats as I’ve never been able to find a formal-looking coat that offers an athletic fit. They have one main style for the overcoat and it comes in five different classic colors. They also now have a down puffer coat that I hope to test out soon. Be sure to keep an eye on the State & Liberty website as they do add new styles and colors from time to time. You can see their current selection of athletic fit coats and jackets below.


State & Liberty light brown belt

State & Liberty light brown belt

Rounding out our list we want to mention the accessories State and Liberty has to offer. It can be annoying going from brand to brand trying to piece together an outfit. Socks from here, belt from there, why waste the time? State and Liberty offers a large selection of accessories options built to match their formal wear. I really like their light brown perforated leather belt. This belt complements their navy suits very well. See what they have to offer below to ensure you have a complete look for any occasion.

More From State and Liberty

Don’t see an item you wanted on our list of State and Liberty’s offerings? Don’t fear! This list is merely a fraction of what State and Liberty have to offer. They also offer shorts, polos, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. We simply covered our favorite options and the most useful to those in need of formal wear. Check out their full list of options on their site to find the perfect addition to your closet!

Conclusion: Is State and Liberty Worth the Investment?

In truth, this isn’t the correct question. Instead, you should ask yourself if you need new formal wear and care about how you look. If the answer to both of those is yes then we see no reason that State and Liberty should not be at the top of your list for new athletic fit formal attire. Their prices are competitive and allow them to offer the same high quality as name brand houses without the price tag, yet maintain a higher quality than more budget-friendly brands. They are our favorite emerging brand that is looking to change the game in a typically rigid industry and you can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to purchase.

What do customers say about State & Liberty?

The word about State and Liberty has gotten out and some of the most popular figures in sports media have shared their opinion. More State and Liberty reviews can be found on their site but we have picked a couple of our favorites!

“A great fitting shirt, that is extremely comfortable to wear on the road that is also sharp enough to wear on college gameday.”
Desmond Howard, Host of College Football Gameday
“I have never had a more comfortable dress shirt that actually fits and looks this great.”
Noah Syndergaard, mlb pitcher, NY Mets

State & Liberty Alternatives

Mizzen & Main

Mizzen and Mains offer a great alternative to State and Liberty with a few things to note. One of the number one reasons to shop Mizzen and Main over State and Liberty is their large selection of quarter zip jackets and flannels. These are options not offered at State and Liberty, at least, not at the scale they are offered at Mizzen and Main. This makes them a go-to destination in the fall and winter months.

The downside to choosing to shop with Mizzen and Main, in comparison to State and Liberty, Is that Mizzen and Main don’t sell suits. this is the main appeal of a brand like S&L. This means that although they offer great options for those seeking casual or business casual athletic fit clothing Mizzen and Main is a great option, but for more formal events you will have to look elsewhere.

Overall, we think that Mizzen and Main are definitely worth a look. You can click the link below to browse their catalog.

Butter Cloth

Butter Cloth is a brand that offers a slightly different value proposition than State and Liberty. Instead of focusing on the fit of the clothing, they focus on the feel. Making the most comfortable clothing possible is their game. This makes them a great alternative to those drawn to State and Liberty for their flexible-fit clothing. They are a relatively new brand blowing up after a $250,000 investment by Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank and an endorsement from Jay Leno. Although their fits are also great, if comfort is your goal then we highly recommend you take a look at Butter Cloth.

State & Liberty FAQs

Can I ONLY buy State & Liberty online?

No, State & Liberty has 19 store locations throughout the United States. Check out their locations to find the store nearest to you.

Do State and Liberty Offer a Military Discount?

Yes, they offer a 15% discount to members of the U.S armed forces. You simply need to use the ID.me program at checkout.

Does State and Liberty Offer Discounts?

Typically, State & Liberty does not offer discounts. State & Liberty has very premium products so they aren’t the type of brand that is able to reduce their costs. However, our team has developed an outstanding relationship with the folks over at State & Liberty so they do provide us with an exclusive evergreen discount code for our audience. Head over to our State & Liberty discount codes page to see the latest State & Liberty coupons, promo codes, and deals. They do offer bulk discount codes for 3 and 5 shirt orders “STATEANDLIB3” and “STATEANDLIB5” respectively but our exclusive code is the best you will find online.

Can I Wash my State and Liberty Products?

This fully depends on the product. Check out their care guide for more information on your specific situation.

Who Owns State and Liberty?

State and Liberty was co-founded by Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie after they couldn’t find a shirt that fit their athletic builds.

Does State and Liberty Offer Free Shipping?

Yes! On orders worth more than $150 they do offer free shipping.

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